Plazma Lighter Review – Windproof Flameless Electronic Lighter?

The Plazma Lighter is a unique new lighter sold online through

Today, we’re telling you everything you need to know about the Plazma Lighter so you can make an informed decision.

What is the Plazma Lighter?


The Plazma Lighter is a lighter sold online for around $56. The lighter calls itself “the most revolutionary, eco-friendly, USB rechargeable lighter in the world”.

Conventional lighters use butane as a fuel source. The Plazma Lighter does not. Instead, the lighter creates two intersecting beams of electricity across the middle, allowing you to spark up without being affected by wind or other elements.

The creators of Plazma Lighter call their device a healthier solution than conventional lighters. They cite a study in Britain where 52% of all abused solvent chemical-related deaths were related to butane.

Is the Plazma Lighter really a safer, superior solution to a standard butane lighter? Let’s take a closer look at how the lighter works.

How Does the Plazma Lighter Work?

The Plazma Lighter is part of a lineup of lighters that go by a variety of different names – including:

-Flameless lighters

-Electronic pulse arc lighters

-Windproof lighters

-Electric plasma lighters

Basically, people have created all sorts of fancy terms for these lighters. But they all work the same way: instead of using a liquid butane fuel source to create a spark, they use a battery and electricity.

The technology behind these lighters is actually the same basic principle as a Taser. If you put your finger between the electrical currents, you will get a painful shock.

You can find electronic lighters sold online through Amazon for under $20 – which makes the $56 price tag on the Plazma Lighter seem relatively high.

To use the Plazma Lighter, and most other electronic lighters, you just press a button on the side of the lighter. There’s only one button – so it’s hard to miss.

When you need to recharge your lighter, you just plug it into a USB port using the included USB cable.

The creators of Plazma Lighter provide very few details at their official website. We know virtually nothing about the tech specs, for example. However, other electronic lighters can typically be charged and discharged 400 times. Each charge is sufficient for lighting up approximately 80 cigarettes.

Recharging the battery from 0 to 100% usualy takes about 2 to 3 hours.

Some of the advantages of electronic lighters are that they require no fluid and no refills. They’re also advertised as being environmentally-friendly while also being windproof – so you no longer need to cup your hand.

The main downside to these electronic lighters is that the quality of the flame isn’t typically the same quality you’re used to. If you’re lighting small cigarettes, for example, then the electronic lighter should be able to handle it no problem. If you’re lighting larger cigars, then an electronic cigarette isn’t typically the right option.

What do customers have to say about the Plazma Lighter? Keep reading to find out.

What Do Customers Have to Say About the Plazma Lighter?

The Plazma Lighter is a brand new product just launched online, so we couldn’t find any verified independent reviews on the lighter available online. Nevertheless, the lighter appears to be virtually identical to other lighters sold online (it might actually just be a white-labeled repackaging of these lighters). So we can use reviews from other lighters to get an idea of how well the Plazma Lighter might work.


-It looks very cool

-Feels heavy, substantial, and high-quality

-Rechargeable battery is more convenient than buying new butane or a new lighter any time you need a spark

-Can be recharged off of your laptop or smartphone battery if you’re traveling

-Four contact model puts out more heat than the 2 contact model


-You can give yourself a painful shock accidentally (like if your finger gets too close to the arc while lighting up)

-Leaves a weird ionized smell in the air

-The Plazma Lighter is significantly more expensive than most other electric lighters sold online

-You need to disconnect it from the charger as soon as the red LED light goes out (otherwise you may kill the battery)

-Anything bigger than a cigarette won’t fit between the prongs, but you can sometimes get it to light by holding it just above the arc

Plazma Lighter Pricing

The Plazma Lighter is exclusively available through for $56 USD.

If you buy two or more lighters, you get free shipping. Free worldwide shipping is available on all orders over $75.

Who Makes the Plazma Lighter?

The makers of the Plazma Lighter provide virtually no information about themselves online. Their “About Us” page simply talks about how their lighter is “the most revolutionary, eco-friendly, USB rechargeable lighter in the world.”

No contact information is listed on the official Plazma Lighter website aside from one email form. That’s a huge red flag – especially since you have cheaper options from reputable sellers on Amazon.

There’s one other item posted on the Plazma Lighter online store: there’s a Portable Solar Charger that uses sunlight to power up your electronics. Aside from that, there’s no information about who makes the Plazma Lighter or where it’s made.

Should You Buy the Plazma Lighter?

The Plazma Lighter is an electric lighter that appears to work as advertised to use electricity to create a spark.

The problem with the Plazma Lighter is that its pricing is significantly higher than the pricing we’ve seen from other electric arc lighters sold online. They’re sold through Alibaba, for example, for as little as $10 to $15 per lighter, or on Amazon for $20 to $25.

Plazma Lighter hasn’t given us any reason to assume that it’s better quality than a $20 lighter sold online. In fact, the case design seems virtually identical to some other $20 lighters we’ve seen. Aside from the fact that it uses four prongs instead of two (which means more heat), there doesn’t seem to be any major advantage to using the Plazma Lighter.

Overall, the Plazma Lighter doesn’t seem to be a bad lighter – but it does seem to be sold at an unreasonably high price for the value you’re getting. You’re better off spending half the price on a similar-quality lighter from Amazon.


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