Air Police Review: Ionic Air Purifier Cleans Home of Indoor Pollutants?

Air Police is a plug-in air purifier that collects particles in the air that could be damaging to the body, including allergens, dust, and pollen. With a built-in nightlight and reusable filter, this device can quietly and inconspicuously clean the air for less risk to the respiratory system.

What is Air Police?

Keeping a clean home and/or office can be a struggle, especially considering the limits that many grocery stores have on cleaning products still. Even if an individual makes it out the supermarket doors with the cleaning supplies they need, the most they can do is wipe down surfaces and hope for the best. Unfortunately, this type of cleaning immediately creates two major problems – the introducing of a massive amount of chemicals into the home and the lack of cleaning for the particles in the air.

Dust is one of the most common particles found, but these particles contain so much more such as, allergens, pollen, and microscopic germs that can be inhaled with every breath. While eliminating odors with an air freshener might temporarily help, the only way that everyone will actually breathe cleaner air is by cleaning it with an air purifier, which is where Air Police comes in.

Using the Air Police purifier creates a cleaner space to breathe in any room with an electrical outlet and very little upkeep. This affordable filter is easy to clean, and consumers won’t have to waste money on replacing the filter because it doesn’t need to be changed out. The key to the success of this product is ionic technology, which attracts all of the pollutants that consumers don’t want in the air and collects them on the plates. Without any of the normal pollutants, anyone in the household is better protected from disease and irritation in their sinuses.

Frequently Asked Questions: Know More About Air Police

Let’s answer some questions that consumers may have about Air Police to get a better grasp on how this product works.

Q: How does Air Police get rid of germs and allergens?

A: Air Police purifier uses ionic technology to draw in pollutants in the air around it, using a stainless steel filter. Ionic technology neutralizes the ions in the other particles to attract them, eliminating them from the air around them. Still, since the particles are pulled into the Air Police purifier, the user will need to periodically clean the device to keep it functioning.

Q: What maintenance and upkeep is required to keep the Air Police purifier clean?

A: Rather than having to take every piece apart like with other products, users just need to wipe down the device as needed.

Q: What kind of outlet is required to use the Air Police purifier?

Air Police can easily plug in to any US outlet. International outlets are not compatible.

Q: Can Air Police protect against the airborne transmission of COVID-19?

A: At this point, no studies have shown that this device can protect consumers from contracting COVID-19 a.k.a. the novel coronavirus. However, the filter is known for eliminating germs like bacteria and viruses from the air.

Q: Is there a better deal somewhere else?

A: Not right now. In fact, the company is adamant that this product is not available from Amazon, so any products like it are imitations or unauthorized sales that are not protected by the return policy.

Pricing For and Purchasing Air Police

Customers that just want a single Air Police plug-in will pay a total of $29.99, paying nothing to ship it. The company has two additional offers for individuals that want to stock up and protect more of their space – a double pack for $54.97 or a quadruple pack for $79.97.

As an added bonus for making a purchase, every order of at least two purifiers comes with a one-pound bottle of hand sanitizer for free. Though the easiest way to make a purchase is online, customers can also call 1-800-818-6067 to place an order with an associate.

Air Police Summary

Air Police seems to offer a simple and compact way to purify the environment in any location. There is some information that would be helpful to know before purchasing, like how big of a space the purifier covers or how long it will last, but the online details don’t offer those answers. Still, considering the low price, compact style, and the 30-day money-back guarantee, the only thing that consumers actually have to lose is time by trying it out.


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