Zanflare F1 Rechargeable LED Flashlight – Truly High Quality Lights?

Zanflare F1 Flashlight is a high quality product that works well and provides a high intensity beam on a long lasting rechargeable battery. Whether consumers are looking for a flashlight to take hunting or camping or they are part of the military and need a trustworthy light source, the Zanflare delivers.

Consumers looking for a high quality, lightweight flashlight that is waterproof and offers many light beam modes will appreciate Zanflare’s product. Please read below for more information about the Zanflare F1 Flashlight and how to order.

What is the Zanflare F1 Flashlight?

The Zanflare F1 Flashlight is lightweight, durable, and even waterproof. People who are looking for a rechargeable flashlight will love this option due to its ease of recharge via USB as well as the long battery life of 500 hours per charge. The Zanflare F1 offers an impact resistance design that provides a durable product that will last a lifetime. The LED bulbs will deliver over 5,000 hours of light. This product is perfect for camping, hunting, survival, and emergencies.

Most users of the Zanflare F1 Flashlight give it very positive reviews in pricing, quality, usefulness, and ease of use. Some users have reported it is a bit hard to switch the device modes between strobe and other settings.

How Does the Zanflare F1 Flashlight Work?

The Zanflare F1 Flashlight is an easy to use device that gives users seven mode options including Turbo, High, Mid, Low, Moonlight, Strobe, and SOS. This powerful yet compact flashlight offers a 200-300 meter beam distance. The LED lifespan is 5000 hours and each charge will last up to 500 hours of use. This flashlight is waterproof and is recharged via hidden USB port.
Users of this flashlight can use it underwater or in damp areas. This makes it perfect for rainy camping trips, caving, or even night fishing. With such a long charge life, users do not need to worry if their battery will run low or they will be left without power. Imagine having a small flashlight that is not only durable but also so easy to use, the Zanflare F1 is the perfect option.

This flashlight includes a clip that allows users to secure the device to a pocket or hat to use while working with their hands. Purchases of the Zanflare F1 come with the flashlight, a lanyard, a carrying case, holster, as well as the USB charging cable, and extra O-rings.

Zanflare F1 Flashlight Pricing

The Zanflare F1 Flashlight is available for purchase at Each flashlight is available in two options and is priced accordingly. Shipping is very low if not free depending on the consumer's shipping address.

-Zanflare Flashlight 6000-6500K: $32.99 (currently 25% off the normal retail price)

-Zanflare Flashlight 4500-5000K: $39.99 (also currently 25% off the normal retail price)

This website offers worldwide shipping for a very low price. Additionally, this website offers ways for customers to get products for free by sharing on social media and making multiple purchases. More specific details are outlined on their website to help consumers follow the appropriate steps. This website offers quick shipping.

Should You Buy Zanflare F1 Flashlight?

The Zanflare F1 Flashlight is a great value for such a good, long lasting, easy to use product. Having the ability to recharge this flashlight via a USB means users can simply recharge it at home or in the car as easy as recharging a cell phone. Zanflare F1 is a perfect product for hunters, campers, survivalists, military members, adventurers, or people who like to be prepared for emergency situations.

This product gives users a huge amount of flexibility by offering seven beam modes as well as a fully waterproof design. Interested consumers can see more information online at and watch a few you tube videos that show the Zanflare F1 Flashlight in use. Consumers should take the opportunity to get this great light at a good price now.


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