UltraSleuth Spy Camera Review: Stealth HD Video Recorder for Security Protection?

The UltraSleuth Spy Camera is a plug-in security camera by Official Tactical Kit that looks just like a USB wall charger. While activated, it records in night vision and is activated with motion-detection software, allowing for a continuous 24/7 loop of recording onto the expandable SD memory. And as added feature of the UltraSleuth Spy Camera, the device will charge iPhones, and Androids.

What is the UltraSleuth Spy Camera?

Everyone wants to protect their home in the best way that they can, whether they home or not. Anyone can be a criminal, and anyone can be at risk of becoming a victim. It is hard to know who to trust nowadays, and security cameras have become incredibly popular for exactly this reason.

The market is filled with different options to work with the needs of the average consumer, as companies around the world seek out ways to secretly film when users need it most. The Ring came out with a camera that is built into a doorbell, and the Nanny Cam is the go-to solution for anyone who uses a babysitter to watch their kids. The UltraSleuth Spy Camera offers a way of watching what is going on while being even more inconspicuous.

With the UltraSleuth Spy Camera, the device plugs directly into the wall and looks just like the USB adapter that consumers can use to charge their Android, Apple iPhones, or a tablet. In reality, this so-called adapter conceals the camera lens, while still recording any video in 1080p resolution, giving a clear image in any type of light. This device doesn’t require any complicated setup since users just have to plug it into any outlet and leave it alone. The recordings can be viewed (and heard) by removing the card it was recorded on.

As an added bonus, the camera doesn’t just look like a USB charger; it actually functions as one. Users can plug in their charging cord and let their Android, Apple iPhones batteries charge up without stopping the device from recording new footage. Anyone who uses the spying device to charge their phone will be recorded without their knowledge, and the full audio and video will be captured.

How to Get the UltraSleuth Spy Camera

With this advanced technology, it isn’t surprising that the UltraSleuth Spy Camera can normally go for $125. However, that’s not what consumers pay right now. Instead, the website is offering an exclusive chance to get a single UltraSleuth Spy Camera for $30 (plus $5 for shipping.

For anyone that wants to keep multiple security cameras going, there’s also the option to purchase two devices for $50 ($25 each) or three devices for $60 ($20 each). Not only do the multi-pack options come with a reduced cost per camera, but they also offer free shipping. Plus, for a limited time, the website is offering a MicroSD USB card reader (which allows users to view the content on their computer or television) for free. To order the UltraSlueth Spy Camera, can do so on the official website at, https://shop.officialtacticalkit.com/sleuth/index.php

UltraSleuth Spy Camera Summary

The UltraSleuth Spy Camera is a compact and unnoticeable way for consumers to record everything that goes on at home, at the office, or in other places where they can plug in the device. By offering both the charging function and the security camera recordings, this device won’t look suspicious to anyone at all. While it is easy to record on this device, consumers need to be aware that the memory card is not included with the purchase. Users will need to buy their own micro SD card, which they can remove to upload the video at any time. The amount of time that they can record will be determined by the amount of storage space on the card they use.


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