InStyler’s BLU Turbo Ionic Dryer Review – Legit Hair Drying Technology?

BLU Turbo Ionic Hair Dryer

Hair dryers have become a part of everyday life. While forty years ago, people would have to go to a professional or a salon to get access to a hair dryer, now most people own their own, making it easy for them to dry and style their hair at home. Because of the high demand for these devices, the market has been inundated with low-budget, low-quality options, making it difficult to decide what hair dryer is the best.

The Blu Ionic Dryer has become extremely popular on the market because it offers the most comprehensive and advanced hair drying experience. With its superior build and extreme versatility, the Blu Ionic Dryer is the one tool everyone needs for their hair care needs.

What is the BLU Ionic Dryer?

The Blu Ionic Dryer is the newest generation of hair dryers. Offering the newest and the best of the best in hair dryer technology, the Blu Ionic Dryer is becoming a fast favorite for those who want superior hair drying capabilities at a competitive price – especially when compared to more expensive ones such as the Electra.

The BLU Turbo Ionic Dryer is set apart from the other dryers on the market because of its high powered, light engine and its extremely powerful fan. Not only do these two features make drying hair easier and faster, but they also allow for a superior dry, keeping the hair smooth and frizz-free.

While there are several dryers available on the market today, the Blu Ionic Dryer has set itself apart by offering the best features and the newest technology, all working towards giving users the best hair drying experience of their lives.

Benefits of the Blu Ionic Dryer

While some people might shrug off the importance of a quality dryer, the truth is that once someone has experienced how a quality dryer works, they won’t want to go back. And, with the Blu Ionic Dryer this experience is even more intense. Because the Blu Ionic Dryer offers one of the most complete and amazing hair drying experiences on the market, once it has been used even once, people don’t want to go back to their old way of drying their hair.

There are three keys to the benefits of the Blu Ionic Dryer. The first key is that the Blu Ionic Dryer is extremely powerful. With its high power DC motor and even a jet turbine fan, the Blu Ionic Dryer is able to provide users with an extremely high speed airflow. How this benefits users is that all that power helps hair dry faster than ever, eliminating the pesky frizz and damage that long time exposure to heat can cause.

The second key to the many benefits of the Blu Ionic Dryer is that it is extremely lightweight. No one wants to lug around a large dryer that begins to make their arms ache after a short amount of usage. Thankfully, the Blu Ionic Dryer is extremely light and has an ergonomic design that makes it simple to use and maneuver. Because of its lightness and design, the Blu Ionic Dryer makes drying and styling both comfortable and extremely easy.

Finally, the third key to the benefits offered by Blu Ionic Dryer is that its airflow is completely customizable. People are realizing and embracing the fact that everyone has different hair. From the obvious differences, like length and color, to the more complex differences, like texture and thickness, hair is unique. Because of this uniqueness, the Blu Ionic Dryer didn’t want to just have set speed settings like the conventional dryers.

Instead of just having two settings, the Blu Ionic Dryer has an infinity dial. This feature allows users to completely control and customize the airflow of their dryers, setting them for their needs at the moment and their specific and very unique hair type. Because of this flexibility, the Blu Ionic Dryer is the perfect option for everyone, no matter their hair type.

Features of the Blu Ionic Dryer

While a few of the features of the Blu Ionic Dryer have been touched on above, there are many more that make it a superior dryer. It is these amazing features that have even the most picky hair professionals swearing that the Blu Ionic Dryer is the only dryer they will ever use, ever again.

The first feature of the Blu Ionic Dryer is that it has a very powerful motor. Everyone knows that a motor can make or break a dryer. And, for those who have had to turn off their dryers to let the motor cool, it is common knowledge that a powerful motor is needed for the best results. Because the Blu Ionic Dryer was built using a DC motor, which is considered highly efficient and technologically advanced, the dryer is able to give users powerful airflow. Not only does this powerful motor help dry hair faster, but it is also very lightweight, making it perfect for those who want the flexibility to move and maneuver while drying their hair.

A powerful motor needs to be supported by a powerful fan, which is why Blu Ionic Dryer used the best of the best technology for its fans. In fact, the fans used for the Blu Ionic Dryer are modeled after the fans used in jet planes. The turbine fan used in the Blu Ionic Dryer has blades that are both lighter and thinner, allowing them to compress powerful airflow. Not only are the blades of this fan lighter and thinner, but they’re able to deliver more air straight to the hair, so it dries faster than ever.

Anyone who has to do hair for long periods of time or who uses their dryer consistently knows that the heavier a dryer is the harder it is to maneuver. The Blu Ionic Dryer may contain the best of the best engine and fan, but it is also extremely light, making it perfect for those who want flexibility in their usage.

As mentioned briefly above, the Blu Ionic Dryer was designed for easy use for all hair types, no matter how unique they are. The dryer is able to offer this versatility through its infinity dial. With this dial, users can pick the exact amount of airflow they want for their current needs. In addition to providing control of the airflow, the Blu Ionic Dryer also allows users to pick heat settings for their current needs. The low and high heat options on the dryer give users the flexibility they need when drying (low heat) or styling (high heat). Finally, the cool shot feature of the Blu Ionic Dryer allows users to lock in their style, closing the hair shafts to they keep their shape.

All of the amazing features above can be found in the dryer itself, from the motor and fan to the setting options. However, the body of the dryer isn’t the only place that the Blu Ionic Dryer is superior. One of the most annoying things about dryers today is that their cords are often short or get tangled easily, making them very difficult to use. The Blu Ionic Dryer has an eight foot cord, considered a professional length, and it offers tangle-free movement for its users. This final feature gives users the mobility they need while drying and styling their hair.

Purchasing the Blu Ionic Dryer

While the Blu Ionic Dryer usually costs about $320, it is currently being sold at an extreme discount. And, for a limited time, several additional bonuses will be included with the purchase of the Blu Ionic Dryer.

Currently, there is a 30 day trial offered for those who want to try the Blu Ionic Dryer before committing to purchasing it outright. For a low price of $14.95, interested customers can get a full 30 days with their dryer before deciding whether they want to pay the full price for the device or not. If they don’t want continue using the Blu Ionic Dryer, they can return the dryer and the other devices that came with it. However, for those who want to continue using the Blu Ionic Dryer, they can make three more payments of $39.95 after the 30 days is complete.

There are several additional things available with the purchase of the Blu Ionic Dryer currently. These add-ons include:

  •  Blu Mini
  •  3 Year Warranty
  •  Free Shipping

With the purchase of the Blu Ionic Dryer, these add-ons will come completely free of charge.


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