The Tile APP

The Tile APP – Introduction

All of us at one time or another find ourselves in a tizz when it comes to losing our personal items such as keys or our phones. Now an inexpensive method has arrived where you can locate your lost items in a jiffy using Bluetooth tracking technology.

We will cover how this is different (and the same) as the TrackR item finder as well.


What Is The Tile APP?

Attaching the Tile to your keys, phone, wallet or another item of value, even your laptop and bike ensures you get peace of mind, especially if you live a life on the go. You can purchase one Tile at a time, or for more cost effectiveness you can buy more at a discount to make sure all your valuable items are covered.

The Tile APP goes back to 2013 when the first version became successful after a crowdfunding event. The second more advanced version has come out since then and it has more features and improvements. Originally used with iOS and Apple devices, the Tile App can now be used with Android devices as well. You get the app free with your Tiles and you can get up to eight Tiles coordinated to one account. The Tile App is also joining other initiatives and is running contents to help bring more awareness to the general public.

Let's look at the Tile:

The Tile itself is quite tiny and measures 1.45 by 1.45 by 0.24 inches and weighs 0.32 ounces. Being small and lightweight offers all the advantages you need to keep your items safe and sound. It runs on a battery that needs replacing once a year. The Tile is made from plastic and you can send it back for battery renewal and recycling after the year is up.

Each Tile costs 25 US dollars but when you buy in bulk pricing can go down as low as 17.5 US dollars for each Tile. It makes sense to buy more than one if your finances allow. Renewing your Tiles yearly currently costs 12 USD. You simply pop the Tiles in a provided envelope with your old Tiles and these will be recycled while you are waiting to receive your new ones. It only takes a few days to get your new Tiles sent out to you and you lose no time in waiting because you are alerted before the year is up to send in your old Tiles.

The Tile APP – How does it work?

This gizmo is very simple to use and practical for our modern lifestyles. In today's society when everything becomes more of a rush, The Tile App can be our best friend in times of need.

  • Order the number of Tiles you wish to purchase and download the Tile App.
  • Stick, attach or place the Tiles in or onto the various items you want to track. Items like keys, wallets, bags, laptops, bikes and purses are the most common ones people seek to protect.
  • If you want to locate any of your items, just call the Tiles they are attached to and a 90 decibel melody will chime away, helping you to locate the item of your choice.
  • If you have lost your phone and can’t remember where you last put it you can simply press a little button on one of your Tiles and it will call your cell phone, even if it’s in silent mode! You can use the app on your tablet to locate your phone when you have the app installed on both devices.
  • Each Tile has a range of 150 feet thanks to Bluetooth technology, but if you’re out of range you can check the map where it will give you the last location in which you did have coverage thus allowing you to retrace your steps and jog your memory.
  • If your phone or other valuable items have been lost in a range wider than 150 feet you can also connect with The Tile App Community who may be able to help you locate your lost items if they are within proximity of said items. This is called “Community Find” and even if other Tile App users don’t necessarily own Tiles, as long as they have the app installed on their devices they can still help you locate your missing things if they are close enough. This Community program is completely private too so you don’t need to worry about safety issues.

The Tile APP Conclusion

Although the search range for The Tile APP is shorter than your average GPS tracker it is still very practical and useful and the low cost proves makes this a smart way to protect your items. For less than 100 USD you can potentially save yourself not only the loss of valuable items but also the worry and hassle of replacement. Along with free shipping (in the U.S. only) and a 30 day money back guarantee the Tiles are also water resistant and carry a one year warranty. On the whole, it’s both economical and smart to track your items using the Tile App.




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