STRIKEPEN BLACK Review: Ape Survival’s Discreet Tactical Pen EDC Tool

STRIKEPEN BLACK is a tactical pen that is made of tungsten, offering functionality as a pen, weapon, and flashlight. Limited supplies are available, though consumers will get a massive discount by ordering now.


In a world where nothing is certain, there’s a certain need to keep safe. Everyone has different tools and protocols that they follow to keep them and theirs safe, but the tactical pen could be one of the most versatile options on the market today. Members of the Secret Service and even the US Special Forces carry this type of tool, acknowledging how truly helpful a simple item like this can be. Offering self-defense when it is needed, anyone feels more confident when they are protected, and the STRIKEPEN BLACK aims to create the same sense of protection.

The STRIKEPEN BLACK tactical pen is compact, offering a small enough design to fit in nearly any pocket, but it is made of the ever-strong tungsten is practically unbreakable. Ultimately, to be inconspicuous, this tactical operates just like a regular pen does, and users even get a free ink refill with their purchase. However, the tactical pen has multiple other functions.

Tungsten is known for its sturdiness and hardness, making the pen ideal to be used as either a weapon or even a glass breaker in emergencies. This particular tactical pen includes an LED flashlight, and it can even be changed out with the multi-tool attachment. A tactical pen like STRIKEPEN BLACK isn’t just meant for someone in a security position; it can be used by everyone from the stay-at-home to a hunter and even individuals ranked higher in government positions.

Whether the emergency calls for breaking out of a sinking car or packing light for a camping trip, there are few circumstances that can’t benefit from the use of a tactical pen. With all of the features that the alloy-bodied STRIKEPEN BLACK offers, anyone can be prepared for whatever comes next, but only if they are one of the 500 people that puts in their order before the products run out.


STRIKEPEN BLACK is offering a discount unlike any other tactical pen right now – it’s free! The deal will only last for a short time, but consumers can get their own tactical pen by paying the $9.95 shipping fee. For anyone that wants to get two STRIKEPEN BLACKs, the company will allow the second pen to be added for $19.00 more.

At checkout on the official website, customers also have the option of adding a Q5 Taclite ($19) or a money clip knife ($19) as well.


STRIKEPEN BLACK offers many benefits for the average consumer and extreme circumstances alike. Made of the toughest tungsten material, there isn’t any surface that can’t be broken with the strength of the encasing, though it can be carried around inconspicuously as a traditional pen as well. Supplies are limited though, and the ability to use the pen as also a flashlight, weapon, or multi-tool will probably gain enough popularity to sell out fast.

This product comes with both replacement ink and batteries.


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