Life Clips Review – Creative SoloVu Camera Accessory Enhancements?

Life Clips Review

Life Clips is a lineup of cameras that help you capture moments of your life that conventional cameras cannot. Life Clips cameras work similar to GoPros, attaching to your helmet or your vehicle for active situations. Here’s our review.

What is Life Clips?

Life Clips are a series of cameras that work similar to GoPros: they come with accessories, clips, and stands that let you attach them to bike helmets, vehicles, handlebars, and more.


The main difference between Life Clips and a GoPro camera is that Life Clips cameras come with built-in live streaming technology. So you’ll be able to share live video feeds with fans, friends, family, etc.

One of the biggest selling points of the Life Clips cameras is that they film in 4K (3840×2160 resolution), although 1080p and 720p options are also available. The cameras have 16MP sensors and are waterproof up to 30 meters underwater.

You can also download the Life Clips app for Android or iOS that lets you control the camera from your phone – so you can change settings like burst mode, time lapse, looping, and more.

Together, these features promise to help you “share life as it happens”.

Life Clips is not to be confused with the “other” Life Clips, which is a set of handlebars that help you carry groceries more easily.

Life Clips Features

The core Life Clips camera is called the Solo. Here are some of the core features on that camera:

-4K video at 24fps (1080p and 720p shooting modes also available)

-16MP sensor

-Wi-Fi connectivity

-Waterproof up to 30 meters underwater

-Available accessories like bike mounts, sticky mounts, and waterproof cases

-Mobile app that lets you control the camera entirely from your mobile device, letting you adjust lens view, capture images, change settings, or active burst mode, time lapse, looping, and more

Aside from that, there’s very little information listed online about the Life Clips Solo camera.

Life Clips Pricing

The Life Clips Solo camera has not yet been released, and the company has not announced when we can expect to see the camera on the market. They were aiming for a first quarter 2016 release for all cameras, although that doesn’t appear to have been met.

In any case, pricing is estimated to range from $149 to $199 (when purchased individually) or bundled for $299 to $349. That pricing covers all three Life Clips camera models.

Life Clips Products

A recent Life Clips press release suggests the company is preparing to release three products, including:

-A standard body type lower-priced model

-A standard body type design that can record either horizontally or vertically and live stream

-A patent pending remote camera that will have a slim profile with an actuating lens for “those hard to reach shots”

About Life Clips

Life Clips, Inc. is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company became a publically-traded company in March 2016. According to a press release announcing the fact that Life Clips was going public, the company aims to capitalize on the action camera market – estimated to be worth $3.2 billion in 2014 (not including accessory sales).

With growth in this market rising around the world, Life Clips aims to introduce a lineup of innovative new camera models that will be the first to offer live streaming as part of their applications.

Users will be able to download the Life Clips App for viewing over any mobile device. Life Clips also plans to push videos and pictures to Facebook.

The company is led by CEO Robert Gruder. A press release a few weeks after the above press release announced that the company had hired William Singer as Senior Vice President of Sales.

You can contact the company by emailing [email protected]

Is Life Clips the Next GoPro?

Life Clips is a series of action cameras dedicated to capturing video from a first-person perspective. The company’s cameras have not yet hit the market. However, they’re planning to release cameras capable of filming 4K footage at 24 frames per second as well as cameras that can live stream to social media and the Life Clips App.

It’s an ambitious task. So far, there’s little information available about Life Clips or how they plan to accomplish this task. Stay tuned to see if they can turn their idea into the next GoPro.


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