CellControl Review – Stop Distracted Driving Texting App Technology?

Cellcontrol Review

Cellcontrol is an app that promises to prevent texting while driving. It’s marketed towards the parents of young drivers as well as anyone who manages a fleet of professional drivers. Let’s take a closer look at how Cellcontrol works.

What is Cellcontrol?

Cellcontrol is an app available for iPhone or Android. The app promises to stop texting, messaging, selfies, social media, and all other harmful behavior while driving.

The Cellcontrol system is actually a two part system: there’s an app on your iPhone or Android device as well as a physical device in the vehicle. That physical device is attached to the top of your windshield – like behind the rear-view mirror.

Parents or fleet managers can control the device remotely, monitoring the activity of their drivers – including their braking, acceleration, and routing. You can also block certain aspects of mobile usage but not others – so you can allow the driver to use the navigation and music apps while blocking all social media and camera apps.

With its range of features, Cellcontrol promises to be “your family’s co-pilot” by eliminating mobile distractions and improving driver performance.

How Does Cellcontrol Work?

Cellcontrol works using a patent-pending technology. There’s a physical device installed in the vehicle and an app on your phone.

Parents can add the mobile phone number or device to their Cellcontrol Online Account, then automatically send that phone or device a link through which they can download the Cellcontrol DriveProtect app.

Meanwhile, fleets can download the app simultaneously. The Cellcontrol app can be sent through an existing MDM system where applicable. Or, Cellcontrol can assign an implementation specialist to your account, working with fleet managers to preload phones into your Cellcontrol Online Account.

After the app is loaded onto the phone or device, you can install the DriveID hardware into your vehicle. Installing the device is as easy as using 3M industrial adhesive tape (included in the installation package) to attach it to the windshield.

Install the DriveID hardware with the USB port pointed towards the dashboard. That’s it. There are no wires required and no professional installation necessary.

Once you’ve installed the apps and hooked up DriveID to your vehicle, you can manage all your drivers from one Cellcontrol account. Login to the Cellcontrol Online Account Management Console to customize distracted driving policies for your family or company. You can also get reports and feedback on driver performance across your fleet or family.

From the management console, you can customize your distracted driving policy exactly how you like. You can add white-listed numbers, for example, allowing drivers or family members to contact certain people in the case of an emergency. You can also blacklist certain numbers. Or, whitelist Navigation and Music apps – both of which may be required while driving – while blocking apps for texting, messaging, and social media.

The management console also gives you detailed information about the driver’s performance – including their braking, acceleration, speeding, and approved device usage. You can see their driving improve or worsen over time. The idea behind Cellcontrol is that as device usage diminishes, you’ll be able to see better performance on the road.

About Cellcontrol

Cellcontrol was created by a Louisiana-based company named obdEdge, LLC. That company is based at the following address:

7117 Florida Blvd
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806

You can contact the company by phone at 1-888-896-9753 for all sales and support questions.

According to Bloomberg, obdEdge, LLC does business under the name Cellcontrol, so the two company names are interchangeable. The company was founded in 2009 and Cellcontrol is its primary product.

Should You Use Cellcontrol to Manage your Fleet or Family?

Distracted driving kills thousands of people every year. If distracted driving is a problem in your family or fleet, then you shouldn’t wait for an accident before taking matters into your own hands. Cellcontrol lets you take matters into your own hands today using a mobile app and hardware combination.

The app and hardware work in tandem to reduce mobile device usage. You can customize which apps are allowed and which apps are not. You may choose to allow music and navigation apps, for example, while blocking texting apps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the camera app.

Plus, in addition to blocking unwanted mobile device usage, you also get feedback on how your family or fleet is using the vehicle. You get detailed reports on their braking, acceleration, speeding, and route patterns, for example. All this information can be tracked from the online Cellcontrol console.

Whether you’re managing a fleet or protecting your family, Cellcontrol may be a solution to your distracted driving problems.


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