Air Genie Review: Plug-in Air Purifier with Activated Oxygen and Ionization

Air Genie is a plug-in air purifier that combines activated oxygen and the power of ionization to emit negative ions back into the air to combat airborne viruses, pathogens, germs and bacteria.

Air Genie is a purifier that helps to eliminate unwanted odors and contaminants from the home. The device just needs to be plugged into a wall, and the user will notice a substantial improvement in freshness.

What is the Air Genie?

No matter how beautifully decorated or how extravagant a home may seem, there is nothing that immediately changes the ambiance of a room like a bad odor. To make matters worse, this odor is usually derived from a contaminant in the air, whether it be the trash, a litter box, or last week’s dinner in the fridge. The reason that all of these different odor-causing nuisances are so potent is because they are a major source of bacteria and germs.

Even when the source of the odor is removed, the germs and bacteria can linger in the air for hours, days, or even years (if the microorganisms are strong enough). Air freshener is not enough to cover up this smell and cleaning the surface where the smell originated may not even help. However, an air purifier like Air Genie can clean what that users can’t scrub down – the air.

At a scientific level, the technology used in Air Genie makes it possible to remove the molecules of germs, bacteria, odors, and other particles from the air. Instead of creating a new aroma that could become stale, the user is simply left with freshness. There’s no filters to fiddle with, and it is so quiet that users won’t even notice that it is around.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Air Genie

Understanding everything that the Air Genie can do can ensure that the customer gets maximum use from it. Read on to learn some of the questions that customers might be asking (along with their answers).

Q: How does Air Genie get rid of odors?

A: Air Genie uses a combination of two methods to freshen a household – ionization and activated oxygen. Ionization is defined as a process that changes the number of electrons in a molecule, and this technology in air cleaners causes the molecules in bacteria and other microorganisms to pass through an electric field in the machine. Essentially, it disrupts the odor. Activated oxygen, also known as O3, is a disinfectant, helping to kill off the germs. Between these two methods, consumers only have to worry about one thing – making sure the Air Genie is working.

Q: What does the user need to do to activate the Air Genie device?

A: The only step that users need to take is to plug in the device. There’s no power button or “on” switch, and there’s no limited amount of time that it remains on. Basically, once Air Genie is on, it will continue to purify the air until it is unplugged.

Q: What are the benefits to cleaning the air with Air Genie?

A: Along with the newfound relief for the user’s sense of smell, having cleaner air has a few inherent benefits. The obvious benefit is that it helps the user to breathe better but having the healthy negative ions in the air also helps users to improve their mood and eliminate the risk of breathing in toxins.

Purchasing Air Genie

Though there are websites that may offer something like the Air Genie, the only place to find the official product is on the company’s website, where there’s currently a major promotion. Consumers have their choice of several different packages, including:

  • One Air Genie purifier for $55.99
  • Two Air Genie purifiers for $51.49 each
  • Three Air Genie purifiers for $46.66 each
  • Four Air Genie purifiers for $45.00 each
  • Five Air Genie purifiers for $42.00 each

Even at the highest cost per unit, customers are still getting 40% off, making this purchase an excellent deal, if they order soon.

If the user orders this product and finds that it isn’t what they specifically need, the company has a 60-day guarantee that applies to all purchases. The user will have to cover shipping and handling out of their own pocket.

Contacting Air Genie Customer Service Team

There are many air purifiers on the market today, but there may still be questions that consumers have about Air Genie specifically. The customer service team is available for inquiries regarding orders, returns, or any other information by email ([email protected]) or by phone (888-212-1652).

Air Genie Summary

Air Genie provides a solution for consumers with odors in their home, instead of just covering it up. The device doesn’t require any kind of upkeep, and it can be used from the moment that it is taken out of the box. Plus, it is entirely chemical free, making this machine ideal for homes with children and pets as well.

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