Sofa Lounger Review – Convenience & Practical Inflatable Furniture?

People will often want to comfortably sit to relax their tired legs and unwind.

The Sofa Lounger is a specific brand of ‘air chairs’ or ‘air loungers’ that many are buying for convenience and practicality. It appears that family outings are about to get more colorful with these inflatable air loungers.


What Is The Sofa Lounger?

The Sofa Lounger is an inflatable piece of furniture that comes in many different colors. People can take this sofa on the go. It’s easy to inflate and easy to store. It’s lightweight so people can carry it anywhere they choose to go.

The Sofa Lounger comes in a compact bag that’s convenient to carry. This six foot long sofa is an ideal air lounger to take on the go. It is also supposed to be a very comfortable and peaceful place to sit, recline or sleep.

How Does The Sofa Lounger Work?

Many will be happy to learn that the Sofa Lounger can be easily inflated without the need for a pump. The premise is that people can just scoop air into the nylon bag with a few flicks of the wrist to create a sweeping motion.

Although, this probably works best on a breezy day. The company site claims that people can fill up their sofa lounger with air very quickly. But this might be a bit challenging on days when there is no breeze.

The Sofa Lounger comes to life in only seconds, and it can be used in a variety of ways. Concerts, swimming, sporting events, camping, kid sleepovers, picnics, barbecues, tree houses, and beaches are just a few of the perfect venues to use the lounger.

These units can even be used as water rafts, at least in theory.

The company claims that the durable nylon fabric material makes this air lounger rugged enough to be used in extreme weather conditions. People can use the lounger absolutely anywhere, whether the the top of a mountain or underneath a waterfall. Its versatility makes it a terrific all year round must have lounger on the go.

Honorable Mentions

A quick look at the company website shows the pictures of happy customer testimonials. People have good things to say about the Sofa Lounger. One consumer says they love using the loungers with their family and expresses gratitude.

Another consumer gives it a 3 out of 5 stars. Other consumers think the lounger is rad, and it is something they would take anywhere.

Possible Concerns

An online search quickly turns up some possible concerns. It appears that different brands of air lounger chairs may have a short life. Some reports claim that the adhesive used to produce these portable air sofas has a foul smell.

Others report that these units come apart at the seams because the adhesive is not strong enough. And yet others claim that the lack of a traditional valve causes the air to escape, meaning that it’s possible to end up on the ground with a deflated bag of nylon.

Where To Buy The Sofa Lounger

People can purchase the Sofa Lounger on the website, It costs $39.99, and there’s free shipping in the United States.

The lounger also comes in a variety of colors like:

  • Neon pink
  • Neon green
  • Blue, purple
  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Dark blue
  • Light pink
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Neon orange
  • White

The Sofa Lounger’s Return Policy

There is a fourteen day refund policy for people to determine if they are satisfied with the product. Once that time period has expired, neither a refund nor an exchange is possible. People can only return the lounger if it is unused and in the original packaging.

Requirements For Returning The Sofa Lounger

Refund- All returned products are inspected to ensure the product is unused. Customers are notified of product receipt via email.

The company also notifies customers whether or not the request for refund will be honored, based on the condition of the returned item. Once approved for a refund, people should expect to see the money back in their accounts in a few days.

Late or missing? – People who haven’t received a refund should first check their bank account. If this doesn’t work they can call their credit card company. It may take a while for the refund to be processed but people can contact Sofa Lounger by email for more assistance.

Sale Items are not refundable- Only regular priced items qualify for a refund. It’s important to make sure the Sofa Lounger has been purchased for the regular price, or people won’t get their money back.

Exchanges- Defective or damaged items can not (nor should they be) exchanged. To replace a defective unit, it’s best to email Sofa Lounger’s customer service department.

Gifts And Shipping Returns

If the air lounger was purchased as a gift, a ‘gift credit’ will be made available for the gift recipient. In these cases, a gift certificate is mailed once the company has received and inspected the returned Sofa Lounger.

Consumers are responsible for the shipping costs as these are not refundable. If the item/s to be returned cost more than $75, it is advisable to add tracking. Otherwise, the company doesn’t guarantee they will receive the returned item.

In Closing

The Sofa Lounger is an inflatable sofa or chair that is simple, convenient and fun for people on the go. While this is perfect for camping, it can be used for much more. This pumpless air chair is supposed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The lounger can be used in almost every setting and online reviews show that it has received positive feedback.

The lounger can be bought by visiting, the official website. Their return policy is something consumers should be aware of before and after purchasing the item.

There are certain requirements consumers need to follow to return the Sofa Lounger and successfully receive their refund. The Sofa Lounger may be the perfect place to sit, relax, and enjoy the view.


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