Shadowhawk Laser Saber Review – True Military Tactical Laser?

The Star Wars LightSaber movie has sparked the Shadowhawk Laser Saber movement as it claims to deliver dominating military-grade tactical LED laser technology like never before (in real life).

We will review why much like its high performance X800 Tactical Flashlight companion, Shadowhawk’s Laser Saber has quickly become one of the biggest and brightest survival prep and outdoorsmen gear companies on the market.

But can it truly been ‘seen from space' and ‘protect against invaders and intruders' and be a tactical tool for practical self-defense military methods?

Let’s open up the optimization options of all the fancy features and blinding benefits if you want or can use a military tactical laser flashlight.

What is a Tactical Laser Flashlight?

First let’s break down what the above-the-cut word tactical implies: professional use (police or military etc).

They are usually ultra compact and super lightweight, emit much more concentrated and focused light and are encased in weapon-grade T6061 aircraft anodized aluminum. And yes, they are legal in all 50 states.

The colorful commentary for “tactical lasers” and “tactical flashlights” (VS ordinary standard flashlights/lasers), is essentially distinguishing it as an environmental control apparatus and indicating using it for strategic purposes and advantages in any given situation.

The common conception coming from these newly released tactical products is that for the first time ever the mass market now has access to what once was exclusive military-grade technology and power – all in the size of your hand, that can fit in your pocket.

Between the advances in smarter technology and innovation of LED lighting, tactical uses behind what once was nothing but run-of-the-mill barely-average but ok (green laser pointers and halogen flashlights) products, now has a completely new make up and mark up. Get ready for it, because military-inspired tactical lights, lasers, equipment and various gear are coming.

People want the best. Let’s see if you can place your bet on the the hottest tactical laser flashlight of them all, the Shadowhawk Laser Saber.

The Shadowhawk Laser Saber

A first of its kind solid state laser diode technology and world-class design made in the USA, the Laser Saber from Shadowhawk Tactical promises to be the most luxurious next-generation LED laser device ever assembled with unparalleled possibilities.

If it sounds like the perfect gift idea to a supervillian, we are both on the same track. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of the functionality and modalities of the virtually indestructible and unbroken beam the Laser Saber gives, we must call to attention and address the fact that this is not a toy.

Shadowhawk makes it very clear that these products are real and authentic for what they are intended to do and even prevent/protect if need be. With pinpoint precision for tactical targeting, do not take these military-grade tactical lasers lightly.

This potent green lighting technology and powerful environmental control device status is currently compliant with all federal regulations as the most powerful max legal milliwatts laser device available.

Here is a list of green LED laser light tech specs:

  • Legal Max MW 3 power selections (700mW, 1,400mW or 2000mW)
  • 750mm and can go as fine as 95mm (laser indicator included)
  • Focus beam expander (reduce diameter of lasers beam at max range)
  • 5,000+ hour lifetime powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • strike-bezel fluroscent tip
  • dust-proof heat resistant reflector lens
  • multiple lens options (flare, grid, spiral)
  • holster carrier
  • SmartSwitch technology/tactical standby
  • automatic lockout mode to prevent accidental misuse
  • 4 functions: momentary, constant wave, strobe, SOS, beacon, bypass
  • LaserShades (protect your eyes)
  • Branded Battery & Charger

Supporting an iconic design and stunningly smooth to the touch texture, the roughly 32″ long and 1/8″ thick polycarbonate digital microprocessor tube contains a magnetic gravity system that enables it to power up and power down with a chilling presence of intense green LED laser light.

Having passed the laser burning test with flying colors (can easily light matches on fire, pop balloons and torch wire/string with the LaserSaber), you must adhere to the proper regulations that are laid out for laser pointers and devices. Here are a few quick references to show you what we are implying. Again, these are not toys and are meant for strategical and tactical purposes only.

Here, take a quick look at the tactical LaserSaber video:

Whether you are looking for a searchlight or a floodlight, the Military Grade FDA Approved Shadowhawk Laser Saber is tactically tailored to fit every man and women's needs.

Buy Shadowhawk's Tactical Laser Saber?

The cost is likely higher than you will initial impression might be, probably hissing and growling at the price tag of:

  • 5 Shadowhawk Lasers (75% OFF DISCOUNT) ($145 Total)
  • 3 Shadowhawk Lasers (66% OFF DISCOUNT) ($117 Total)
  • 1 Shadowhawk Laser ($56.00 per unit)

But this ol'reliable steadfast companion and new engineering ensures it to never flicker or wane into dim light disorder we are all too accustomed too.

While this might be a tad high than your normal taste buds, the company Shadowhawk Tactical has been very transparent in their shipping and return policies, and provides locations and addresses while providing phone and email customer service.

For some, this may be viewed as useless expensive equipment. But others, a powerful handheld laser for tactical uses and practical purposes.

We will continue to update this Shadowhawk Tactical Laser Saber review as more details become available.


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