Checkout 51 Review – Earn Cash Back & Save On Brands?

Checkout 51 Review

Checkout 51 is one of the most popular new rebate apps available. Checkout 51 offers a streamlined cash incentive process- pick an offer, upload your receipt and receive a check in the mail! Here’s our Checkout 51 breakdown.


What Is Checkout 51?

checkout51-reviewCheckout 51 is a surprisingly easy to use cash rebate app for your smartphone or tablet- available on both the App Store and Google Play.

If you don’t have a smartphone, no worries- Checkout 51 has also made their app available to PC users, so you won’t miss out on your rebates!

The premise is simple- Checkout 51 will pay you cash for taking advantage of their weekly offers at any location that sells the offered product.

Checkout 51 is different from other rebate programs in which you earn points or specific rewards- the rebate that you receive from checkout 51 is in the form of a cheque, and completely separate from any other discounts, coupons or sales you can apply- multiplying your saving power!

You don’t have to worry about participating stores with Checkout 51- pick an offer and you can take advantage of it absolutely anywhere the product is sold, even online retailers are okay. The only limit is geographic- the products you purchase have to be in the same country as your registration with Checkout 51.

So how does Checkout 51 actually work? Let’s break it down and take a look at the finer details.

How Does Checkout 51 work?

Checkout 51 is free to use and very easy to sign up for. Checkout 51 teams up with popular brands to bring its members great cash back incentives.

Essentially, a brand will partner with Checkout 51 and give them an offer to pass on to its members- us! Checkout 51 receives a fee from the brand for every offer that is redeemed. Checkout 51 then passes that fee through to us in the form of a rebate payment cheque.

It’s a win-win situation for everybody- the brand gets great exposure from new people buying and trying their products, Checkout 51 makes their money by functioning as the advertising party, and we the consumer get cash straight back into our pockets for absolutely nothing- apart from actively saving money!

One of the best aspects of Checkout 51 is that it’s completely independent of any other discounts, sales or offers you can apply to the product you’re receiving the rebate for. Seen a sale on L'Oréal Hair Expertise shampoo at your local drugstore? Great! Save another dollar by taking advantage of the Checkout 51 offer.

What’s really amazing is that you can even use Checkout 51 in combination with any other rebate or cash back offer out there, such as Ibotta or Shopmium- throw in a coupon deal on the side and you’ll come close to getting that shampoo absolutely free of charge- or they may just end up paying you to take it!

How Do I Use Checkout 51?

Getting started with Checkout 51 is super easy and doesn’t cost you anything apart from a few minutes out of your day. Navigate to the Checkout 51 website and get on board by registering with your name, email, gender (so Checkout 51 can tailor their offers to you) and select a password. It’s even easier if you use Facebook- just hit the blue “login with Facebook” button and get started! If you have a smartphone or tablet you’ll also want to download the app as it streamlines the receipt submitting process, but it’s not absolutely necessary- you can do everything from your laptop or home computer.

Once you’ve signed up, use either your PC, phone or tablet to navigate to the offers section of Checkout 51. The offers update every week on Thursday morning, so you’ve got as much time as you need to browse through the list and pick out your favorites. From here, it’s easy- just purchase the product you want from anywhere you can find it, at the lowest price you can!

Once you’ve made your purchase, all you need to do is upload a picture of your receipt to Checkout 51. The Checkout 51 app makes this crazy easy- it comes with a built-in camera function that helps you line up the receipt for a clear image from top to bottom. Just be sure the receipt clearly states that you’ve purchased the product in the offer.

Once you’ve taken a picture of your receipt and uploaded it, either with the app or online with your PC, Checkout 51 will process it and confirm your purchase. This happens within 48 hours but usually much quicker than that. Once the receipt is confirmed Checkout 51 will credit your account with the amount of the offer.

Checkout 51 makes it incredibly easy to check the balance of your account. The “Your Account” page in the app and online provides a full breakdown of exactly how much you’ve saved overall, your current account balance, and how many receipts you have pending approval.

Cashing out your account balance with Checkout 51 is easy- the cash out minimum is $20, but you can accumulate as much as you like above this until you’re ready. Once you’d like to see the fruits of your “labour” all you need to do is hit the big blue “Cashout” button on the account page, and Checkout 51 will mail you a cheque!

 Checkout 51 Key Guidelines

There are a few things to keep in mind when using Checkout 51. Firstly, you must submit the receipts for the offers you’ve selected while they’re live- so don’t be tardy with your receipt-snapping or you’ll miss out!

Secondly, Checkout 51 currently only operates in the US and Canada, and all receipts must be printed clearly and in English. Each receipt can be used only once, and just one of each offers is available to each member.

Lastly, offers are available in limited quantities- so be sure to check that the sweet deal you spied on the offer list earlier in the week is still available when you go shopping!


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