Tactical Flashlights Review – Best 2016 Military TacLights Guide

Tactical technology (which indicates actionable military-grade use or implies professional-level planning) is the new trend for LED flashlights that purportedly provides superman vision no matter the time of day or place.

In case you are not familiar with the bright and bold super-charged “Military Grade LED Tactical Flashlight” craze, or suffer from what is being dubbed as ‘dim flashlight disorder'; we have got you covered.

Maybe you've seen new tactical flashlights popping up at trade shows or populating on the internet – you know, the ones that celebritize military level construction, professional grade materials and blindingly bright benefits that can cast light as far as two football fields on a clear night…or in other words, go way beyond your ordinary, plastic halogen flashlight or old-school incandescent foggy lighting.

We knew it would be necessary to research and write an all encompassing comprehensive “Military TacLight guide” that will give you the optimal specifications and required qualifications to look for when selecting the best tactical LED flashlight online.

What Is A Tactical Military-Grade Flashlight?

If you consider yourself a:

  • fireman/fisherman
  • hunter/hiker
  • security/police officer
  • outdoorsmen/nature explorer
  • survivalist/prepper
  • military-background
  • plain-old average citizen

Then we know why you are here searching for the top rated military-grade tactical flashlights of 2016.

No matter your title, label or occupation, from anyone who likes to go camping or drives a vehicle at night, we are going to dive-deep and shed light into the darkness of dubious claims (protection against terrorism and natural disasters?) of these relatively new tactical flashlights but also talk about the upside and potential for those who know the value of simple self-defense weapon (that can be a fit-in-your pocket lifesaver that won't require a permit or license).

But is it really true – can you get more from a flashlight than just light?

The manufacturers and marketers of these increasingly popular tactical flashlights seem to think so, and they're on a mission to spread the word. That's why the internet has seen a radical spike of interest supporting strong selling-points on the LED tactical flashlights by preframing that US Navy Seals, Coast Guards, Fire Departments, Police Officers and US Search and Rescue personnel are using them and now are available to the general public for the first time ever.

Our job, is to do 2 things – give you Infinite Power and a take-home easy-to-digest Solution about what to pay attention to and look for when browsing or buying tactical flashlights online.

We know how an unsuspecting consumer might view these fancy flashlights and want to inform you on whether or not a tactical LED flashlight is even something a regular citizen might use/need/want.

Here's your 2016 Review Guide to Military Grade Tactical LED Flashlights- the good, the bad and the plain old useless. Don't get caught unprepared when you encounter a flashlight deal that seems to good to be true: read this guide and you'll know everything you need to know about buying a military-inspired tactical flashlight.

Benefits, Features & Claims of Tactical Flashlights

We have noticed what happens when you are starting to compare a traditional, run-of-the-mill department store flashlight with a military inspired tactical flashlight? In one word, overwhelm.

Let's begin to breakdown the barriers on all the fancy high profiled tactical LED flashlights and effectively elaborate on the features, benefits and claims we see circulating these tactical commodities.

Where do we start – how it's perceived is about like you getting a bionic upgrade to your own body. These acclaimed military inspired properties and core characteristics you didn't even know flashlights were capable of having are causing quite a stir for several survival preparation enthusiasts, self-defense teachers, and always the gotta have extra brightness and high-power specialists much like ourselves.

While many of the most popular high-performance tactical LED flashlights promote themselves as a truly “tactical” (which implies it is useful for military actions) flashlight, there are a few key properties and essential qualities these highly-sought, higher-end flashlights have.

So what happens when you take your old incandescent flashlight and give it a bionic upgrade into a military-grade LED flashlight? The result is a tactical flashlight. As mentioned, “tactical” implies “useful for military action” and if you consider self-defense to fall into that category than yes, these flashlights are tactical. You see, the tactical flashlight has features which make it useful not only as a light source but also as a self-defense mechanism and if you think about it: a weapon as well.

