ZeroHour XD Tactical Flashlight Review – USB Battery Powered LED?

ZeroHour Review

ZeroHour XD is a tactical flashlight manufacturer best-known for its crowdfunded projects that have appeared on Kickstarter – including the ZeroHour XD and ZeroHour Relic XR. Here’s our ZeroHour XD review.

What is ZeroHour?

ZeroHour is a flashlight maker based in the United States. The company sells a range of flashlights – including the popular ZeroHour XD and ZeroHour Relic XR.

The main difference between ZeroHour tactical flashlights and other flashlights is that they feature USB ports designed to charge your electronics. A fully charged ZeroHour flashlight can charge any USB device – like a smartphone, tablet, digital camera, MP3 player, etc.

So when the power goes out, or when you’re in a survival situation (or just camping), you’ll have your ZeroHour flashlight to keep you powered up and illuminated.

How Do ZeroHour Flashlights Work?

ZeroHour flashlights rely on multiple lithium ion batteries to power your electronics while simultaneously powering the light itself. The more expensive XD flashlight features three batteries, for example, while the XR flashlight features two.

Together, these batteries provide more power than the standard flashlight. Batteries are also removable, rechargeable, and replaceable. They’re not low-quality batteries, either: they’re brand-name cells manufactured by Panasonic.

Using the ZeroHour flashlight, you can charge modern iPhones and Galaxy smartphones five or six times over. Larger electronics, however, like the iPad Air will only be able to be charged once. Other devices you can charge with the ZeroHour flashlights include all USB-powered devices, including smartphones, MP3 players, digital cameras and camcorders, portable speakers, and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

ZeroHour Flashlights typically have multiple modes from which to choose, including strobe, beacon, and SOS modes. You can also adjust the brightness from 0 to 1000 according to your needs. You can double-click the flashlight at any time to activate the self-defense strobe, then double-click again to activate SOS mode.

ZeroHour Products

There are three core products in the ZeroHour lineup, including the X, XR, and XD. They all come with the same stainless steel bezel design, a USB power adapter and charging cable, an open end cap and a flat cap (note: the X is no longer available for purchase form the official ZeroHour website).

  • ZeroHour XR ($149.99): Uses 3 x 2600mAh batteries
  • ZeroHour XD ($224.99): Uses 3 x 3400 mAh batteries

On the XD, you get up to 10,000 mAh of power, which gives you enough power to recharge your devices several times over (most modern smartphones have a battery between 1500 and 3000 mAh in size).

The ZeroHour website also lets you buy replacement batteries or filter sets – so you can change your light to a different color, if you like.

Other accessories include wall adapters, car adapters, USB cables, battery holders, bezel sets, button switches, caps, filters, glass lenses, head bezels, heads, O-rings, reflectors, tubes, micro-USB cables, clips, holsters, tailcaps, and weapon mounts, all of which are available for purchase from the official ZeroHour website.

Free shipping is available on all orders to the United States (there is no minimum purchase amount).

About ZeroHour

ZeroHour launched its first project on Kickstarter in November 2013, when it debuted the ZeroHour XD. That project was successfully funded. Then, one year later, the company launched a successful crowdfunding campaign for their second project, the ZeroHour Relic XR, which was cheaper and lower-powered than the original ZeroHour flashlight.

The company describes itself as a team of “modern day adventurers” who “explore the world on our own terms.” ZeroHour was created by Amy Truong and Aaron Son. The two have been business partners for over six years, including in ventures like LED lighting products, apparel, and accessories.

If you’re looking for a flashlight that illuminates your life while also helping you charge your electronics multiple times over, then ZeroHour is one of the few flashlights that can do that.




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