EZ UP Seat Assist Review – Easy Self-Powered Chair Lift Technology?


As people age, it’s very common for ordinary, everyday tasks to become a challenge. From sleeping and walking long distances to hearing and moving around the house, there are several things that people take for granted that are often very difficult for those who are getting older. Thankfully, the challenges of those who are aging have been realized and there are several products that have been designed to help users through this challenging time in their lives.

Unfortunately, not all the problems that older people experience as they age get much attention. While there are more serious issues that have concrete solutions, it’s the small, overlooked problems that can really make the difference in the day. And, very often, these issues are even overlooked by those experiencing them, shrugged off as something that just happens with aging and that can’t be solved.

One example of these issues is standing up. So many people take standing up for granted. After all, it’s something that is done several times throughout the day. However, as people age, this action can be very difficult. Everyone has experienced it at least once in their life. They sit in a couch that has lost its form and sink into its cushions. After they’re done visiting or talking, they try to stand up, but have to struggle to get out of the sunken cushions. For many elderly, this is how it feels to get out of any seat.

What makes standing up and getting out of seats so difficult for older adults is that that very often these chairs are at angles that require the muscles of several body parts. The legs, core, back, and even arms are needed to get out of chairs. When people are young and healthy, no thought is put into the action. However, as they age, the action becomes more and more difficult.

EZ Up is making it easier for users to sit and stand with ease. The device can be placed on any seat, whether hard or cushioned, and assists users into their chairs and gives them the push they need to get out of their chairs. In an effort to bring a solution to an often overlooked problem, EZ Up is completely changing the way users sit.

What is EZ Up?

EZ Up is a device that looks just like the top of a chair. However, it isn’t at all like a chair, as it uses a hydro-pneumatic spring technology to help users ease into their chairs and raise out of their seats, as well. Whether users suffer from back pain, arthritis, knee pain, or are recovering from a recent injury, the EZ Up is the perfect solution for getting in and out of chairs with ease.

While there are several electric chairs on the market that can help users sit and stand, they are typically extremely expensive, making them a non-option for those who struggle to sit and stand. The EZ Up isn’t electric, so it doesn’t need to be plugged in and it doesn’t need batteries. And, because EZ Up uses a simple technology to work, it is also a fraction of the price of electric chairs.

EZ Up works by providing a safe and gentle lift as users start to stand. The springs used in the EZ Up help raise users, pushing them into an upright position. However, while the EZ Up does propel people up, it does not push them forward, so it is completely safe for those who are unsteady or struggle with their balance.

Not only does the EZ Up help users stand with ease, it also helps lower them into their chairs gently and gracefully. No one wants to look undignified as they plop into a chair. The EZ Up completely removes this problem by gently easing users into their seats.

As mentioned above, the EZ Up is a fraction of the cost of electric chairs. And, because it is smaller and more portable than other options on the market, it is also more discreet. Users can carry it with them, whether visiting friends or making their appointments. With the EZ Up, there is no worry about the pain and struggle of sitting and standing.

Benefits of the EZ Up

The biggest benefit of EZ Up is that it gives users back the freedom and autonomy they want in their lives. No one wants to go through life worrying about what they’ll do the next time they have to sit down. And, no one wants to ask for help every time they need to sit or stand. The EZ Up makes it simple for users to get in and out of their seats, independently, so they can go about living their lives to the fullest.

In addition to giving users back their independence, the EZ Up is also portable. The bulky and heavy electric chair options may be the most commonly used options for seat assistance, but users are flocking to the EZ Up due to its convenience. Now, users can carry it with them where ever they go, sitting in whatever chair they want and not having to commit to one place all the time. And, because the EZ Up is portable, users can take it to work, church, the homes of friends, or move it about their own house with easy convenience.

Because the EZ Up is great to use anywhere, it’s completely normal for it to get a little dirty now and then. Thankfully, unlike electric chairs, the EZ Up is very easy to clean. First, it has a waterproof cover that can be removed and machine washed whenever it starts to get grimy. And, the seat is easy to clean, too. Because the seat is made of a comfortable foam, it can be wiped down whenever users feel it needs a little tidying up.

Finally, the EZ Up is both comfortable and adjustable. Chairs need to be comfortable and the EZ Up wanted to be just as comfortable, or even more so, then the typical chair. Because of this, the EZ Up is made of a comfortable foam cushion that supports and comforts users. In addition to being comfortable, the EZ Up is adjustable. When users sit or stand, the EZ Up automatically adjusts to the user’s weight. This allows the device to give just the right amount of lift, but without being adjusted or tweaked in any way. The convenience and adjustability of the EZ Up make it the perfect option for those who want a simple solution to their sitting and standing problems.

Purchasing the EZ Up

As mentioned above, until the EZ Up, the only alternative to a sitting solution was electronic chairs. Not only are these chairs bulky and heavy, they’re also very expensive. The EZ Up wanted to offer users a solution that is both lighter, more convenient, and cheaper. And the EZ Up was able to reach all three goals. Not only is it lighter and more convenient, but it is also much less expensive than alternative options on the market.

The EZ Up is available for purchase for just three payments of $19.95, plus a small shipping and handling cost of $9.95. This low price includes the EZ Up, plus an extra seat cover.


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