AirMoisturize Max Review: Ultrasonic Humidifier for Easier Breathing

AirMoisturize Max is a portable ultrasonic humidifier and moisturizer that offers healthy breathing air and environment using two working methods, continuous or intermittent.

AirMoisturize Max is a device that creates a humid ambiance in a room to soothe sore throats and promote easier breathing. The device is small, and it only requires the press of a single button to activate.

What is AirMoisturize Max?

The original humidifier first arrived on the market in the 1960s, and its design and technology has evolved substantially since then. This device is practically a necessity for any household during cold season, alleviating the congestion that everyone from babies to senior citizen may face. The introduction of just a little bit of moisture in the air can be helpful to the skin, throat, and even the lips.

Perhaps the only downside of using a humidifier is how huge and cumbersome it is. Most devices have a rather large reservoir to fill, allowing the humidifier to release steam for hours on end. While this benefit is an excellent method of keeping a machine going overnight or while someone is staying home sick, it isn’t exactly convenient. Without compromising any of the benefits, AirMoisturize Max introduces a model that is much sleeker and easier to move around the home.

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Frequently Asked Questions About AirMoisturize Max

The function of a humidifier is relatively straightforward. However, since this design is so unique and innovative, let’s address some of the concerns that consumers might have about the AirMoisturize Max.

Q: Why even make such a small humidifier?

A: The main benefit that this product offers is portability. The small design doesn’t require much upkeep, even though it can work for an extremely long time. It can be plugged into any USB power supply, which means that users can even bring it to the office when they are feeling a little under the weather (if they can’t stay home).

Q: How long will the AirMoisturize Max work for?

A: This design offers two different methods of use – continuous or intermittent. The continuous option allows users to continue to create steam in their office or home, while the intermittent can periodically introduce spurts of humidity into a room. The continuous use function will offer up to 10 hours of steam.

Q: What do users need to do to set up the AirMoisturize Max?

A: First, unscrew the top from the base. Then, add fresh washer to the compact basin, and replace the top cover. Insert the USB plug-in, and connect the other side to a power source. Keep the device plugged in, pressing the button to turn the AirMoisturize Max on.

Q: What if something happens after the return period?

A: For individuals that want further protection for their device, the checkout page offers a $14 three-year warranty that consumers can sign up for before the purchase is complete.

Purchasing AirMoisturize Max

Though there are a few models that are similar to the AirMoisturize Max on Amazon and other websites, Hyperstech is one of the only websites that is authorized to sell the real thing. Choose from:

  • One AirMoisturize Max humidifier for $89
  • Three AirMoisturize Max humidifiers for $177
  • Five AirMoisturize Max humidifiers for $267

If the AirMoisturize Max isn’t the right solution for the user’s problems, customers can request approval for a refund within 30 calendar days from the date of delivery. However, the user needs to have their receipt and the product must be in its original packaging.

Contacting AirMoisturize Max Customer Service Team

While most of the questions that consumers have are generally answered by the official website, this one doesn’t have much information. The customer service team offers both a phone number and an email address for other inquiries.

  • Phone number: +44 20 3808 9234 (available 24 hours a day)
  • Email address: [email protected]

AirMoisturize Max Summary

The AirMoisturize Max humidifier offers helpful benefits to any household or office. With about the same power as a standard size humidifier, users won’t have to worry about major spills or complicated settings. This device keeps the setup simple, and it can even help to promote a warmer home when the sun goes down at right. It can be used for treating adults and children, though users will need to make sure that it is placed somewhere that it cannot easily be knocked over.

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