SafeSound Personal Alarm – Ultra Loud Tactical Keychain With LED?

Personal safety and personal safety devices are a commonly-overlooked yet extremely important factor that millions neglect every day.

It’s no secret that violent crime rates are increasing- the FBI has recently released crime statistics that reveal there are nearly 16,000 murders every year in the United States, almost 100,000 incidents of sexual assault, and more than three hundred thousand robberies occurring annually- that’s almost 11 robberies an hour.

Taking steps to protect yourself and your loved ones is one of the most important actions you can perform, but deciding on what method of protection to use to prevent crime from affecting your family can be difficult. Personal alarms are rapidly becoming one of the most popular safety devices used by individuals around the world to enhance their personal safety and prevent injury or robbery.

Capable of delivering an ear-splitting sound that deters would-be assailants, notifying people in the surrounding vicinity and easy to conceal and carry, personal alarms are a highly effective personal safety solution.

The SafeSound Personal Alarm is a new, miniaturized, powerful personal safety alarm that is designed to deliver peace of mind and safety in the form of a small keychain alarm. In this article, we’ll take a look at the design, construction and features of the SafeSound alarm to help you decide whether it’s the right personal safety solution for you.

What Is The SafeSound Personal Alarm?

The SafeSound Personal Alarm is a groundbreaking new personal safety solution that packs a massive sonic punch into a tiny form factor. Safety experts, law enforcement officers and criminal psychologists all agree that men, women, and children should carry a personal safety alarm at all times to prevent dangerous situations.

Several in-depth statistical analyses have determined that carrying a personal safety device is an effective method of ensuring personal safety in any situation.

The SafeSound Personal Alarm is an improvement on earlier forms of personal safety alarms, many of which are exceptionally bulky and unwieldy. Stored easily as a keychain, the SafeSound alarm emits a super-loud 130 decibel panic alarm that can be heard from over three city blocks away, deterring attackers and altering surrounding people to the danger situation that is occurring.

Personal safety alarms have been proven to be safer, more reliable, and more effective than pepper spray or other dangerous personal safety solutions, and are able to prevent muggings, kidnappings, and the abduction of young children or teenagers.

For a comparison of the volume of the SafeSound Personal Alarm, keep in mind that a normal household vacuum cleaner is roughly 70 decibels loud. An alarm clock is somewhat louder, ranking in at about 80 decibels, and a chainsaw is about 100 decibels. 130 decibels is extremely loud, somewhere in between a jackhammer at 128 decibels and a gunshot or air raid siren, at 140 decibels.

The SafeSound personal alarm is able to pump out 130 decibels of ear-splitting sound that immediately disorients anybody in the immediate vicinity. Extremely loud noises have been demonstrated in multiple clinical trials to cause a cortisol increase in the brain, triggering a stress response[1].

This stress response is capable of causing a fight-or-flight response in would-be attackers, preventing them from carrying out a personal attack.

Design & Construction

The design of the SafeSound Personal Alarm is robust and sturdy. Available in three different colors- white, blue, or black, the SafeSound alarm is contained in a small, teardrop-shaped outer casing that contains the super loud noise emitter as well as a super-bright LED light that functions as a helpful tool in dark situations.

The battery life of the SafeSound alarm is incredibly long and can function for up to six months at a time without needing to be replaced. The LED emitter used in the construction of the light in the alarm has a functioning lifespan well over one hundred thousand hours.

The light function of the SafeSound is especially helpful when it’s attached to keys with the built-in keychain connector- if you’ve ever tried to unlock a door in a dark situation and have fumbled around trying to find the keyhole, you’ll appreciate the bright illumination delivered by the SafeSound Personal Alarm keychain light.

Using the SafeSound Alarm in a personal emergency safety situation is intuitive, simple, and foolproof. When under threat, users simply pull a pin built into the side of the device and the ear-piercing alarm will activate, creating a massive wall of sound that will continue for roughly thirty minutes.

The pin can be plugged back in to stop the noise, a feature not seen in many other disposable personal safety alarms that allows the device to be re-used.

The pull-pin trigger of the SafeSound Personal Safety Alarm also makes it far less likely to be triggered accidentally. The entire unit is small and can easily fit into pockets, handbags or purses, or be clipped on to keychains, school bags or belts.

Clipping a personal safety device to the school bag of your child is a highly effective way to increase their personal safety levels. The SafeSound Personal Alarm is also a great tool for elderly or sick individuals suffering from chronic disease that may need to notify family members or neighbors in an emergency medical situation.

SafeSound Personal Alarm Review Summary

Overall, the SafeSound Personal Alarm System is one of the best tools available you can use to increase the safety levels of both yourself and your family.

Strong, sturdy, and, most importantly, extremely loud, a SafeSound Personal Alarm is extremely low in cost and is a powerful tool that can bring attention to you or your loved ones in the event of an emergency situation.

One of the best features of the SafeSound alarm is the comprehensive lifetime guarantee- SafeSound offer a comprehensive 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, so in the case of a product malfunction, defective unit, or even if users are simply unhappy with the alarm, it’s possible to get a full refund- less shipping and handling.

If you’re looking for a cost effective and reliable personal safety device, the SafeSound Personal Alarm is a great choice.

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