TapNCharge Review: At-Home Wireless Charging Power Pad for Phones?

TapNCharge is a wireless phone charging pad that consumers can easily lay their smartphone on to instantly power up their phones battery. With several states banning the use of a cell phone while driving, the TapNCharge has multiple uses besides an instant charger for a cell phone.

The charger can also be used in your vehicle for effortless charging and hands-free talking too, GPS voice activated for easier directions is another great feature, all this with no worry about your smartphone battery dying! The only plug that needs to be connected is from the charging pad to a USB port, and the website is currently offering a 55% off special.

Click Here to See the TapNCharge in Action

What is TapNCharge?

As technology has evolved, the average smartphone has a much larger demand on its operating system. Within about five or six hours of use, most smartphone batteries are ready to be recharged, and plugging the charger in multiple times a day and can overtime wreak havoc on the phones charging port.

Once the charging port on a phone is ruined, the only way for consumers to adequately charge their device is to fully replace it. Considering that most of these phone cost upwards of $300 (when not covered by an insurance plan), most consumers would rather not replace their phones. To protect the charging port and save some money too, consumers may be interested in what TapNCharge offers.

TapNCharge can charge almost any smartphone without any plug-in or docking station. Instead, as simple as it may sound, the user just has to place their phone on the pad, whether they have Samsung or Apple phones that are currently being sold. At just 100mm x 7mm, the pad is small enough to go on any desk, countertop, end table, or wherever the user wants to charge their phone, and it works fast.

How to Buy TapNCharge

Though there may be some imitation charging pads on the market today, the only way to be sure that the user is getting the authentic TapNCharge is by visiting the official website tapncharge.com/. Available only in black, choose from:

  • One wireless charger for $49.99
  • Two wireless chargers for $92.99
  • Three wireless chargers for $115.99
  • Four wireless chargers for $147.99
  • Five wireless chargers for $173.99

The only other decision that consumers have to make at checkout is the type of cord they are currently using – iOS Apple Lightning, USB C, or mini USB. With this information, the company will send the charging pad that is compatible with that user’s phone, along with an adapter for each cord they’ve chosen. TapNCharge also includes a manual to the charger for viewing.

Customers can also opt-in to lifetime protection with a replacement warranty for $11.60.

For any other questions you may have you can contact the company by phone or email at,

  • US: 855 265 4475 (toll-free)
  • Canada: 844 846 3268 (toll-free)
  • AU/NZ: (02) 6145 0887
  • UK/Ireland: 03308 089391
  • Email at [email protected]

The companies address is, Think Tech Sales Limited
Rm 709B, 7/F, Opulent Building, 402-406 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

TapNCharge Summary

TapNCharge offers an instant charge to 100% without any complicated setup. There’s no Bluetooth connection process or waiting for the phone to sync with the pad, making it easy for anyone to use. The days of waiting for hours to have enough battery power to leave home are gone. Users can place the phone on the pad, use it for hands free speaking and easy voice activated GPS just grab your keys and wallet, and be ready with a 100% charge fast, making this device perfect for procrastinators everywhere.

Click Here to See the TapNCharge in Action


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