ProShot HDX Camera Lens Kit Review – Turn Mobile Device into DSLR?

ProShot HDX Camera Lens Kit

One of the greatest things about being alive today is that it seems like every day there are new advances being made in almost every industry. Medicine is advancing in leaps and bounds, science is discovering something new every day, and technology is always in some sort of transformative stage. It is an exciting time to be alive, with even young adults being able to remember how different things were just ten or twenty years ago.


Despite all the many changes happening in the world, some things have remained very much the same. One of the things that seemed to flat line a little bit is the camera. Since the invention of the camera, it has undergone several changes. While cameras used to be huge, bulky things that had to be carried around in wagons, they are now much smaller and offer much clearer images. However, for the past decade or so, DSLR cameras seemed to have leveled out, remaining the most advanced options for taking pictures in the world.

When the camera phone was introduced to society, it completely changed the world. Now people didn’t have to carry huge cameras around their necks to capture the everyday moments. However, these camera phones didn’t exactly offer the highest quality images, so when it came to special occasions, the DSLR’s were still pulled out, being the better option when compared to the cameras on phones.

Now days, however, camera phones have morphed into something more. With new advances in technology, the cameras on phones often have the same crisp clarity as larger, more expensive cameras. And these options have only improved with time. However, DLSR’s were still preferred when it came to truly capturing moments, even though the only real things separating them from phone camera quality were the lens options they had.

While DSLR’s may have had the monopoly on lenses a few years ago, the introduction of the ProShot HDX Camera Lens Kit has completely changed how people take pictures. This kit offers three different lenses that were expertly crafted to be specifically used with phone cameras. With these lenses, anyone with a phone will be able to get professional looking pictures that will wow everyone.

What Is the ProShot HDX?

ProShot HDX is a kit made up of three lenses that were crafted to fit the cameras of any mobile device that is 13mm or less in diameter. Not only do these lenses harness the power of the quality cameras that are now available on phones, but they make them better, allowing users to take pictures that are comparable to DSLR pictures in quality. For those who want to take the best pictures possible, but without dragging around a huge, expensive camera, the ProShot HDX is the perfect alternative.


While the quality of the ProShot HDX lenses are amazing on their own, it’s the convenience of these products that have made them so popular. While trading out lenses for larger cameras involves a whole process, with the ProShot HDX all it requires is clipping the lens to the device. It’s as simple as that, just clip and take pictures.

In addition to being so easy to use, the ProShot HDX doesn’t just work on phone cameras. Almost every electronic device sold these days comes with some form of camera and users never know when a picture perfect moment will occur. Because of this, ProShot HDX fits on almost any device, from phones and laptops to tablets. Now, users can capture moments clearly and crisply from their own electronic devices.

Finally, the ProShot HDX comes with three separate lenses. Just like DSLR cameras, these lenses offer different benefits and can be used in different situations. Because of the versatility of the options offered by the kit, users will also have the perfect lens for the moment. In one kit, they’ll be able to find everything they need for their photography, no matter what device they’re using.

Benefits Of The ProShot HDX

Just like DSLR photographers do painstaking research to discover all the benefits of the lenses they’re considering, there is also a list of benefits that cellphone photographers need to consider, too. Thankfully, the ProShot HDX offers a long list of benefits that prove over and over again that these lenses are the best options on the market today.

The biggest benefit of the ProShot HDX kit is that each lens was expertly crafted using the highest quality materials. Every lens was made using machined aerospace polymer for its internal constructions. Not only does this material make the lenses very light, it also makes them extremely strong. In fact, the lenses are water resistant and completely scratch-resistant.

The second benefit of the ProShot HDX is that it comes with three different lens options that can be used on almost any electronic device. The ProShot HDX kit comes with a macro lens, wide-angle lens, and a fisheye lens, giving users multiple options when it comes to capturing the moments around them. And because the ProShot HDX works on any device that is 13mm or less in diameter, no matter what device users clip their lenses to, they’ll be able to get the highest quality pictures.

Finally, the ProShot HDX has an auto-compatibility function as well as an auto-focus mode that makes capturing images and videos even easier, no matter what phone or device is being used. In fact, the ProShot HDX is compatible with front and back cameras, so users have unlimited freedom when it comes to taking pictures or shooting videos.

Included With The ProShot HDX Camera Lens Kit

As mentioned briefly above, the ProShot HDX Camera Lens Kit comes with three different lenses, as well as a few accessories. What makes the ProShot HDX so amazing is the versatility these lenses give users, offering them multiple options for shooting pictures and videos. While each lens is high-quality and will give gorgeous pictures, the lenses were crafted for specific uses.

The first lens in the ProShot HDX kit is the fisheye lens. As the name suggests, this lens makes it look like users are looking through the eyes of the fish, with the corners of the pictures being slightly rounded. The fisheye lens is ideal for panorama shots, with its wide angle and crisp quality. The fisheye lens is also the perfect option for group shots, providing the detail and clarity that helps make these pictures so special.

The second lens in the ProShot HDX kit is the macro lens. Again, the name hints at what it is perfect for: Close up shots. Because of how the macro lens was crafted, it is able to bring out all the details in pictures, adding a sharpness the other lenses don’t have. For those who want to take detailed pictures up close, whether it’s of their foods, crafts, or other items, the macro lens is the perfect option.

Finally, the last lens included in the ProShot HDX kit is the wide angle lens. No lens pack would be complete without the perfect option for taking selfies. This lens was designed to offer the most flattering angles and colors for users, making it perfect for self-portraits. The wide angle lens supports very clean pictures, adding a crispness that the other lenses don’t have. This lens is also the best option for taking videos.

In addition to the lenses described above, the ProShot HDX kit also includes a few accessories that make caring for the lenses a little bit easier. The kit comes with a small carrying case, as well as a microfiber cleaning kit. And, of course, the lenses couldn’t be used without the fastening clips that make switching and attaching these lenses so easy.

Purchasing The ProShot HDX Camera Lens Kit

The ProShot HDX Camera Lens Kit is currently on sale at the moment. While the kit usually costs about $99.99, it is currently being offered on the Mobile Optiks website ( for only $39.99. Because this offer is for a limited time, those who are interested in taking advantage of the extreme drop in price should act now.


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