ThruNite LED Flashlight – High Quality Tactical Lights & Batteries?

ThruNite is a portable flashlight company that offers a huge product line including headlamps, pen lights, search lights, and hand carry lights. ThruNite lights are high quality and offer powerful beam strength. These products are designed to last twenty years and take abuse. Consumers interested in high quality lights will want to read below to find out more about the ThruNite product line and the various options.

What is ThruNite?

ThruNite offers flashlights in seven categories including keychain lights, penlights, rechargeable, everyday carry, tactical flashlights, search lights, and headlamps. Depending on style consumers can choose lights based on light mode, lumens, or portability. Additionally, ThruNite offers products that are rechargeable.

How Does ThruNite Work?

ThruNite lights have a twenty year lifespan and are available in a cool white or neutral white light quality. Whether users are looking for a handheld, tactical, or headlamp, ThruNite offers a variety of styles to choose from.

All ThruNite products come with a thirty day full replacement warranty. They also come with a twenty-four month warranty for parts as well as a lifetime limited warranty. ThruNite lights come in a variety of styles offering multiple modes and beam quality. These lights are perfect to keep on a key ring or to pack in a camping gear bag. Many of the lights available are lightweight without compromising durability.

ThruNite Products

ThruNite offers over twenty five products that give consumers a high quality light in a variety of designs. Whether consumers are looking for a pen style or headlamp will appreciate the high quality products offered by ThruNite. Many of ThruNite offers lights that have four modes including firefly, medium beam, high beam, and strobe.

ThruNite Pricing

ThruNite products are available for purchase on their homepage at and The prices on the ThruNite web page are listed below; most products are available for cheaper through amazon.

Keychain Lights:

-ThruNite T01 XP-G2 LED Max 125 Lumen:

$6.95 (on sale from $9.95)

-ThruNite Ti XP-L v4 Max 162 Lumen Titanium Keychain light:

$19.95 (on sale from $29.95)

-ThruNite Ti3 EDC Cree XP-L AAA Torch 130 Lumens: $19.95

-ThruNite Ti3 XP-G2 120 Lumen Flashlight: $15.95


-ThruNite Ti4 Max 252 Lumen Penlight:

$19.99 (on sale from $23.95)

-ThruNite Ti4 XP-L Max 300 Lumen Penlight:

$19.99 (on sale from $25.95)

-ThruNite Ti4T Max 300 Lumen Penlight:

$29.99 (on sale from $35.95)

-ThruNite Ti5 XP-L Penlight:

$16.95 (on sale from $23.95)

-ThruNite Ti5T XP-L V6 Penlight:

$21.55 (on sale from $35.95)


-ThruNite Rechargeable Flashlight TC12 V2 +3400*1: $69.95

-ThruNite TC10 V2 + T3400*1 Rechargeable Flashlight: $69.95

-TN40 Rechargeable LED Searchlight: $259.95

-TN42C Rechargeable LED Searchlight: $269.95


-ThruNite Archer 1A V3: $29.99 (on sale from $35.95)

=ThruNite Archer 2A V3: $29.95 (on sale from $36.95)


-ThruNite Catapult V5 UT Cool White: $99.95

-ThruNite MINI TN30 (2016) XP-L Flashlight: $99.95

-ThruNite TN32 UT Cool White: $129.95 (on sale from $139.95)

-ThruNite TN35: $109.95

-ThruNite TN36 UT 7300 Lumen Flashlight: $229.95

-TN40 Rechargeable LED Searchlight: $259.95

-TN40S LED Searchlight: $189.95

-TN42 LED Searchlight: $199.95

-TN42C Rechargeable LED Searchlight: $269.95


-ThruNite TH10 Headlamp Max 825 Lumen: $39.95

-ThruNite TH20 high output and lightweight AA battery LED headlamp: $29.95

ThruNite also offers a variety of battery chargers to add to the purchase of a light. They also offer product bundles which are discounted by a small amount.

ThruNite offers low cost shipping within North America and Europe. Shipping and purchasing information as well as product specifications can be found on their website Consumers who spend certain amounts will qualify for extra ten to twenty percent discounts.

ThruNite products are also available for purchase through Amazon and ship for free. The prices are much lower on Amazon.

Who Makes ThruNite?

ThruNite was founded in 2009 by David Chen. ThruNite is based in Shenzhen, China. ThruNite is dedicated to offering high quality LED flashlights that last. ThruNite offers tactical lights, searchlights, and basic handhelds and headlamps.

Should You Buy ThruNite?

ThruNite offers a large product line that gives consumers a huge range of options when it comes to choosing a high quality light. These lights are perfect for everyday citizens as well as military, hunters, and search and rescue members. These lights are perfect for people who like to camp or are putting together an emergency preparedness kit.

Full product details about every item are available on the ThruNite homepage at Many people settle for low quality flashlights that do not last, visit ThruNite today and place an order for a light that will last.


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