EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer Review: Phone-Powered UV Light Sanitizer Plug-In Device?

EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer is a small, portable, eco-friendly UV light sanitizer that is powered by plugging into your mobile cell phone device for on the go protection against viruses, germs and bacteria.

Are you in constant fear of coming into contact with hidden bacteria? Do you feel that wearing a mask and using hand-sanitizer is not enough? If you do, then you are right about one thing: bacteria are everywhere. While consumers can take every precautionary measure in keeping themselves safe, the air we breathe and the surfaces we touch aren’t always swept clean. This is where the likes of UV-C sterilizers can come of use.

UV-C sterilizers are preferred due to their non-chemical approach to disinfecting just about any surface from floors and sinks to even food and water. Want to be as shielded as possible? The purpose of this review is to highlight the pros and cons of the EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer.

What is the EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer?

The EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer is a cell phone plugin device designed to kill up to 99.97% of bacteria. As per the claims made, it can come in handy for cleaning just about any surface; from restroom and kitchen surfaces to the unexpected, respiratory masks, doorknobs and children’s items.

How does the EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer work?

The EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer contains ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). UVGI is a disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms by bringing damage to nucleic acids and their respective DNA. In doing so, not only are bacteria incapable of serving their roles, but they are prevented from multiplying.

Although this method has been traditionally used in medical settings and has been effective since, a number of other uses have made it to the list including purifying drinking and wastewater and even incorporating it in air purifiers. In terms of the EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer, it is proclaimed to contain the most effective wavelength in disinfection: 254nm.

How do I use the EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer?

To make practical use of the EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer, it is a matter of applying two steps. First, one must charge the device and turn on the screen. Then, it is as simple as holding the device one inch above any surface for 5 to 10 seconds.

What features of the EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer are worth highlighting?

Offered in black and white, EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer is simple, convenient and is the smallest hand-held device in the sterilizer industry so far. Moreover, it does not require any batteries or charging per say, as it is activated by one’s cellphone. In terms of compatibility, the EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer can be used with iPhones and any devices that carry a Type C charge port.

How much does the EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer cost?

The current going price of the EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer is $49.99, which was reduced down from $99.99. As for the return policy in place, EverEgg will only offer a refund if the device offered was faulty. In order to be eligible for returns, the UV-C Sterilizer must remain in its original packaging and same condition. Consumers will come to know if a refund will be processed after a thorough inspection has been conducted.

To contact customer service regarding refunds, one can either fill out a form here or:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 66427, Houston TX 77266, United States.

EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer Final Thoughts

Overall, the EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer aims to disinfect a wide range of surfaces that standard wipes and sanitizers cannot achieve. Its design is unique compared to existing devices, as no one has been able to achieve a handheld sanitizer this small.

EverEgg appears to have done sufficient research as the team has managed to incorporate 254nm of wavelength, which falls within the range of effective bacteria-killing properties. Finally, when it comes to affordability, it is quite comparable to what’s found in the industry, if not more inexpensive because of its design.

One general drawback associated with UVGI is that it could lead to skin disorders. Hence, consumers should refrain from shining the light onto their respective skins. To learn more about the EverEgg UV-C Sterilizer, click here.


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