1Tac TC1200 Tactical Flashlight Review – Trustworthy TacLight?

The 1TAC TC1200 tactical flashlight is brand new and is attempting to make its presence felt by telling you to illuminate your world as taclights continue to grow in popularity and practicality in 2016. Our goal is simple and straightforward – to review this company and product and tell you if they are a trustworthy taclight brand or bust.

Having just launched earlier this year, the TC1200 from 1Tac information is very limited at this point in time but we will do our best to showcase the specifications and qualifications of this highly-perceived military-grade LED flashlight technology that has just now been made available to the public. The digital LED emitter is said to generate extremely bright concentrations and beams of light that should not be used as a toy or taking lightly.

What is the 1Tac TC1200 Flashlight?

tc1200 tactical flashlightPromoted and classified as a high-performance LED flashlight, the 1TAC TC1200 tactical edition is a military-inspired taclight that promises to deliver plenty of rewarding benefits and features to save you from the deemed damned dim flashlight disorder.

No matter your personal or professional position and occupational status; whether a survivalist, outdoorsmen, police officer, security guard, fire fighter, prepper, ex-military or just an average citizen, the rise for practical solutions has been increasing and it seems as the the solution has came in the form of a flashlight – albeit of the tactical variety – that offer many more bold and bright benefits than a standard flashlight.

Since this model and make seems to closely relate to the Shadowhawk X800, we are going to tell you how they are similar but are also slightly different in a few areas.

One of the major points of emphasis is the TC1200’s real CREE XM L2 Emitter vs the X800’s XPE LED light bulb. This obviously indicates that the 1TAC TC1200 puts out 1,200 lumens of light compared to Shadowhawk Tactical X800 as 800 lumens of light.

As we review the rest of the 1TAC TC1200 tactical flashlight, we notice the incredible similiarity between the two (in which it seems the TC1200 is identical to the X800 in every area except how many lumens each flashlight effectively emits).

Both boast the light weight and compact military aircraft-grade aluminum encasing for maximum strength and durability; as well as the 5 modes of high/medium/low/SOS/strobe settings that can last up to 100,000 lamp hours. But the remarkable comparison does not stop there, as both contain the ability to focus at 1x, 250x, 500x, 1000x and 2000x LED emitter light ranges and concentrations.

The 1 Tac TC 1200 does claim to be waterproof IP65 and be 20% brighter than all other tactical flashlights. It is said to be 5 to 6 inches and the lens is also a convex lens with a lotus attaching head which seems to be the standard protocol for most $50-$60 and up handheld tactical LED flashlights.

The TC1200 flashlight comes with a tactical kit of:1tac tc1200 tactical kit

  • 1 AAA Battery Holder
  • 1 TC1200 Holster (secure and stable storage on your belt loop)
  • 1 Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • 1 Car Charger
  • 1 Tactical Storage Case

The product is rumored not to be sold anywhere or by any other retailer other than online.

Here is a simple price breakdown of the expected cost associated with buying a TC1200 tactical flashlight from 1Tac (includes free shipping on all orders).

  • 1 TC1200 Flashlight ($56.00 per unit) = $56.00
  • 2 TC1200 Flashlights ($50.99 per unit) = $101.98
  • 3 TC1200 Flashlights ($39.99 per unit) = $119.97
  • 5 TC1200 Flashlights ($36.99 per unit) = $184.95
  • 10 TC1200 Flashlights ($44.99 per unit) = $449.90

Considering the sales page had the original cost being $224 per TC1200, it seems like a heck of a deal to get it at only $56 for the single one. The 1Tac Tactical Outfitters company also gives you the flexibility to buy upgrade kits that are normally $116 each but look like:

  • 1 TC1200 Kit Upgrades (+$28.99 per unit) = $28.99
  • 2 TC1200 Kit Upgrades (+$26.99 per unit) = $53.98
  • 3 TC1200 Kit Upgrades (+$20.99 per unit) = $62.97

Furthermore, it seems there is a hidden option after deciding the first two choices of adding on their new TC800 mini tactical flashlight (4 inches compared to 5/6″) as a bonus. Here is the discount pricing breakdown for those (originally priced at $99.96 each):

  • 1 TC800 Mini Flashlight ($24.99 per unit) = $24.99
  • 2 TC800 Mini Flashlights ($22.99 per unit) = $45.98
  • 3 TC800 Mini Flashlights ($17.99 per unit) = $53.97
  • 5 TC800 Mini Flashlights ($16.99 per unit) = $84.95
  • 10 TC800 Mini Flashlights ($19.99 per unit) = $199.90

The official 1TAC tactical flashlight company lists the following address and email for support.

The 1TAC company is located at 814 S. Westgate Suite 105, Los Angeles, CA 90049 and their phone number for customer service support line can be reached by calling 877-616-3515. You can also reach them by email at [email protected].


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