Pro Massager Review: Professional Hand-Massager Recovery Device?

The Pro Massager is a professional-style handheld device to work out the tightness in muscles as a recovery aid after a workout. It can help the user soothe nearly any muscle in their entire body, which reduces the risk of cramps.

What is the Pro Massager?

Gyms and fitness centers are starting to reopen across the country, which means that a lot of consumers are probably strapping on their good sneakers and packing their bags for access to the equipment they missed. For everyone that’s been holding on during their quarantines to their free weights, resistance bands, and other at-home equipment, this transition may put a lot of stress on their muscles. After all, go big or go home, right?

No one wants to head back to the gym only to put themselves into spasms and wave after wave of cramps, which is why taking the time to recover is necessary. To ensure that a 24-hour muscle break doesn’t become longer due to pain, the Pro Massager has been created to help with the recovery of muscles.

Only requiring about 15 minutes of the user’s time, the Pro Massager works into muscles to help soothe them after any intense workout. Massage has been used as a helpful method of recovery by pro athletes after competition or games, but not everyone has access to their own personal masseuse. With the handheld device, users can change out the four different heads, customizing their entire massage session to their needs. Plus, everything can be stored in the included carrying case.

Buying the Pro Massager

To make sure that the Pro Massager is affordable for more people, the official Pro Massager Shop is offering a 50% discount on their packages for a limited time. There is no code to enter or special way to order for the discount, because it is already programmed into the checkout page.

Choose from:

  • One Pro Massager for $129.95
  • Two Pro Massagers for $239.95 ($119.98 each)
  • Three Pro Massagers for $329.95 ($109.98 each)

At checkout, customers will also have five colors to choose from for their device (red, black, white, silver, and yellow), as well as two warranties to opt-in to (one year for $5.95 or two years for $9.95).

Even with all of these options, the creators state that the massager can be returned by sending an email to: [email protected].

Pro Massager Summary

Anyone that works out regularly needs to have a method of recovery, and the Pro Massager offers an approach that other classic massagers don’t. The different massager heads makes it easy to work with the strain in each muscle, and it can be used for general cramps and stiffness outside of the gym as well. The device is easy to use, comes in multiple colors, and can be kept with the rest of the user’s gym bag in its own case.


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