RoboTwist Review – Device To Easily Open Hard Lids?

RoboTwist Review

Do you have trouble opening cans in your kitchen? RoboTwist is a machine that twists to open any can for you. Here’s our RoboTwist review.


What Is RoboTwist?

RoboTwist is a “robot” that latches onto the top of any can and twists to open the lid. The device is marketed towards anyone who struggles to open cans in their kitchen – like arthritis sufferers, seniors, or kids.

All you do to use the device is place it on the food item, push the button at the top, then wait for it to squeeze and twist the lid. The device folds up to a compact form for easy storage. It promises to pull off even the toughest lids from your food items.

How Does The RoboTwist Work?

The RoboTwist works using a unique design. You place the RoboTwist on the lid of your food item, then press the button at the top and watch it kick into action.

The vice grips on either side of the RoboTwist will squeeze the top of the lid until they can’t squeeze any further. Then, two prongs will brace the device against the sides of the canned item and then twist to unscrew the lid.

Using this simple method, RoboTwist promises to unscrew even the toughest items – like sticky jam lids or air-sealed food items.

Other features of the RoboTwist include:

-Works on jars of any size

-Easy to use push button design

-Compact for easy storage

-Ideal for seniors or kids

-Perfect for arthritis sufferers

RoboTwist Pricing

Like many As Seen On TV-style products, RoboTwist is not available in stores. You can order it online through, where it’s priced at $19.99 + $6.95 shipping and handling. You can also pay an additional $10 to get an additional “Robo Can Opener”, which works in a similar way to the RoboTwist but can open cans.

You don’t need to pay an extra shipping fee for the Robo Can Opener. Here’s how pricing breaks down overall:

-RoboTwist Plus Robo Can Opener: $36.94

-RoboTwist (No Robo Can Opener): $26.94 ($19.99 + $6.95 Shipping)

The front page of the official RoboTwist website features the ordering form, including the place where you enter your credit card data. There’s no confirmation page after you click the “Process Order” button. Once you’ve clicked that button, your payment method will be processed and your RoboTwist will be on its way to your house.

You can pay using any major credit card.

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee (you don’t get a refund on shipping). To request a refund, call 1-866-741-2091.

Who Makes RoboTwist?

The official RoboTwist website gives us virtually no information about the company behind RoboTwist. However, a quick Google search for the return address gives us plenty of information about the makers of this product.

RoboTwist is made by the same company that has made TorchLite, Micro Touch One, Copper Fit, Micro Touch Max, and other As Seen On TV products. That company is known as Idea Village, although they go by a few different names online.

In any case, they’re a legitimate As Seen On TV company that is known for making low-quality products with poor-to-average reviews online. Customers typically complain about product quality, long shipping times, and poor refund policies (you’ll almost never get a refund on your shipping costs, for example).

Should You Use RoboTwist to Open Canned Goods?

RoboTwist appears to be an effective way to open canned foods and other canned items in your home. If you frequently struggle to open stuck cans and other food items, then RoboTwist can be a lifesaver. However, don’t expect to get a rock-solid product that will last for life: the company is known for making average-quality products that break down or fail to work as advertised 100% of the time.

Besides, are you really going to bother taking RoboTwist out of your kitchen drawer, latching it onto a can, and pushing the button to open it just because you wanted to open a jar of olives? Or are you just going to ask someone else in your house to do it for you?


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