iHeadphones: Wireless Headphones for Apple and Android

iHeadphones Pro are wireless headphones that connect with Android and iPhone devices at an affordable price. This product can only be purchased from their official website

What is iHeadphones?

The trend of hands-free devices is evolving, and wireless headphones are one of the most popular forms of these devices. Big companies in the tech world – like Apple and Bose – are putting out their own headphones, but at a high cost for the average consumer. Instead of forcing customers to break the bank, they have introduced the world to iHeadphones.

According to advertisements online, the iHeadphones are “the most successful wireless headphones on the internet,” and they are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The long battery life allows users to wear them throughout the day without losing power, whether they are at work or at home.

The Headphones don’t skimp on any features. Much like its higher-priced predecessors, these headphones can be connected via Bluetooth to any device, allowing the user to access high-quality audio and microphone. With a long-lasting battery and fast charging capability, consumers don’t have to worry about losing their power during phone calls or the perfect song.

Purchasing the iHeadphones

The only way to purchase the iHeadphones is from the official website, which forwards consumers to another page called “ecomerzpro.” However, consumers won’t have to pay nearly the exorbitant costs associated with other brands.

Right now, consumers can choose from the following packages:

  • One pair of iHeadphones: $69.99
  • Two pairs of iHeadphones: $119.95
  • Three pairs of iHeadphones: $139.95

The iHeadphones are available in black, white, yellow, pink, blue, green.

If the customer is unhappy with the purchase, they have up to 14 days to return the headphones for a full refund.

Contacting eComerzpro

Even with the return policy available, consumers may want to get more information before they press “Buy Now.” To get ahold of customer service, call 347-708-1493 on weekdays.


The iHeadphones are a more affordable option for consumers that want the benefits of wireless headphones but without the price tag, that other company put on them. They offer clear audio for music, phone calls, and any other audio played over the connected device, and their convenient carrying case keeps the headphones protected whenever they are not in use.


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