Tacticult Phantom P1 Laser Review – High Quality Tactical Laser?

Handheld laser technology has improved in leaps and bounds over recent years, with consumer lasers becoming more and more popular. With a broad variety of uses, consumer handheld laser technology has many different applications from assisting with public speaking seminars, hobbyist astronomy pointing devices, and tactical applications for marksmen and hunters.

Battery operated lasers available in the market today offer a range of wavelengths and power outputs unheard of just a few short years ago, able to melt plastics, ignite matches and burn paper and wood from a significant distance.


The Phantom P1 Laser, made by Tacticult, is a high quality, high powered laser emitter on the cutting edge of tactical laser technology.

In this article we’ll break down the construction and design of the  Phantom P1 Laser and provide a handy guide on the key features to look out for when selecting a handheld laser to see how the P1 measures up.

Selecting a Tactical Laser

When choosing a handheld laser device there are a number of important factors to keep in mind, and it helps to have a basic understanding of some of the basic terminology used to classify laser devices.

The most frequently used defining factor for laser devices is the wavelength the laser operates on. THe wavelength of a laser device is essentially used to determine whether the beam of the laser is visible or not, and if so what color the beam will be.

Laser devices are generally available within a set range of wavelengths, measured in ‘nm’. Violet and blue lasers sit between 405nm and 450nm, green lasers are 495nm to 570nm, yellow and orange are 570nm to 620nm, and the rest of the spectrum that is visible to the human eye is red up until 750nm.

Laser devices above 750nm function in the infrared wavelength and cannot be seen by the eye. The Tacticult Phantom P1 is a green laser, and operates between 495nm and 570nm, making it clearly visible, as the human eye is most sensitive to these wavelengths.

Power output is another important factor to take into account when purchasing a laser device.

The power output of a handheld laser is defined by the amount of energy emitted b the device, and is generally measured in milliWatts, or one thousandth of a Watt. Higher powered lasers such as the P1 measure their power output in full Watts.

The higher the output of a laser device, the more capable the device is of burning targeted items.

Beam Diameter is a key element in the selection of a tactical laser. Beam diameter is typically measured in aperture, defined by millimeters.

Beam diameter translates into beam brightness and intensity, and can be compared to using a magnifying glass to amplify the power of the sun.

One watt of light energy distributed over one square foot is about as bright as an everyday lightbulb, but the same amount of light energy projected through an aperture the size of the tip of a pen can ignite a match or light a cigarette. A smaller aperture laser has a higher burning capacity than a laser with a wider aperture.

Beam divergence is also important to observe- like a flashlight, the beam of light from a laser will scatter and widen over distance, although on a much smaller scale.

Lastly, the body and frame of the laser device should be sturdy and robust especially when used in tactical or outdoor scenarios to prevent breakage and damage to the internal focusing array of the laser.

Tacticult Phantom P1 Laser Design and Construction

The Body of the Phantom P1 Laser is constructed from aircraft grade aluminium, the same used in military aircraft around the world. This material is lightweight as well as strong, and provides a secure, strong exterior that prevents shock damage in high impact environments.

A textured grip exterior prevents the laser from falling out of the hand in wet situations, and a lanyard attached to the base allows users to secure the laser around the wrist.

The P1 can be secured for safe storage and childproof beam lock with an innovative key system in the base of the device, and is operated by the use of a single push button built into the exterior.

The emitters used to project the high intensity beam of the Phantom P1 meet 2016 power and safety regulation and are high quality and reliable. The Phantom P1 Laser uses a single rechargeable AA lithium ion battery which is provided with the device, and can operate for many hours before recharging is required. Batteries are recharged using a standard wall plug charger that can be used to recharge any brand of AA rechargable lithium ion batteries.

The beam of the P1 laser is intense and bright, visible in both daylight conditions and night conditions. With an adjustable focal range, the P1 is able to project single points of laser light or various laser light patterns for multiple uses.

The Phantom P1 is powerful enough to ignite a match from 10cm, or roughly four inches away, and can even be used as a firelighter in a camping situation when combined with dry tinder material. When using powerful lasers such as the P1, it’s important to follow safety guidelines and avoid pointing the laser at aircraft, as it is powerful enough to cause a flight hazard and in some countries can result in arrest.

Tacticult Phantom P1 Laser Pricing & Availability

The Tacticult Phantom P1 Laser can’t be found in retail stores. available exclusively from the Tacticult website, and is priced at $39.95 USD, a significant reduction from the recommended retail price of $159.95 USD.

The Phantom P1 ships with the laser device, a wall charger, and an included lithium ion rechargeable battery. Tacticult offer a thirty day 100 percent money back satisfaction guarantee for the Phantom P1 Laser and ship all lasers via USPS First Class Shipping, with an estimated delivery time of three to seven days.

If you’re looking for a high powered, compact and robust laser for hobbyist astronomy, camping, seminars, tactical or hunting applications, or just for general fun, the Tacticult Phantom P1 Laser is an effective, reliable and cost effective solution.


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