Lit Solar Wireless PowerBank Review: Powerful Fast-Charging Portable Battery?

The Wireless Lit Solar PowerBank is a charger that keeps the battery of a smartphone powered without the need to connect to an electrical outlet. The slim design makes the charging bank ideal for travel or for a busy day when plugging in isn’t exactly convenient.

What is Lit Solar Wireless PowerBank?

Life is busy, and there are many commitments that most schedules have in a single day. Whether an individual has a business trip, groceries to pick up, or a fun outing with friends and family planned, a fully charged phone is necessary. Even the best phones only have so much time before their battery runs out, and no one wants to be caught in the middle of an emergency without power (even if the emergency is a spur of the moment selfie).

While there are many portable charging products available, the Wireless Lit Solar PowerBank provides a massive source of power to charge up while out and about. With the silicone protective cover, this charger offers both a waterproof and shockproof design to protect any phone while it is powering up. Plus, the powerful LED lamp gives a clearer few when plugging in a phone. Though the design is fairly simple and straightforward, the biggest highlight of this product is the power it provides.

Lit Solar, the creator of this device, is based in Indiana, and it has expanded substantially through the last year to bring its products to customers across the globe. They are also responsible for developing a Solar Backpack, which is makes it possible to charge an iPhone to 100% battery in just three hours without any other source of power.

How to Buy Lit Solar Wireless PowerBank

On the Lit Solar website, consumers can purchase the Wireless Lit Solar PowerBank for $99.95. However, there are two other packages that consumers can choose, giving them 50% off on additional devices. The options include:

  • Two Wireless Lit Solar PowerBanks for $149.92 (plus $6.99 shipping)
  • Three Wireless Lit Solar PowerBanks for $199.99 (plus $9.99 shipping)

The shipping for a single package is free, and consumers are covered by a 30-day free return policy.

FAQ: Know More About the Wireless Lit Solar PowerBank

Let’s discuss some of the details that consumers may want to learn more about before they buy the Wireless Lit Solar PowerBank.

Q: What battery does the Wireless Lit Solar PowerBank use?

A: The Wireless Lit Solar PowerBank contains a 20,000 mAh lithium-ion battery, though it stays charged with solar energy. It offers enough energy in one full battery to charge an iPhone up to four times.

Q: What phones are compatible with the Wireless Lit Solar PowerBank?

A: The Wireless Lit Solar PowerBank can be used with iPhone, Android, Mac, or PC devices, as long as they plug in to one of the ports.

Q: How many phones can the Wireless Lit Solar PowerBank charge simultaneously?

A: This Solar PowerBank has three USB Cable Outputs, allowing up to three phones to be charged at the same time.

Q: What will users receive with their purchase?

A: In the box, consumers will receive the Solar PowerBank, a micro-USB cord, and a manual with instructions.

Q: Where can customers turn to for more information?

A: The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to: [email protected] or by filling out the online form at:

Lit Solar Wireless PowerBank Summary

The Wireless Lit Solar PowerBank can be used with almost any device, and it stores enough of its own power to offer multiple charges back-to-back. It is easy to use, including a full manual to make sure that consumers know exactly what to do to reap the benefits. The website itself is a little light on information about this portable battery pack, but the customer service team is easy to reach to find out other details.


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