Brick Amp – Bluetooth Smartphone Portable Speaker Technology?

Bluetooth speakers for phones, tablets and other smart devices can be inconvenient. Often heavy on battery drain and low in sound quality unless extreme high end solutions costing hundreds of dollars are purchased, these speakers can be difficult to pair with and are often manufactured in poor production facilities. A new breakthrough in personal audio technology, however, is providing smart device owners with a revolutionary alternative to bluetooth speakers or wired amplification methods.

The Brick Amp is a groundbreaking new personal audio solution that is able to amplify audio from a smartphone, tablet, or any other sound playing device with no cords or awkward bluetooth interfaces. Offering an incredibly simple design that allows users to hot swap between separate phones, delivers crystal clear audio quality, and works with any type of smart device, the Brick Amp is a game changer in phone audio amplification technology. With a completely separate battery, the Brick Amp is the only sound booster you’ll need.

What is the Brick Amp?

The Brick Amp is a sophisticated personal audio solution in the form of a small bright green brick shaped speaker that incorporates an array of sophisticated listening devices and high quality broadcasting sound drivers. Using the Brick Amp to increase the sound provided by your phone is incredibly simple. Whether on a conference call, listening to music, or watching a movie, users simply turn the Brick Amp on, and place their smartphone on top.

The Brick Amp automatically picks up on the sound waves produced by the smartphone or device and amplifies them in real time with no cords, wires, or bluetooth connections needed. Offering incredible depth and range of sound quality and crystal clear 1:1 audio reproduction, the Brick Amp is perfect for conference calls in the office, hands free talking in the car over the noise of busy traffic, or video chat with loved ones and family members.

The Brick Amp can be used with absolutely any kind of digital device that has an in built speaker, saving incredible amounts of time in frustrating set up and configuration. Touchscreen friendly and designed to sit slip free on any surface, the Brick Amp is a robust, reliable and complication free method of instantly increasing the volume of your phone without annoying cables or irritating bluetooth connection dropouts.

Many bluetooth speakers require the user to pair the speaker with just one phone at a time, making it impossible to change the phone playing music if you’re in a social setting with many people wanting to share different music. The Brick Amp provides the perfect solution to this common problem, allowing users to swap the phone playing music through the Brick Amp by simply placing a different device on top.

The Brick Amp holds a large advantage over the many other portable amplification solutions available on the market today due to the fact that it possesses its own rechargeable lithium ion battery. Offering consumers the ability to save hundreds of dollars every year on batteries, and saving hundreds of hours in charging time that is usually taken up by wired smartphone speakers or amplification solutions.

Each Brick Amp ships with one Brick Amp Sound Amplifying Speaker which comes complete with a mini USB charging cable and an auxiliary tip cable. The Brick Amp is so versatile it can even be used as a standard auxiliary speaker, offering multi function use that can be used with older devices that don’t have built in speakers.

Brick Amp Pricing & Availability

The Brick Amp has a popular television campaign and can be ordered from the Brick Amp website, priced at just $19.99 USD for one Brick Amp, with a bonus free waterproof carry bag worth $10 USD, perfect for beach trips or camping. Brick Amp are also offering a short term special promotion at this point in time in which consumers are offered a two for the price of one deal on the Brick Amp, supplying a second Brick Amp free for just the cost of shipping and handling on the second unit.

The Brick Amp is covered by a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, offering a risk free method of trying this revolutionary amplification solution firsthand.


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