Charger Boost Pro Review: Fast Wireless Charging for Mobile Devices?

Are you constantly on the go? Looking for a way to charge your phone regardless of where you are? In a world of constant evolution, whether it be in technology, set goals, or purpose, a feature that consumers are always attracted to is that of convenience. Oftentimes, this is followed by communication, which is rarely done in person nowadays.

With such importance placed on mobile devices, ensuring that a convenient and efficient way of charging them is in place makes a significant difference in one’s daily activities. This is where it is most fit to introduce the Charger Boost Pro.

What is the Charger Boost Pro?

The Charger Boost Pro is a wireless charger in a pad-style that charges mobile devices regardless of one’s location.

How does the Charger Boost Pro work?

One feature that allows the Charger Boost Pro to outperform its competition is the presence of coils, which permits energy to travel through magnetic fields rather than cables. In most wireless technologies copper coils are embedded, as they suppress the distance between the charger and the device.

Additionally, they allow current to form in one or more of its receivers. In such pad-style charging devices, a capacitance of some sort must be added, as its role is to store energy, so current is expected to increase [1].

As per the claims made by the creators of the Charger Boost Pro, wider coils were incorporated in their chargers. This is preferred because, the wider or bigger they are, the greater the distance traveled by charges; transferring as much energy as possible.

How much does the Charger Boost Pro cost?

Consumers have three options to choose from. In particular, they can purchase one, two or three Charger Boost Pros for the price of $75, $135, and $179 respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the features of the Charger Boost Pro?

The obvious feature that needs highlighting here is its use of wireless technology, which makes it far more convenient, requiring neither wires nor constant battery changes. Also, it can charge one’s phone faster because of the wider coils; something that is not witnessed in standard chargers. Based on the claims made, they are made to be compatible with all phone types and are offered in either black, silver or gold. Finally, it has been designed in a compact and pocket-fitting size.

How to use the Charger Boost Pro?

First, consumers are advised to remove any objects that may be placed on the Charger Boost Pro. Second, the mobile needs to be placed facing up. Then, consumers need to move their phone on the surface of the Charger Boost Pro until they are certain that their device is being charged (i.e. blinking of charging icon). Should the icon not appear, it is best to remove the device from the pad and allow a couple of seconds to pass before reattempting.

How long do I have to wait for my Charger Boost Pro after ordering it?

On average, consumers are recommended to allow at least 21 days to pass, as it depends on where the product is being shipped. For instance, if consumers order from the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan or China regions, then it could take anywhere between 10 and 15 days. Others including Portugal, Latin America, Africa, and Asia will require at most 15 to 30 days.

Am I provided with a tracking number upon ordering?

Once the order for the Charger Boost Pro has been placed, consumers can anticipate an e-mail confirming the order, and their respective information within 48 to 72 hours. Once the order has been processed, a tracking number will be sent to the email.

Does the Charging Boost Pro have a return policy?

Should one not be satisfied with their product, they are given 14 days from the day the Charger Boost Pro was delivered to return it. Once the deadline has passed, the product will not be accepted. That said, one should bear in mind that this is not 14 business days, but actually 14 calendar days!

As for cancellations, consumers have 12 hours from the moment the order was placed to decide whether they still want it or not. The timeframe is not negotiable because once the 12 hours are up, the order would have been processed.

Final Thoughts

A pad-style charger like that of the Charger Boost Pro is anticipated to work more efficiently than wall-socket chargers simply because of the materials found within (i.e. coil versus cable) and the increased surface area of the pad.

On average, the Charger Boost Pro works 54 minutes faster than an average charger, which is far more convenient for someone who is always on the go, requires efficient communication methods and prefers a safer way to transfer power to one’s device, as it does not require direct connection to the device’s charging port.

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