MS4 TV Box Review – Smart StreamBox Streaming Television Home Theater Box?

Watching television is perhaps one of the most popular pastimes of all. It’s estimated that the average American spends up to 6 hours per day, every day, watching their favorite shows. So it’s no surprise that the market has been flooded with options that can enhance the user’s viewing experience.

Cable television is a notable example of how far TV channels have come in their diversity. Hundreds of options are available at the push of a button, although cable does have its share of downsides too, notably its price and long-term contracts.

However, there are some free to air options that can provide families with all the choice of cable without the price tag or monthly commitments. The MS4 TV Box is a device that works on any television that supports an HDMI connection, thus allowing the user to experience a wide variety of channels of their choosing at zero cost.

What Is The MS4 TV Box?

The device is used to access thousands of movie titles and TV shows, and is powered by the company’s platform, Similar in operation to Netflix and Hulu, one can browse through the many of the newly released titles and scan through the reviews left by other users.

The MS4 is easily configured and one can get up and running with the device within fifteen minutes or less. Besides plugging the box into one’s TV and changing a few settings, there are no other steps required for one to get started.

One can download full HD quality movies, as well as free Kodi third party applications through MS4’s interface.

The box can be purchased through the company’s website, which is currently providing payment methods that range from major credit card brands through to internet banking.

MS4 TV Box Features

  • Besides streaming music and one’s TV shows, the unit can also be used for playing music and watching live sports, all without the hassles or expense of a month to month commitment.
  • One can import their picture library into the device and enjoy different views. Users may then start a slideshow, sort and filter them, all from the MS4 wireless mouse.
  • The media player supports all audio formats including MP3, AAC, FLAC, OOG, WAV and many others. There is also an included cue sheet and MusicBrainz integration so that one can have full control of their music collection.
  • Besides the content provided by the company, one can also stream content directly from platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo at the push of a button.
  • One can select media from the Google Play and Kodi store
  • It also has a quad-core processor with a penta-core graphics processor and eight gigabytes of EMMC flash.
  • Finally, the inbuilt web browser allows one full screen viewing of their favorite content.

MS4 TV Promotion

At the time of writing this article, one can purchase a MS4 box at 40% of its retail price. This promotion could be seen as a significant advantage compared to other options in the market, especially since a typical cable subscription can cost up to $200 a month or more.

To register one’s interest for the MS4, one simply needs to visit the company’s website and fill out their details. This promotion will not last forever, so thrifty shoppers should take advantage of the firm’s low price offer while they still can. Other terms and conditions may apply, so it would be best to double check the fine print.

MS4 TV Box Conclusion

Devices such as the MS4 TV Box could be seen as a direct competitor to commercial cable TV, as well as crowd-sourced content sites such as Youtube and many others. Although the future for these devices is uncertain, one can say with a degree of confidence that the consumer TV market is evolving towards a more user-centric experience, away from the influence of large corporations.

If one is interested in giving the box a try, one is advised to take the company up on its 50% discount offer, as promotions such as these are hard to come by for many people. Also, there are many testimonials that one can read through first to get a feel if the box will work for them.


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