QuietPure Mobile – AERUS Health’s Compact Air Purifier Technology?

With pollution levels increasing at a high rate across the world, many people are turning to air filtration technology to increase the air quality in their homes. Cleaning the air in your home can help reduce the effects of allergies and breathing disorders such as asthma, and provide a boost to your overall health. There are many in-home solutions on the market today, from central air purifying systems to smaller room-specific units, and finding the right solution can be difficult. There is a large amount of conflicting information available on the internet, and finding the correct option for your family or your health is complicated.

While in home air purification units do a great job of removing airborne toxins and pathogens from the inside of your house, it’s impossible to take these systems with you when you go out to work, to shop, or just outside on the street. Much of the damage that is done by poor air quality occurs while outside of the home, with the risk of respiratory disease multiplying exponentially when individuals are exposed to the pollution and toxin rich atmospheric environments of busy cities and suburbs.

QuietPure Mobile is a revolutionary new portable personal air purifier that delivers NASA-originated air filtration in all environments- both inside and outside the home. The smallest, most powerful portable air purifier ever built, the QuietPure Mobile uses the ActivePure air filtration system, certified by the Space Foundation to deliver fresh, clean, healthy air wherever you are. In this article we’ll break down the features and benefits of this breakthrough air filtration device and provide an analysis of its design and construction to help you decide whether QuietPure Mobile is the right purification device for you.

What Is QuietPure?

QuietPure Mobile is a tiny, pocket sized air filtration device created by leading engineers to deliver space-certified purification technology. Consisting of the QuietPure device, a wall mount, wire stand and various adaptors, this compact device provides on-the-go purification that works to clean the air in your home, your car and your office, and is perfect for deodorizing bedrooms, bathrooms and small apartments. QuietPure technology is the only system used in the International Space Station and the 9/11 Memorial Museum, and protects against allergy and asthma triggering pollutants.

Working to scrub the air in your local vicinity free from all kinds of contaminants, the QuietPure Mobile air purifier reduces germs, pollen, mold, odors, bacteria, pet dander, potentially dangerous yeasts and allergens, dust microns, harmful viruses, fungi and smoke to provide clean, fresh air in absolutely any enclosed environment. QuietPure is capable of cleaning air faster and better than any other system on the market, and removes up to 99.7% of airborne and surface technology with high tech UV sterilization. Spaces of up to 350 square feet can be purified in seconds, removing unpleasant odors and dirty air quickly with almost no noise.

Based in Bristol in the UK, QuietPure Mobile employs ActivePure Radiant Catalytic Ionization to purify air. An advanced HEPA filtration system captures particles down to 0.1 microns and is able to catch almost all known bacteria and viruses, ensuring your health and the health of your family. Users are even able to connect to their QuietPure device via a free optional all that offers control over your home air quality no matter where you are in the world as well as view indoor and outdoor atmospheric conditions and review in depth analytics on the short and long term quality of the air around you.

Why Use An Air Filter?

Almost any activity in the home, from relaxing on the couch to cooking and even cleaning can cause air pollutants such as fungus spores, mold, dust and allergens to become airborne and move through the home to be inhaled by homeowners, resulting in an array of negative effects such as poor respiratory health, illness, and even long term chronic health disorders.

The long term effects of exposure to polluted air can cause accelerated ageing of the lungs and loss of lung capacity resulting in lowered endurance and potentially chronic fatigue, as well as contribute to the development of diseases such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, and some forms of cancer. Ambient, or air pollution outside of the home, is responsible for over 3.7 million deaths across the world every year and is a major environmental health problem in both first and third world countries. Using a personal air filter can greatly improve your health and drastically reduce the risk of developing these illnesses.

Design & Construction

The QuietPure Mobile portable air filtration device has a sleek, high tech design with a compact black profile. Incredibly tiny when compared to other air filtration solutions on the market today. Measuring just 6” in length by 3.5” wide with a height of just 1”, the QuietPure Mobile looks great anywhere and has adjustable mounting options and is operated via an array of easy to operate touch sensitive controls, with bright long-life LED indicators on the exterior of the device.

Three whisper quiet fan settings allow users to choose the best level of purification to meet the requirements in their current vicinity, and as the QuietPure Mobile has no filters of any kind, the long term costs of maintaining the device are virtually nothing. High intensity UVC light is used to scrub the air of any impurities, delivering atmospheric peace of mind at all times.

QuietPure Pricing & Availability

The QuietPure Mobile Air Purifier is available for order from the QuietPure website and can be tried for free on a 30 day risk free trial to demonstrate the efficacy of the product. Included in the QuietPure Mobile package is a wire stand, wall mount, car adapter and an AC adapter, and the device itself is covered by a comprehensive Aerus 1 Year Warranty. The 30 day trial is priced at just $19.95 plus postage and handling. If you’re looking for an air purification solution that can come with you to clean the air around you no matter where you are, the QuietPure Mobile is the best choice.


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