JumpStart Flashlight Review – Pocket-Sized Rechargeable Tactical Light?

What Is The JumpStart Flashlight?

The Jump Start is a highly useful flash light that has been sold through TV in the past. You can now order it by phone or online at JumpStartFlashlight.com. It’s a completely rechargeable, military grade tactical flashlight. It is considered by many to be an all-in-one tool as it is has many other functions as well.

What Does The JumpStart Flashlight do?

There are many benefits of using the Jump Start Flashlight. For example, it obviously works as a flashlight. But besides being a flashlight, you can also use it as a portable jump-starting device. It works with cars, trucks and even boats. So, you don’t have to worry about carrying around jumper cables when you own the Jump Start Flashlight.

Along with that it also works as a portable tool for inflating different objects. You can use it to inflate tires, rafts, mattresses and any type of balls like basketballs, footballs and soccer balls and works in both hot and cold temperatures. And the LED light is bright up to 2 miles away. There is a 3-way DC charging cable as well that is included in the package.

The light can even be used for safety reasons. It has a strobe option to disorient intruders and that can also double for emergencies. The air compressor included in the package is pocket-sized. But to get it you have to pay a separate fee then you do for the regular package.

Where Can I Buy A JumpStart Flashlight?

Right now, you can pick up the original Jumpstart flashlight fee for three payments of $19.99. As of now, Shipping is completely free. As said before, if you want the pocket-sized compressor you have to pay a separate fee. You can buy it at JumpStartflashlight.com or by phone.

The flashlight and all components also come with a very attractive, compact and durable case. Everything is valued at more than $200. So, the JumpStart Flashlight seems to be a very good deal when compared to other similar items. And it has a 60-day money back guarantee which is very nice. Anyone who is an outdoorsmen or women will love the flashlight. It’s also a great buy for people who are into camping, hiking and hunting.

The Bottom Line On The JumpStart Flashlight

Whether you’re a soccer mom or a truck driver, the JumpStart Flashlight seems to be a very good buy. It’s said to be reliable, durable and very convenient. Plus, it’s easy to use and makes hard things like jump starting a car easy. If you spend time driving or take a lot of road trips, the flashlight is perfect for you. And if you’re not technically inclined this is a great item for you to buy. And since it has a three payment option, it is in most people’s price range. Lastly, it is very compact so it is small enough for most vehicles.


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