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Kanoa Review

The biggest problem with earphones these days is that no matter how they’re designed, the cord seems to constantly be tangling, which often leads to it being yanked and ruined. This problem has had many people attempt to fix it, from cords that “won’t tangle” to ones that retract into a holding container. However, none of these solutions have really fixed the problem, leading to people spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on earphones every year.


Kanoa earphones have finally solved the issue of tangled cords, by removing the cord completely. And, unlike other cordless earphones, Kanoa earphones are perfectly synchronized to produce a beautiful low-latency sound. These cleanly designed earphones work up to 33 feet from any Bluetooth device, whether a phone or player.

About Kanoa

Formerly known as PEAQ Audio, Kanoa is a company based on creating a seamless music listening experience for its customers. The goal of the company is to put listeners in the zone, pushing them to new limits, and to help them settle into a state of flow. With these objectives in mind, the creator of Kanoa set out to create the best wireless earphones on the market.

Named after a beach in Curacao, the home of the creator, Kanoa is run by designers and engineers, each professionals and leaders in their fields. The entire company is filled with those who don’t just have extensive experience in the music field, but are also passionate about music and sound. The products created by Kanoa are rigorously tested by professional musicians as well as athletes, who test the limits of Kanoa earbuds.

Benefits of Kanoa Earphones

With so many earphone options on the market, it can be hard for consumers to distinguish quality products from those that won’t provide a real listening experience. Kanoa recognizes this dilemma and is very clear about what sets its earphones apart from others.

Kanoa is Truly Wireless

Instead of needing to be connected to a device, Kanoa earphones are completely wireless, with no obnoxious cords that tangle and knot. Not only are Kanoa products wireless, but they also work with Bluetooth devices that are up to 33 feet away.

Kanoa Provides Superior Audio

Going wireless wasn’t enough for Kanoa. The company wanted to be convenient for its customers to use, but it also wanted to provide the perfect acoustics for the earphones, providing the best listening experience possible. By using the latest technology in the audio field, Kanoa was able to deliver the crisp and beautiful sound imaginable with its earphones. For those who like to control their own listening experience, Kanoa also provides a custom-tune option.

Kanoa Offers Incomparable Ergonomics

Kanoa decided it wasn’t enough to have convenient earphones with amazing sound quality. To truly give users a whole new listening experience, Kanoa had to design an earphone that would fit on the ear comfortably and securely. By making silicon jackets that are custom-fit to users’ ears, Kanoa can guarantee that its earphones rest on the ears comfortably. And, in addition to this unparalleled comfort, Kanoa earphones also stay on the ears, even when wearers are being active. This provides the comfort Kanoa wanted to provide, plus freedom to its users to move without worrying about the earphones falling off.

Kanoa is Convenient

One of the most obnoxious things about other wireless earphones is that they’re annoying to charge and when they are charged, they only last a few hours. With Kanoa earphones, this isn’t an issue. The earphones come with a charging case that make them extremely easy to charge. There’s no plugs and absolutely no cords. All users need to do is drop their earphones into the case and leave them to charge. The earphones only need an hour and a half to fully charge and the case can be charge easily with a USB cable.

Not only are Kanoa earphones extremely easy to charge, they also hold up to six hours of playtime per charge. While this might not seem like a lot to true audiophiles, Kanoa also provides a case with five extra charges per earphone, allowing users to keep listening for as long as they want.

Kanoa is Functional

Earphones with cords are horrible to carry around, because they tangle and get caught in things easily. Most cordless earphones are horrible to carry around because they’re bulky and heavy. With Kanoa earphones, none of those issues are true.

Kanoa earphones attach the users’ jackets, keychains, or jeans with a sleek steel loop. And because Kanoa earphones are so lightweight and small, they are an inconvenience at all, sliding into pockets, purses, and bags with no hassle. The earphones also come in an easy to carry case that closes securely, so there’s no worry of them being banged up or dropping. And, the case is extremely tough and is actually water resistant, so it is perfect for those who want to listen to music on the go.

The Technology behind Kanoa Earphones

While design plays a huge part in what sets Kanoa apart from the many other cordless earphones on the market, the technology behind the earphones play just as vital a role. Below is a brief guide on the technology used to create Kanoa earphones, as well as the benefits this technology provides.

AptX Audio Codec

By partnering with CSR, Kanoa is able to provide its users with the latest aptX technology. This allows users to stream their music wirelessly, but without having to sacrifice the quality of the audio.

Audio Equalizer

While this was touched on earlier, the audio equalizer in Kanoa earphones deserves to be mentioned again. Everyone is different, which means everyone will have a different way of listening to music. The equalizer will allow users to adjust their sound characteristics to their exact preferences, making their listening experience truly unique.

Balanced Armature Drivers

Not only will Kanoa users be able to adjust their sound preferences on their earphones, but they will also be able to experience the most dynamic, beautiful sound available. This is done by having the best quality armature drivers available, which give the earphones a clear audio quality that will allow users to fully enjoy the high and low notes of their music.

Audio Transparency

As already mentioned, different people listen to their music differently. Someone studying in a library will want to shut out all sound, so they can focus and stay in their zone. However, if someone is driving or walking, they might not want to block out all sound. The audio transparency in Kanoa allows users to adjust their earphones so they can hear certain things and block out others. So, if someone is walking, they can block out voices and wind, but allow the sounds of traffic to come through.

Dynamic Audio

In addition to audio transparency, Kanoa earphones come with something called dynamic audio. Based on research that has found the volume and pace of music can affect how well a person performs athletically, dynamic audio creates a custom playlist that respond to users’ vitals. Dynamic audio will combine data from its previous records and use current factors, like heart rate, to provide music that varies in pace and volume.

Purchasing Kanoa

Kanoa earphones are currently available for pre-order on the Kanoa website. Preordering will give customers access to new product features, exclusive content, and even company events.

While Kanoa earphones will regularly cost $300, there is a promotion currently running that offers them for 50% off, or $149 plus shipping and handling.


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