ABP Tactical Pen Review – Multi-Functional Survival Tool?

ABP Tactical Pen Review

The ABP Tactical Pen is a recently-released pen that promises to use a durable design and aluminum-metal tip to help you get out of any tough situation. Here’s our review.

What is the ABP Tactical Pen?

The ABP Tactical Pen is a “tactical pen” that features a diamond thread handle designed to provide a rock solid grip so you can “take tactical charge of any emergency situation”.

One of the key features that turns this pen from a regular pen into a tactical pen is its triangular-shaped metal tip. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, that tip provides a sharp but safe point that can break glass instantly – giving you a quick escape from a dangerous situation.

The pen weighs 1.5 ounces and is 5.9 inches long. It’s available in just one single color: black.

The Story Behind the ABP Tactical Pen

The maker of the pen claims that it has an interesting backstory: the pen was originally created for undercover agents for use in assignments where firearms “and other more obvious forms of weaponry were not recommended.” This is different when comparing the features and specs of the popular Defender X tactical pen.

That company claims they were recently authorized to distribute the pen to the general public. They’ve maintained the same high quality materials and manufacturing standards as they had when the pen was designed for military use.

That’s an interesting story, but there’s really no evidence that it’s true: ABP Tactical Pen never explains who used the pen, which organizations purchased the pen, or in which real-world combat situations it played a role.

There’s also the fact that the pen isn’t really a weapon: it’s a 1.5 ounce pen with a glass-breaking tip. If you’re using the pen in a situation where other people have firearms or knives, then you’re going to be in trouble.

Nevertheless, the ABP Tactical Pen claims to be the number one bestselling tactical pen on the market.

ABP Tactical Pen Features

-Integrated glass breaking tip made from aircraft-grade aluminum “to shatter any glass easily”

-Ink cartridge that writes easily in nearly all weather conditions

-Reliable twist mechanism to ensure your pen is always ready to start taking notes

-Rugged brushed finish “for a polished, professional look”

-No-break pocket clip keeps the pen secured to your person at all times

ABP Tactical Pen Pricing

The ABP Tactical Pen is available at a handful of different price ranges, depending on how many pens you’re purchasing:

  • 1 Pen: $19
  • 2 Pens: $37
  • 3 Pens: $55
  • 5 Pens: $79
  • 10 Pens: $15
  • 15 Pens: $237
  • 20 Pens: $316

Once you pay over $79, shipping is free on your order.

Who Makes the ABP Tactical Pen?

The ABP Tactical Pen is made by a company that calls itself ABP Tactical. There’s very little information about that company available online. The company’s official website, ABPTactical.com, is just an advertisement for the ABP Tactical Pen.

Based on that information, it seems like the ABP Tactical Pen is the company’s one and only product.

The company’s contact pages, return pages, and terms of service pages are all missing from the official website, so we have no way to get in touch with the company to confirm their location.

Should You Use the ABP Tactical Pen for Personal Protection?

The only reviews we could find for the ABP Tactical Pen were reviews posted on the company’s official website. These reviews were mostly from dads that wanted to protect their families. One “former police officer” said he bought an extra pen for his wife so she felt safer while out with the kids.

The problem with the ABP Tactical Pen is that it’s not a weapon: it has a glass-breaking tip. But it’s not going to be very useful as a weapon. The manufacturer tosses around words like “own the ultimate concealed tactical device” while glazing over the fact that it’s just a 1.5 ounce pen. It’s not going to protect you against much of anything – especially if your attacker has any type of weapon.

Let’s be honest: if you can defend yourself from an attacker while holding a pen in your hand, then you can also defend yourself without that pen in your hand. The ABP Tactical Pen makes big claims about its “tactical” benefits and value as a deadly weapon, but there’s little evidence backing up that claim – which is a problem when you’re paying $19 for a fairly basic pen.


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