Here are those features:

  1. A High/Medium/Low/Strobe/SOS function modes
  2. A jagged, beveled edge for an emergency self defense weapon
  3. ultra tough, compact and lightweight
  4. rechargeable double AA / triple AAA batteries

Here are those benefits:

  1. XPE LED light bulbs and lumen emitters
  2. State of the art adjustable, telescopic focusing beam lighting technology
  3. Pure aircraft-grade aluminum or machined stainless steel
  4. 1x, 250x, 500x , 1000x and 2000x zoom functionality

Here are those claims:

  1. multiple output vs outdoor safety modes
  2. ultra clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  3. 100,000 hours of lamp life
  4. anti-roll, slip-resistant body design roughly 2″ x 6″ inch size dimensions
  5. waterproof casing up to 6.5′ feet deep for max 30 minutes submersion

Review of the Tactical Flashlight Strobe:

What can you do with a strobe besides use it to simulate a disco? Plenty of damage, according to the makers of these flashlights! Let's say someone comes at you in the dark- his eyes are adjusted to seeing in the dark, with pupils dilated. Zap him with that powerful strobe and it's like burning out his cornea. He's blinded, disoriented, and there's your chance to escape or attache, whichever your preference for survival happens to be.

Review of the Emergency Self-Defense Weapon

The end of the flashlight with the bulb in it is encased in jagged edges. These edges come in handy for breaking glass…or whatever needs cracking depending on your circumstances.

The compact size and the ultra light weight.

Tactical military grade flashlights by definition are small and light. Measuring around 5 inches long, they are easy to carry around. That means you can have them with you at all times.

Adding to that ever-ready quality is the very light weight. These flashlights run on just two AA betteries but deliver a blinding 700 lumens of light. Plus, they use LED bulbs, which make afor a much smaller tool. LED is great because it uses far less energy, making a smaller battery possible but at the same time it puts out more light.

Top 10 Ranked Tactical Flashlights of 2016

There are a handful of best-rated tactical flashlight brands out there, here are a few key players that stand out above the crowd due to exceptional descriptions and elaborate details about their Taclights. While many seem to offer the same features, benefits, claims, specifications and properties, there are a few that we found significantly better than the rest and will continue to update this space as we review and get our hands on more of them.

1. Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight

This company is out of New York. Features include:

  • 5 settings: low, medium, high, strobe, SOS
  • Telescoping beam of light (x1, x250, x500, x1000, x2000)
  • 100,000 hours
  • 5.1 inches long
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • They offer a promotional discount of 75% off
  • Cree XM-L T6 (LED emitter)

Read our X800 Shadowhawk flashlight review here.

2. LumiTact G700

Sold by LumiTact out of Missouri. Again, same features as all the rest. This company, however, actually specifies how right the bulb can be:700 Lumens (hence the model number). They also clearly state their price, which is $56 (75% discount) and free shipping.

This company is also the only one which states its product is made by the National Protection Association. I suspect that the others are too, but like this company are co-branding the product.

Plus, if you go to the actual website of the NPA, they call their model the G700 too. If I were buying a military grade tactical LED flashlight, I'd probably stick with this one since it seems a bit more up-front about its origins and forthcoming with the data. Read our G700 Tactical Flashlight review here.

3. MilTac™ Military Taclight

Again, specs and features including the promotional discount are the same as the above. Read our MilTac flashlight review here.

4. AlumiTact X700

Out of Minneapolis, this company sells what appears to be the same flashlight as the MilTac™.

Specs are the same. The promotional video is practically the same, too.

5.  Fenix PD35

6. Streamlight ProTAC

7. BrightMAX 3000

Read our BrightMAX 3000 flashlight review here.

8. J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight

9. HyBeam

Read our HyBeam tactical flashlight review here.

10. Solaray Pro ZX-1

Please come back as we will be updating this guide on everything you need to know about the best tactical flashlights you can buy.


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