KeySmart Key Holder & KeySmart 2.0 Key Organizer Review – Is It Worth It?

Very little has changed about the key in the past millennium. It is still one of the most widely used ways to open doors, cars, and cabinets. And, when too many of them are on a keychain, it is still extremely annoying.

KeySmart completely changes the way people carry their keys. Instead of having the keys dangle on a chain all day, making noise and taking up precious space, the KeySmart key holder creates an easy to carry keys that keeps them silence and organized. In addition to providing an innovative way for people to carry keys, KeySmart 2.0 also comes with a USB drive that will make carrying and transferring information much easier.

What is KeySmart?

KeySmart is a key organizer that resembles a Swiss army knife. Instead of having the keys dangle from a chain or carabiner, KeySmart allows users to place their keys in a layer, sandwiching them between two gorgeously crafted aluminum handles. By using two stainless steel posts, KeySmart allows users to swivel their keys outward, giving them access to the keys in an almost Swiss army knife manner. While they may not have as many tactical uses like the flashlights we have reviewed, they are a strategic way to organize and account for all of your valuable and sensitive keys.

Because everyone has a different number of keys they need to care, KeySmart comes with space for up to five keys. However, one of the best parts of KeySmart is that it perfectly fits the Kingston DTSE9 USB drive, which only takes up two of the key spaces, leaving space for three more. This is the perfect option for those who like to have a USB drive with them at all times, but don’t like having it dangle and clang with their keys.

Because KeySmart is made from lightweight, aircraft aluminum, it doesn’t feel heavier for users. However, the number one reason KeySmart is such an amazing option for those who carry several keys is that it keeps things organized and neat. Instead of having to struggle with rings and rings of keys, users can finally take a step forward in the evolution of keys.

The History of KeySmart & KeySmart 2.0

KeySmart was designed and developed by Mike Patrick. He was tired of having to carry handfuls of keys with him everywhere he went, especially since they would poke at his thighs, jingle, and even cut holes into his pants. After deciding he had had enough of dealing with keychains, Mike Patrick decided to come up with his own solution. He spent months designing, prototyping, testing, and then redesigning, until he was finally left with KeySmart.

In 2013, Mike Patrick placed KeySmart on KickStarter to get the funding he needed to launch the product. With about 8,900 backers, KeySmart received funding for the amount of $329,862, which was more than enough for him to get KeySmart into the hands of those who couldn’t wait to change the way they carried their keys.

Benefits of KeySmart

The biggest reason KeySmart is such a benefit for those who use it is that it completely transforms carrying keys. Instead of having to carry large rings with multiple keys, people can now place their keys into a compact device, where they will be safe and available for convenient access. And, for those who are tired of carrying bulky keys that make their pants bulge weirdly, KeySmart is the perfect solution.

Not only is KeySmart extremely convenient, it also looks extremely good. Because it’s made of aircraft grade aluminum, KeySmart has a quality that is extremely easy to see. And, because the keys tuck perfectly into the frame of the KeySmart, it makes them look good, too. The good looks of KeySmart are only accentuated by the stainless steel hardware that make it look sleek and modern. To complete its clean, sleek look, KeySmart has its logo engraved with a laser to bring the whole look together.

Finally, KeySmart is proud to produce and manufacture everything in the United States. Not only does this assure customers of the quality of the product, but it can also give buyers a sense of pride when they purchase KeySmart. The company doesn’t just want to provide a solution to the key problem, but it also wants to give more Americans work for which they can be proud.

Assembling KeySmart

KeySmart comes to customers unassembled, since the keys will need to be inserted before it can be put together. Thankfully, assembly is extremely easy. Users only need to pile the keys they want on KeySmart onto the keyring loop and then screw the posts in to attach the frames.

It can take a few times for people to get the friction of the swivel to their liking. If the posts aren’t tightened enough, the keys may swivel out on their own. However, if the posts are too tight, it could be difficult to get the keys out. Thankfully, this is easy for users to determine and all it takes is a few twists one way or the other to get it exactly to their liking.

KeySmart Accessories

Not only does KeySmart come with space for up to five keys, but it also holds space for several other options. As already mentioned, KeySmart has a USB space that makes it convenient to carry and share information. KeySmart also offers a bottle opener or a quick disconnect clip, which allows users to attach the KeySmart to their belt loops or bags.

KeySmart also has a variety of new releases, which include a nano clip, nano wrench, nano ruler, and nano socket. These tools only accentuate how similar the KeySmart is to a Swiss army knife.

For those who have more than five keys that they want to place on KeySmart, they can find an expansion pack in the accessory section of the website.

Purchasing KeySmart

KeySmart can be purchased on the KeySmart website. While the prices of KeySmart will vary, depending on color, size, and type, the website is currently offering a 15% discount on merchandise purchased on the website. In addition to this discount, KeySmart also offers free shipping on U.S. orders over $25 and international orders over $45.

KeySmart has a newsletter that customers can sign up for to get information about discounts and the release of new products.


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