Spectrabotics Data Fusion Technology Review – Is It Worth It?

Making high level decisions regarding the overall structure, operation and growth of a business on the enterprise level can be difficult and risky without accurate data that provides a meaningful insight into the macro-level functions of the business.

Analytics suites, or software programs that take disparate sources of data from a huge range of business information such as general ledger data and fleet management reports and combine them together to create meaningful insight, have surged in popularity over recent years as processing power allows for more complex predictions and suppositions.

Spectrabotics is a geospatial data analysis company which aims to completely differentiate itself from other companies of the same market. Purpose built from the ground up to create a new way for the world to see data, Spectrabotics aims to take the complexities and intricacies out of data analysis and provide a state of the art data engine to give others an avenue to make better decisions at a swifter rate.

Spectrabotics offers a comprehensive top-down analytics suite designed to be used by people that a both experienced and inexperienced with data analysis programs.

The way Spectrabotics is going about achieving this goal is through their brand new Spectralink program, summarized by the mission statement ‘Fusing your data and other data to tell a complete story’. Through the Spectrabiotics program, users can upload a library of datasets, either from an existing dataset or the web in order to enhance the data as a whole. The Specrabiotics Suite also allows for the creation of custom maps with layers, application development and integration, custom analytics and reports through the data gathered, and the creation of accounts for customers.

At the heart of Spectralink is a complex algorithm that is able to consume any geospatial data format and display it in a recognizable manner, including formats such as SHAPE, KML, CSV and more, allowing sensor data to be carefully and analytically measured across a reference point common to all subjects.

Spectrabotics Data Fusion Technology

The Spectralink program works in tandem with a proprietary software application dubbed ‘Data Fusion’. Data Fusion allows users to generate pinpoint accurate analytic results through the process of uploading and fusing data together. A unique offering in the world of analytics suites, this correlator algorithm is able to form a discrete ‘layered tier’ of data to provide descriptions detailed enough to apply to complex and unpredictable systems such as weather patterns and conditions. Through the addition of multiple layers, the ability to see more relationships and links between certain subjects becomes much clearer.

Spectrabotics has partnered up with a number of different companies which provide brand new aerial sensors allowing for hyperspectral images to be displayed by various drones. Spectral analytics allow for further vision beyond what normal machines can display, and allows for new ways of processing UAS data. Dedicated spectral sensors are recommended for use by Spectrabotics in order to make the most out of the Spectral Analytic Engine the company has developed. This engine is constantly tested and revised in order to keep providing an outstanding user experience and improve the quality of data that is gathered.

Not only that, but Spectrabotics has endeavored to create its own web photogrammetry service as they were not satisfied with those created by other companies. This program includes both geometric camera modeling and frame corrections in order to align data. The results of this highly specific photography method provides perfect analytic results and impeccable resolutions through the preservation of spatial and spectral integrity. Spectrabiotics provides comparisons between the processing of Spectrabotics programs, and other companies processing programs which demonstrates huge resolution differences. The analytics engine provided by Spectrabotics is highly adaptable to keep pace with rapid changes, and is able to rapidly adapt and evolve alongside the dynamic needs of your business.

Spectrabotics has grand plans in order to enhance and revolutionize the efforts of many different faculties. Potential applications of the advanced functions of Spectrabiotics include providing data for precision Agriculture by using fast track and highly advanced crop knowledge. Wind Turbine Analysis also benefits from this technology as lightning strikes can easily disrupt and wreck turbine blades, completely disabling them. Through the technology in provided by Spectrabiotics, Wind Farms are able to assess if any significant damage has occurred and predict repair and maintenance costs. Currently maintenance such as this requires a small team of people attending the turbines to manually check them, which is time and energy consuming.

Spectrabiotics plans to aid the process of monitoring fishing grounds to identify any unlawful and illegal fishers, which aids sea wildlife and greatly benefits the environment. In addition to providing enterprise level analytics, Spectrabiotics also license their software suite to many non for profit groups to help maintain a positive social presence and enhance the community as a whole.

The Spectrabotics Advantage

Spectrabotics has a proven recipe for successful business ventures. Adhering to a policy of providing realistic estimates, Spectrabotics believes that solutions with happen naturally through the use of collaboration between teams which are responsible, self-organizing and inherently responsive, which means they will continue to improve throughout their time at the company and when they leave. Spectrabiotics maintains a strong connection with their clients, seeing them as the important factor in determining the success of their company as repeat consumers and word of mouth will continue to spread the word of Spectrabotics and their technological prowess.

Spectrabiotics analytic suites allow for the tracking of assets, specifically in the process of optimizing fleet management to reduce operational costs and increase margins. THrough the development of new,low-power, fixed sensors which provide real time data through all weather conditions, Spectrabiotics are able to develop new applications and reports to provide new methods of data analysis.

Spectrabotics Enterprise Solutions Pricing and availability

Spectrabotics Spectralink can be utilized on a variety of different platforms including smartphones, desktops and laptops. Spectralink can be purchased in a number of different ways, but to test it out there’s a free trial which last for 14 days, allowing a max of 5GB of data to be used.

Starter packages range from the basic service up to pro services priced at $1645 a year and $3300 a year respectively, which for the services received, are incredibly cost effective for enterprise level data analytics suites.


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