Jive Mini Pods Review: Noise-Cancelling Wireless EarPod Headphones?

Jive Mini Pods are Bluetooth-enabled ear pods that allow consumers to listen to their devices within a 30-foot range. The ear pods can be found on the official website, which has several different options available.

What are Jive Mini Pods?

Headphones are a part of nearly every household and office nowadays, but one common problem that consumers have continued to face is the tangled web of cords whenever users pull them from the pocket. There’s been products to come out that claim to automatically untangle. However, wireless ear buds like Jive Mini Pods could result in a much easier experience.

With superior sound quality, Jive Mini Pods allow consumers to listen to music, phone calls, and other audio with reduced background noise. Their sealed in-ear design works with the shape of any ear to eliminate outside noise.

Find the Best Price On Noise-Cancelling Jive Mini Pods

Frequently Asked Questions About Jive Mini Pods

Let’s address some of the concerns that consumers have about the Jive Mini Pods.

Q: What phones do Jive Mini Pods work with?

A: These ear pods work with any device that has Bluetooth capability, including computers, tablets, and smart TVs.

Q: Is a charging cable needed?

A: Yes. However, the compatible cable is included with the purchase.

Q: How long do the Jive Mini Pods take to charge?

A: While the ear pods take about two hours to charge from 0% to 100%, consumers will know exactly when they are charged by the indicator light. While charging, the light is red, changing to blue when it has finished charging.

Q: What is the range of the ear pods?

A: Consumers can wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device within 30 feet.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

A: Consumers can pay for the Jive Mini Pods via credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

All other questions can be directed to the customer service team.

Purchasing Jive Mini Pods

The only way that consumers can easily purchase the Jive Mini Pods is through the official website, which offers several packages to choose from.

The options include:

  • One pair of Jive Mini Pods for $35.49
  • Two pairs of Jive Mini Pods for $64.62 (10% savings)
  • Three pairs of Jive Mini Pods for $90.51 (15% savings)
  • Four pairs of Jive Mini Pods for $120.68 (15% savings)
  • Five pairs of Jive Mini Pods for $141.95 (20% savings)
  • Six pairs of Jive Mini Pods for $159.72 (25% savings)

Consumers can purchase up to 20 pairs of the Jive Mini Pods at one time with a maximum savings of 25% from the single purchase price.

If the user finds that these headphones don’t serve them in the way that they expect, they can return the product for a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

Contacting Jive Mini Pods Customer Service

Even with the information on the official website, consumers may find that they have other questions about the Jive Mini Pods. The customer service team is available to answer any questions via phone call or email.

Jive Mini Pods Summary

Jive Mini Pods are meant for anyone that wants to wirelessly listen to their music, phone calls, and other audio effortlessly. With noise-cancelling features, this accessory can be taken anywhere in its carrying case to ensure that consumers don’t have to fiddle with tangled or broken wires. They work with any device, regardless of the brand, and they are even small enough to bring along in a purse or pocket.

Find the Best Price On Noise-Cancelling Jive Mini Pods


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