SpeedFixTool Review – Free Software To Speed Up Slow Computers?

SpeedFixTool Review

SpeedFixTool is a new PC optimization software that claims to fix your slow, old computer. Read our SpeedFixTool review to find out whether the software works or not.


What is SpeedFixTool?

SpeedFixTool is a PC optimization software program that claims to use a number of advanced tools to speed up your PC and fix small errors.

You install the software, it scans for errors, and then it fixes those errors instantly.

The software is free to download and perform a single scan, but you’ll need to pay $39.97 for the “Premium Version” if you actually want the software to actually clean your system.

The software runs on all versions of Windows and requires just 15MB of free hard drive space to run. Let’s take a closer look at the features of this software.

SpeedFixTool Features

SpeedFixTool promises to use a number of tools to clean and fix your PC. Those tools include:

-Scans and Fixes Errors: SpeedFixTool will scan your PC’s hard drive and registry for “errors present in your PC” and then display the location of those errors and the possible fix.

-Registry Backup: The Windows Registry is a database of all user data and settings on the PC. It contains information about installed programs, system settings, and other user customizations. Over time, your registry can become bloated or damaged. Old programs may cause registry errors, and registry entries for uninstalled software may bloat your registry for years. SpeedFixTool promises to scan your registry for errors and clean any errors it finds.

-Registry Defragmentation: In addition to cleaning and fixing errors in your registry, SpeedFixTool claims to defragment your registry to make it easier to access. The creators of SpeedFixTool claim that your computer “accesses the registry files more than 100 times each second.” So even a small boost in registry performance can have a big impact on your PC.

-Scheduled Repairs: SpeedFixTool can schedule repairs for your system, which means it will automatically run a scan at a certain day and time every week.

Basically, it’s a registry cleaner that scans for errors and optimization problems in your registry. It will not scan for malware, remove viruses, or change the settings on your PC to optimize performance.

Does It Actually Work?

SpeedFixTool has a lengthy page where they explain why the software isn’t a scam. One lead software developer for the program actively responds to the dozens of comments on that page dispelling the notion that the software is a scam. There are similar programs out there you can compare to like Turbo Your PC as well.

The reason that some people think SpeedFixTool is a scam is because the software is often advertised as “free” online. The truth is, the initial scan is free to perform, although you need to upgrade to the Premium plan to remove problems from your computer. Fortunately, the company is very upfront about this pricing policy.

The other accusation made against SpeedFixTool is that the program reveals problems that your computer doesn’t actually have, or that it exaggerates the problems on your computer.

It’s difficult to prove whether or not the problems identified by SpeedFixTool are real or not.

However, what we will say is that registry cleaners aren’t nearly as important as registry cleaner software developers like you to think they are.

Your registry is made up of hundreds of thousands of files. Your computer depends on it every day to work correctly. However, registry errors are rare and unlikely to have a significant impact on your computer.

So when SpeedFixTool labels a registry error as a potentially dangerous security problem, and tags it in red with dramatic flags attached to it, they’re almost certainly exaggerating the severity of the issue.

SpeedFixTool also claims to “defragment” your registry. But ever since Windows 7, Microsoft has included automatic defragmentation software on all its computers – so you don’t need to buy additional defragmentation software.

In any case, SpeedFixTool appears to legitimately clean up your registry and fix registry errors, but unless your computer’s registry is severely messed up, this is unlikely to have a major impact on your PC’s performance.

SpeedFixTool Pricing

SpeedFixTool comes with a free version that lets you scan your computer, but actually fixing those errors requires the Premium version. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

-Premium Version (1 Year License): $39.97

-Premium Version (2 Year License): $54.92

As you can see, you don’t own the SpeedFixTool software for life: you only get a one year license when you pay the normal purchase price. The company doesn’t explicitly mention that on the main price comparison page – it’s further down the list under the frequently asked questions section.

You will not be automatically rebilled for your SpeedFixTool software. If you want to continue using your software after the 1 year or 2 year license expires, then you’ll need to buy another license.

Who Makes SpeedFixTool?

SpeedFixTool is made by a Lithuanian software developer named FixBliss.

The company’s About Us page claims that the SpeedFixTool brand was launched in 2012 with the goal of being the best PC optimization software on the market. The company itself was also launched in 2012, according to its LinkedIn page, although the team claims to have been working in the software industry since 2007.

You can contact the company via email at [email protected].

Should You Use SpeedFixTool to Speed Up your PC?

SpeedFixTool is a pricey registry cleaner that may speed up your PC by a small amount – but is unlikely to have a major impact on performance. Priced at $40 for a one year license, you’d be better off investing in good antivirus software that prevents your PC from slowing down in the first place.

In any case, when you’re paying $40 for PC optimization software, you’d expect it to do more than just clean registry errors – you’d expect it to remove malware, protect against viruses, and adjust settings to speed up your PC. SpeedFixTool is just a straightforward registry cleaner.

Unless you have a really old PC with a fragmented, broken, and disastrous registry, SpeedFixTool isn’t likely to significantly boost your PC performance. There is always the alternative to get a new laptop or desktop, or the newer mobile workstations that can act as both.


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