Blink Home Security Cameras Review: Amazon’s Smart Protection Systems?

Blink is a lineup of home security products from Amazon, including affordable cameras like the Blink Mini.

Launched in April 2020, the Blink Mini is Amazon’s cheapest security camera yet. The $35 camera watches your house for less money than virtually any product on the market. It also has a two-year battery life.

Other Blink products include the Blink XT2 and Blink Indoor cameras.

Is Blink a good home security company? Do Blink cameras work as advertised? Find out everything you need to know about Amazon’s new Blink home security products today in our review.

What is Blink?

Blink is a home security company that aims to offer the next generation of smart home security cameras.

The company offers battery-powered, wireless home security cameras that send motion-activated alerts and HD video to the Blink app on your smartphone.

Like other home security companies, Blink markets its products to people worried about their property or loved ones while away. Blink’s cameras watch over your property, and you can connect to the cameras with one click at any time.

Blink emphasizes good value. The company’s smart home cameras are more affordable than many competing options. They also have an easy DIY installation process. Just turn on the cameras and you’ll instantly feel safer at home.

Blink products integrate with Amazon Alexa, the smart home system.

Blink sells all its products through Amazon, where they’re priced between $35 and $100 per camera. You can also order multiple cameras per package to save on per-unit costs.

Blink Home Security Products

As of May 2020, Blink offers three core products, including the Blink XT2 (an indoor outdoor wire-free camera), Blink Indoor (an indoor wire-free battery powered camera), and the new Blink Mini (a plug-in HD camera).

Blink also offers accessories, including covers, decals, mounts, and yard signs that can let people know your home is secure.

Here’s a brief overview of each Blink home security product.

Blink XT2

The Blink XT2 is an indoor/outdoor camera powered by two AA lithium batteries that last up to two years. That means no wires and no professional installation required. The camera provides peace of mind at a reasonable price.

Key features of the Blink XT2 include:

  • Two year battery life
  • Day and night HD video
  • Two way audio
  • Customizable motion detection
  • Live view recording and more
  • Your purchase comes with the indoor/outdoor camera, a sync module, a wall mount, and accessories.
  • Price: $99.99

Blink Indoor

The Blink Indoor is an indoor camera that is battery-powered and wire-free. It works with Alexa and features a two year battery life, day and night HD video, customizable motion detection, and more. The features are virtually identical to the XT2, although it’s not weather-resistant because it’s designed for indoor use.

Key features of the Blink Indoor include:

  • Two year battery life
  • Day and night HD video
  • Customizable motion detection
  • Live video recording and more
  • Like the Blink XT2, your purchase comes with an indoor camera system, sync module, a wall mount, and accessories.
  • Price: $79.99

Blink Mini

The Blink Mini is an indoor plug-in camera with a mount and accessories. Priced at just $35, the camera lets you see what’s happening inside your home and interact with your home via two-way audio. Mini integrates with Alexa and comes with 1080p day and night HD video, customizable motion detection, live view recording, and multiple storage options.

Key features of the Blink Mini include:

  • 1080p day and night HD video
  • Customizable motion detection
  • Live view recording
  • Price: $34.99

Blink Accessories

Amazon sells several Blink accessories, including covers, stickers, decals, and more.

  • Blink XT Covers (White, Gray, or Brick): $8 (set of 3)
  • Protected by Blink Video Security Window Decals: $8 (set of 3)
  • Protected by Blink Video Security Yard Sign: $30
  • Device Mounts: $19.99 (set of 3)
  • Additional Blink Sync Module: $50

How Do Blink Cameras Work?

Blink cameras all work in a similar way. They monitor your home, providing you with HD video and live video view.

The cameras are wire-free and use cloud storage. They connect to your home wireless internet, and you can monitor any footage over the cloud.

Key features of Blink’s home security cameras include:

Motion Detector:

All three Blink cameras have a built-in motion sensor alarm. When the camera detects motion, the camera sends an alert to your smartphone, then records a short clip of the event to the cloud. This motion detection is customizable, so pet owners can use a pet setting to avoid triggering the alarm.

Battery Powered:

All Blink cameras are battery powered. All three cameras use two Lithium AA 1.5v non-rechargeable Lithium batteries, which are included with your purchase.

Alexa Support:

All Blink cameras integrate with Alexa, letting you control your cameras just like you control other Alexa smart home features.

720p to 1080p:

The Blink XT2 and the Blink Indoor cameras capture 720p HD video, while the Blink Mini captures 1080p video. All cameras emphasize minimal distortion and blurring, giving you a clear view of your home.

Push Notifications:

When the Blink camera captures motion, you receive a push notification alert with a link to the video attached, so you can decide how to respond.

Live View Mode:

Live stream video at any time through the Blink app.

Overall, Blink emphasizes its status as an ultra-affordable, wireless home security and monitoring system. The system is reasonably priced, easy for anyone to setup, and can protect your entire home.

Blink Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

All three Blink cameras have very strong reviews on

  • The Blink XT2 has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 with 21,350+ customer reviews
  • The Blink Indoor camera has an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 with 7,650+ customer reviews
  • The Blink Mini has an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 with 320+ customer reviews

We’ll summarize some of the key pros and cons of all three cameras below.


Amazon reviewers generally agreed that the Blink cameras offer good value at a budget price. Although video and streaming quality isn’t perfect, and there were minor software issues, the Blink cameras protect your home at a very customer-friendly price:

  • Good quality software (including the mobile app and camera software) that is easy to use and updated frequently
  • Effective video surveillance of any home or office
  • Easy DIY installation with no tools or tech skills required
  • Check the camera any time via the app
  • Get instant notifications when the cameras detect any motion
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Good quality video in either 720p or 1080p
  • Easy live video streaming


Amazon reviewers complained about certain aspects of the Blink security cameras, including motion detection issues, difficult connection process, and video capture problems:

  • The cameras have short recording times; it may capture the initial motion, like a vehicle pulling up to your driveway, but it won’t have enough recording time to capture someone getting out of that vehicle
  • The camera’s motion detectors miss certain motions
  • The cameras do not retrigger quickly, which means they miss key action
  • The cameras have poor signal strength, and you may struggle to find a spot for the sensor hub that provides good coverage for all cameras; some customers claim all cameras are within 50 feet of the sensor, yet they struggle to pick up signals (Amazon sells additional hubs for larger homes)
  • The app frequently reports “system is busy” when manually requesting camera feeds
  • The app and software were initially tough to use, although recent updates have significantly improved the system
  • The camera doesn’t have “true” night vision: when motion is detected at night, a very bright light comes on to illuminate the area
  • You can only only connect to 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi (which has a longer range than 5 GHz Wi-Fi)
  • There are some quality issues with live video streaming

Blink Home Security Cameras Final Word

Overall, customers agree that the Blink home security cameras offer excellent value for their price. Although the Wyze camera comes close, Blink’s home security cameras make it easy to protect your home without breaking a budget.

To learn more about Amazon’s Blink home security cameras, including the new Blink Mini, the Blink XT2, or the Blink Indoor cameras, visit today.


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