Moov Now Review – Intelligent Multi Sport Wearable Tracker?

Moov Now Review

The Moov Now is an innovative and intelligent wearable fitness tracker that offers some uncommon and creative interactive features not seen before in the fitness wearables market. Moov claims to do what Apple watch & Fitbit can not- the Moov Now operates as a dedicated personal sports coach, designed for activity tracking and personalised fitness feedback for all kinds of sports activities such as swimming, cycling, running and even boxing.moovnow-reviewWe’ll take an in depth look at the Moov Now from the ground up to see if Moov can keep up with the competition.

What Is The Moov Now?

The Moov Now is Moov’s second foray into the fitness wearables market, a refinement of the 2015 orginal Moov wearable. The Moov Now is a lightweight, comfortable, easy to use fitness tracker wearable that’s excellent for both fitness beginners who need assistance starting out, and seasoned professionals looking for an edge on refining their fitness game.

The Moov Now is worn as a bracelet wearable, and connects to either an android device or an iPhone, with an associated app that can be downloaded on either the Google Play Store or App Store. The Moov Now bracelet integrates with the app to monitor and record activity data to provide customised workout programs, real time audio feedback to workout sessions, even sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring.

How Does The Moov Now Work?

The Moov Now is constructed from two components- a small plastic disc containing all of the necessary tracking and measurement technology such as accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and bluetooth components, and a high-tech looking rugged black silicon arm band. The arm band is comfortable and light- although those with trypophobia (a fear of tightly clustered groups of holes) may want to stay away, as the arm band has been perforated with a mesh-like hole pattern, presumably to reduce weight and increase skin breathability.

The Moov Now ships with two different size bands- large and small- which is convenient when switching the Moov Now from wrist to ankle, depending on the type of activity you’d like to track. One interesting point of difference between the Moov Now and other fitness tracking wearable devices is the battery life. The Moov Now eschews the standard rechargeable lithium ion battery found in most devices for a watch battery- the small disc kind. This has the advantage of lowering the weight of the device and offering a massive six months battery life- but you’ll need to purchase new batteries every time you run out of charge.

Once worn on the wrist, the Moov Now will connect to your mobile iPhone or Android device via bluetooth, at which point you’ll need to enter various measurements such as weight, height, age, etc in order to provide more accurate training suggestions. The Moov Now will sync the data it gathers to your device intermittently throughout the day, but manual syncing can be performed by pressing on the surface of the device itself.

The tech Moov has incorporated into the Moov Now is astounding. Labelled as the Moov ‘9-axis Omni Motion’ sensor, user actions are tracked and mapped in real time to build a complete image of your motion in 3D. Moov touts the tech as the same used in the navigation systems of strategic missiles, which is awesome. The sensor is able to count swimming strokes, measure your running stride, your cycling cadence- even measure the power of the punches you throw during boxing training.

Key Features

Moov offers all of the standard fitness wearable features- when wearing the Moov Now the device will track your active minutes during the day and your sleep cycles at night. Statistics and feedback on your tracked active time are easily available via the Moov app, with the default suggested activity time for each day starting at thirty minutes.

Where Moov really excels, however, is the built in fitness coach function. The Moov Now offers a wide range of workouts, sports activities and fitness goals to pursue via easy to manage programs on the Moov app. The programs range from introductory workout plans such as ‘get toned in under ten minutes’ to ‘help me run farther and easier’, and ‘improve my pace and distance' to ‘push me to the limit’. Mostly in-depth running or cycling routines, the workouts are composed of seven minute intervals that get harder as you train, with one hundred levels of intensity for each exercise. All of the workout plans are great fun and are presented in a way that won’t scare off newer fitness enthusiasts, while keeping more hardcore users engaged and training for a long time.

When you slap the Moov Now on your wrist and head off to do your morning run or physical exercise routine of choice, the Moov Now will provide an brief voice introduction via your smartphone and headphones, then keep track of the metrics it gathers to provide you with live, fully voiced feedback on your performance. The best part of this feedback is the quick tips it offers when the device senses a way in which you can improve- such as “swing arms faster” or “take shorter strides” for running exercises, or “change gear for an optimum cadence” for cycling exercises.

The Moov Now will pull GPS information from your phone, data on the range of motion of your arms and legs, the cadence of your running and the g-force of your feet striking the ground, chew it up and spit it out for you in the form of the most comprehensive workout coaching you can get outside of a dedicated 24/7 personal trainer.

The Moov now Overall

The fitness coach function is the key point of difference that really pushes the Moov Now ahead of the competition- and it really works. The progression through fitness levels presents an addictive element of gamification to your workout sessions, and being able to correct your form, method and progression via the app provides a tangible sense of achievement that will keep fitness newbies and professional athletes alike coming back for more.


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