Hoffman Richter Stinger Spy Tactical Pen Review – Real Self Defense Tool?

Tactical gear has seen a huge surge in its popularity in the past decade, with advancements being made in the field of automation and manufacturing, expensive/high quality gear can be produced at a reasonable rate.

Another key aspect of this equipment is that the designs are based on military based items, this allows these devices to serve multiple purposes as well as be of high quality and precision.

What Is Stinger Spy Tactical Pen?

The Stinger Spy Tactical Pen is an all new piece of tactical equipment which is made of industrial grade aluminium alloy, it has been crafted to double up as a pen as well as a self defense tool.

The device is manufactured by Hoffman Richter, a company that specializes in producing tactical grade equipment like flashlights, multi purpose knives, pocket sharpeners among a whole range of other items.

The pen is a small yet powerful self defense tool which has been visibly demonstrated to incapacitate a predator. Due to its compact size, it can fit in one's pocket, purse or bag and can be carried around discreetly.

Stinger Spy Tactical Pen Key Features

There are various features that are unique to the Stinger Spy Pen, some of them include:

Underwater Capabilities:

One of the most unique features about this item is its ability to write effortlessly underwater. The quality of writing remains the same whether one is using it in a dry or wet environment.

Stainless Steel Clip:

The use of stainless steel makes the outer body attractive and highly durable. Due to the high quality metal the appearance of the pen does not fade easily.

Ergonomic Design:

The pen has been designed in a way such that it can be used easily for everyday purposes. It comes in a stylus shape, making it easy for the pen to be gripped and used for long durations of time.

Replaceable Ink Cartridge:

There is an easy ink replacement mechanism present within the pen, this allows changing the cartridge to be done in a quick, easy manner.

Strike Pad:

The strike pad acts as a force multiplier so that when the user is in danger even a small swipe can cause immense damage to an opponent.

Stinger Spy Tactical Pen Benefits


The key benefit of this product is its amazing versatility, it can be used for everyday writing purposes but in case of an emergency can easily double up as a self defense tool.

Glass Cutter:

The tip has been micro sharpened so that it can be used as an effective glass slasher, cutter if ever required. In a similar vein it can also be used to cut ice or make incisions on solid materials.


Due to its titanium body, it is extremely lightweight but highly durable. Titanium is usually used to create the outer bodies of aircraft, and is known to be one of the strongest metals known to mankind. Its melting point exceeds over 3000 degrees.

Easy To Use:

The pen is easy to use and can be handled by anybody, both men and women (young or old) can use the pen with relative ease. However, if children are in the vicinity of the device, an adult should ideally be supervising them.

Self Defense:

Many self defense items are bulky and difficult to carry around. Even if they do fit in one's bag or can be carried around, they are difficult to conceal. However the Stinger Spy Tactical pen is extremely small and portable.


Unlike other tactical gear which costs in excess of $300.00, the pen has been priced reasonably so that it can be purchased by even the average buyer.

Purchasing Stinger Spy Tactical Pen

The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase is by placing an order online on the brand's website. Each unit is priced at $19.95 and comes with a full refund guarantee.

All one needs to do is send back the pen and a full refund will be doled out without any questions being asked. Payments can be made using a whole host of safe and secure means including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB and PayPal.


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