Clean Zone Review: Portable CPAP Mask Cleaner and Sanitizer Machine

CleanZone is a device that is used to create a clean and sanitized surface for any CPAP device, reducing the risk of germs and congestion. The device is easy to use and can be found on the official website.

What is CleanZone?

Living with sleep apnea can be a major struggle, but it isn’t uncommon. This condition affects millions of people, and one of the common solutions is to use a CPAP machine to regulate breathing. However, when this device is not in use, consumers may notice the buildup of germs and bacteria from the constant breath on the device. Rather that wiping it down, the use of CleanZone will ensure that users don’t continue the spread of these microorganisms.

CleanZone eradicates up to 99% of germs and bacteria with the use of activated oxygen. The process of cleaning a CPAP takes quite a few steps, since it cleans the water reservoir, mask, and hose during the same session. This device can be used both daily and weekly, though there are different protocols for each of these instances.

Frequently Asked Questions About CleanZone

Let’s discuss some of the common questions that consumers have about CleanZone and its use.

Q: How does CleanZone sanitize a CPAP mask?

A: Full instructions for use can be found at

Q: How long does it take to clean a CPAP mask with CleanZone?

A: With one button, the sanitization process will take about 30 minutes to go through the entire process. However, the user will need to leave the CPAP in the sealed Cleaning Zip Bag for an hour before use.

Q: What machines does CleanZone work with?

A: CleanZone is compatible with nearly every machine. Contact the company to ensure that the particular model can be cleaned with CleanZone.

Q: Are any other accessories included with CleanZone?

A: Yes. This set comes with a CPAP mask sanitizing bag set.

Q: Is it bulky?

A: Not at all. At just half a pound, this device is small enough to bring anywhere, which makes it ideal for either home or travel. Plus, it makes hardly any noise at all.

Q: How is the CleanZone device powered?

A: This device uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Any other question can be handled by the customer service team.

Purchasing CleanZone

On the official website, consumers can purchase the CleanZone sanitizer for $99.99, plus $8.95 for shipping and handling. Presently, the website only allows the purchase of up to two CleanZone devices per order.

If the user finds that CleanZone doesn’t serve their needs, they have up to 60 days to get a full refund by sending the product back.

Contacting CleanZone Customer Service

Even with the details offered to consumers online, there may be other questions that the user wants to address. The customer service team can be reached by calling 800-495-0773 or by sending an email to [email protected].

CleanZone Summary

CleanZone is useful for anyone that wants to keep their CPAP device at its best operational capacity. The product is easy to use, even with the many steps that users will have to take. By eliminating a significant amount of bacteria and germs, consumers can breathe better and reduce the risk of illness. With instructions for both daily and weekly cleaning, consumers can keep their CPAP machine working at its best capacity.


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