Nyvida Programmable Bluetooth iBeacon Technology Review – Worth It?

The retail industry is getting more and more difficult. Brick and mortar stores struggle to connect with their customers, especially as online shopping has become more and more popular.

However, with advancements in technology, there are amazing new ways for retailers to combine their locations with mobile features to help their customers meet their needs, while simultaneously growing their business. One of the most popular ways for doing this is through an iBeacon.

iBeacons are devices that collect and send data to people within its range who have a corresponding app. These little pieces of technology can be setup in any store to connect and communicate with customers, without being overly intrusive.

And one of the leading devices on the market is Nyvida, the perfect way for those who want to continue to grow and expand their businesses to stay in connection with their customers.

What Is Nyvida?

Nyvida is a programmable Bluetooth beacon that communicates and transmits signals to other Bluetooth enabled devices in the area. Transmitting up to a range of 328 feet, Nyvida Programmable Bluetooth iBeacon Technology is perfect for retail locations where owners want to be able to learn about or offer deals and advertisements to their customers.

Because Nyvida only works with electronic devices that are using a corresponding app, the information of customers is completely protected, allowing for an exchange of data without a breach in privacy. In this way, Nyvida is the perfect way to engage customers who are at brick and mortar locations.

One of the best things about Nyvida is that all of its parameters are adjustable, giving owner’s complete control of the range, transmission power, or even the broadcast intervals.

As a result of this versatility, Nyvida can work for any retail or app owner, allowing them to pick and choose what information they want to receive and what information they want to send to their customers.

With this type of connection, Nyvida Programmable Bluetooth iBeacon Technology helps business owners learn more about their users, so they can better meet their needs.

Nyvida Benefits

One amazing benefit of Nyvida Programmable Bluetooth iBeacon Technology is that it has amazing accuracy. As mentioned above, the iBeacon has a range of 328 feet, but this range can be adjusted to match the exact size of a specific space.

And because Nyvida works on a Bluetooth signal, it is extremely accurate inside, offering users complete control. Once Nyvida detects a device in the area via Bluetooth that shares the same app, the action takes place immediately.

When the concept of iBeacons was first approached, there were many concerns about privacy. However, Nyvida respects the privacy of everyone involved in the exchange of information. It’s important to understand that Nyvida doesn’t track users, but rather logs them in when they’re within range.

Plus, Nyvida requires users to have the same app on their device to which the beacon is connected. As a result, the privacy of users isn’t being infringed upon and users of Nyvida are still getting the information they need from their customers.

Finally, Nyvida is extremely usable. Not only does it allow complete control for those who want to adjust or change their specifications, but it can be integrated with any Bluetooth device, no matter what the operating system.

Nyvida also works long-term, offering almost a year of service on a single battery. For such an amazing price, Nyvida offers more than what is expected from iBeacons.

How To Use Nyvida

In order for Nyvida to work, the company for which it is working needs to be programmed to connect with its app. If the company does not have an app, Nyvida will not work. However, once Nyvida is synced with an app, it is extremely easy to activate.

The small device can sit anywhere unobtrusively, sending advertisements, collecting data, and transmitting locations to all those who are in range of the device. Nyvida includes an on and off switch to help save battery power and the beacon has an LED light that comes on when the batteries are low.

Nyvida comes with adjustable and configurable parameters, all done through a special configuration app.

Purchasing Nyvida

Nyvida Programmable Bluetooth iBeacon Technology is sold on Amazon for the low price of $24.99. While the device is sold by Nyvida, the orders are fulfilled by Amazon, allowing free two day shipping for those who have Amazon Prime.


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