LithiumCard Pro Reviews – Fastest Phone Charger In The World?

LithiumCard Pro Review

LithiumCard Pro promises to be “the world’s fastest charger for every device.” You can charge two devices simultaneously and charge your iPhone 3 times faster than a conventional charger. Does it actually work? Here’s our review.


What Is The LithiumCard Pro?

The LithiumCard Pro is a mobile device charger capable of charging all your different consumer electronics. It can charge up to two devices at once and it claims to charge “300% faster than the Apple iPhone charger.” All non-iPhone devices are also charged more quickly.

Based on this information, the LithiumCard Pro claims to be “the world’s fastest charger for every device.”

Oh, and did I mention that it comes with its own cables? You don’t need to bring any cables with you. The cables lie hidden within the charger when not in use, so the entire package folds up neatly.

Each charger is priced at around $60, although you can save quite a bit of money by buying in bulk (reduces the price down to $40 each when buying three, for example).


How Does The LithiumCard Pro Work?

The LithiumCard Pro works with all major consumer electronics. It has an Apple Lightning connector that works with the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, and 6S Plus.

There’s also a micro USB connector that will work with virtually any non-Apple device, including most Android phones and tablets as well as other electronics like Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

The LithiumCard Pro, like all good chargers, lets you charge the charger while also charging your phone at the same time. That may sound like a basic idea, but it’s something cheap chargers will lack.

You use the connected cords to charge your device – whatever that device may be. As your device charges using the LithiumCard Pro, the power on the charger will drain. You can check how much power is remaining in your charger at any time simply by pressing the indicator button, which will reveal different colors:

  • -Blue: Over 10% charged
  • -White: Over 90% charged
  • -Red: Less than 10% charged

The LithiumCard Pro comes with a proprietary technology called a HyperPort, also known as the HyperCharging Hub. That HyperPort lets you share your charger with your friends. You’ll need to pay extra for the HyperPort (it’s an extra accessory), which basically just lets you charge more than two devices at the same time. You can also use the HyperPort to connect your own charging cable.

Your purchase also comes with a nanostick pad. That pad lets you press the battery charger against your phone so you can charge your phone at any time.

One big “catch” with the LithiumCard Pro is that it won’t actually fully charge your modern smartphone. It claims that its battery will fully charge an iPhone 5, 5S, 6, and 6S. However, an iPhone 6 Plus and a 6S Plus will only be charged to about 75% to 85% full.

The makers of LithiumCard Pro don’t mention whether or not all Android devices will be charged to 100%. But based on the iPhone information, it’s unlikely that modern Androids with larger screens and larger batteries will be fully charged to 100% with LithiumCard Pro.

Like all lithium batteries, the charging capability of the LithiumCard Pro will decay over time. The makers of the charger claim that it can operate at peak efficiency for over 1000 cycles. Each cycle is one complete charge and discharge. After 1000 cycles, it will still be able to charge your phone, but it will do so at about 10 to 15% of its usual capacity.

Does It Actually Charge Devices More Quickly?

The LithiumCard Pro claims to be the world’s fastest charger. The secret power behind this technology is the “HyperCharging” platform, which was “developed exclusively by the LinearFlux engineers” according to the official website.

That platform is smarter than most chargers. It will actually monitor and communicate with your device “so that the most optimal charging curve is achieved.”

Ultimately, this technology means that the LithiumCard Pro can give you three times faster charging on a conventional iPhone. So you won’t charge a modern smartphone completely full but you will charge it

The manufacturer of LithiumCard Pro doesn’t state whether or not their charger is faster than Android’s QuickCharge 2.0 technology, which fully charges a smartphone from 0 to 100 in about an hour.

LithiumCard Pro Pricing

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for the LithiumCard Pro. You can currently only purchase it from the official website at Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • -1 Charger: $59.99 + Free Shipping
  • -2 Chargers: $89.99 + Free Shipping
  • -3 Chargers: $120 + Free Shipping

The LithiumCard Pro is available to ship to the United States and Canada. Shipping is free to both countries.

With each charger, you can choose the two types of cards you would like to receive, including Apple + Apple, Apple + Android, or Android + Android (Android cables are micro-USB cables compatible with many other electronic devices).

All chargers also come with nanostick pads that let you stick the charger to a device. You get one nanostick pad per charger. So when you buy the three pack, you’ll get three nanostick pads.

The official website accepts all major credit cards.

You can also purchase another LinearFlux charging device from Amazon for $27.99. That’s not the same as the LithiumCard Pro (it only has one charging cable), but it promises the same faster charging technology.

Who Makes LithiumCard Pro?

LithiumCard Pro is made by a company named LinearFlux. That company is based in San Jose, California. It originally launched on IndieGoGo in early 2015, where it reached 484% of its funding target.

LinearFlux’s About page describes how the company has over 30 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry and is “focused in pioneering products that incorporate the needs of today’s lifestyle.”

You can contact the company using the email contact form found here.


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