Luminess Air Review – New Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup System Worth It?

Luminess Air Review

These days, applying makeup does not need to be boring, painful, or difficult. The makeup and beauty industry is changing, and for the better. Now, you can apply your makeup in a totally revolutionary manner and attain that flawless, uniform, and professional appearance that you are always striving for.


The brand that is revolutionizing the beauty industry is called Luminess Air and it is known for its line of airbrush cosmetics. If you have never heard of airbrush cosmetics, but are intrigued about this new and interesting way to apply makeup, then you’re in the right place. This review is going to cover everything you need to know about Luminess Air and its line of airbrush cosmetics.

About Luminess Air

Luminess Air is an airbrush cosmetics brand. Airbrush cosmetics is a simple concept. Instead of applying your makeup using a traditional makeup brush that contains numerous germs, caked up makeup, and contamination, you apply it using an airbrush. The airbrush is similar in shape to a hthink pen and it releases a gentle and smooth stream of the product onto your face.

Airbrush cosmetics come in many different forms. With a Luminess Air airbrush, you can apply the brand’s moisturizer, toner, eye shadow, blush, and the like to your face. When you apply the airbrush makeup correctly, you’ll be able to achieve optimal blending, highlighting, and professional and micro-fine results.

Easy Color Matching

Luminess Air wants you to be fully pleased with your Luminess Air product. When you order Luminess Air, you receive a color foundation kit. The color foundation kit is customized just for your specific skin tone so that you can achieve even, uniform, and flawless results when you apply the product using the applicator.

Before you order your first Luminess Air airbrush makeup kit, you can go through the color matching system offered on the brand’s website. Once you reach the webpage, you’ll be directed to three different tests. The three tests are:

  • Luminess Foundation Color
  • Report Your Current Foundation
  • Find the Perfect Product for You

Each test provides you with different information, but if you are simply looking to start with the foundation, you should do the foundation color test. With the test, you can find the perfect foundation for your skin so that when you apply using the Luminess Air, you’ll achieve flawless and perfect results.


The Airbrush Makeup Kit

If you are interested in Luminess Air, it is recommended that you start out with the Airbrush Makeup Kit. This kit is for starters and it includes everything that you need to achieve that flawless look right from the comfort of your own home.

Here are the components of the kit so that you know exactly what you are getting when you first purchase the product:

The Applicator

The most important piece to your kit is the applicator. The application is essentially an air pump that releases air so that the makeup can smoothly and gently airbrush onto your face. To ensure optimal satisfaction, the brand recently revamped its applicator tip. Therefore, when you order the kit, you’ll received the new and improved no mess tip so that when you apply, you’re doing so without any hassle or mess.

At first glance, the applicator can seem a bit puzzling and using it can take some time to learn. Fortunately, to make things easy for you, the brand offers numerous “how-to” videos on using the applicator. Keep in mind that to achieve the best results, you should pull back the application button ever so gently. Otherwise, you risk spraying on too much product. While it may seem a bit daunting or challenging now, it is simply because you don’t have the product. Once you start actually using it, you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

$80 Value of Bonus Gifts

The product also comes with a number of free bonus gifts that you can use once you set up your applicator. The free bonus gifts include foundation, moisturizer, blush, and a primer.  It is important to do the color match test to ensure that you receive the right shake for your kit. The kit comes in a number of shades, one of which is ideal for your skin tone.

Activate Your Warranty

After you order your first kit, you should take the time to register your product on the brand’s website. In doing so, you set up the warranty system. The warranty system ensures that your product is fully protected by the industry-leading warranty. The warranty provides you with quality care and service, so long as you have the product.

Registration takes a matter of minutes and the page is on the brand’s website.

Refer a Friend

Luminess Air likes to reward its customers for referring a friend. When you refer a friend, they receive 25% off all products on the brand’s website. If your friend purchases more than $50 worth of products, then you receive a $50 credit to your account. This enables you to shop Luminess Products and to fully enjoy from all of the product offerings.

Free Shipping

The savings and deals just get better with Luminess. If your order totals more than $50, then you receive free shipping.  Also, once you order, your product is shipped out by the next day so that you can enjoy from your new Luminess products as soon as possible.

Tutorial Videos

If you are just starting out with Luminess or if you are looking to develop advanced techniques to using the airbrush, then the brand has you covered. There are dozens of videos that you can browse through that provide you with direction on how to achieve the results that you are looking for. With the directional videos, you can make the most out of your airbrush experience.


Overall, Luminess Air is a premier airbrush brand. The products are made with high quality ingredients, you’ll love the array of options, and the airbrush is a significant and welcome departure from standard skincare and beauty products. With Luminess Air, you no longer have to fiddle with your applicators and put terrible germs and build up on your skin. Now, you can achieve clean and flawless results with Luminess Air.


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