Zebra Instant – Turn Mobile Photos Into Postcard-Quality Prints?

As businesses grow, there is often high demand for a source of supplemental income to help them become more popular and profitable. Some companies choose to combat this issue by holding various sales and promotions, while others choose to incorporate new products or services into their business model. Although every company has a different way of generating fresh revenue, the desire to grow financially is constant across the board.

Joining the industry as a new, innovative option for curious business owners, Zebra Instant has given some companies the extra boost they need to diversify their income. Operating off a fairly simplistic, yet completely fresh idea, this company is gaining a lot of attention from potential customers.

What Is Zebra Instant?

Zebra Instant is a company based in Venice, California that provides businesses with instant text-to-print vending machines for either lease or purchase. Zebra Instant has a varied customer base consisting of mostly large businesses and companies that would like to provide their customers with the option of instant photos via cell phones. Most of the companies Zebra Instant serves include malls, bars, restaurants, car washes, movie theaters, laundromats, gas stations, convenience stores, coffee shops, nightclubs, and amusement parks.

The official website for Zebra Instant is www.zebrainstant.com however, information concerning the creation and founding of the company cannot be found on the site. Nevertheless, there is a phone number, support email address, and headquarters address listed for customer service.

How Do Zebra Instant Vending Machines Work?

Zebra Instant offers the equivalent of vending machines for photos. Their customers have two size options for the machine- full and mini. The full sized option is about 5ft tall, while the mini sized option is similar in size to a large desktop computer. The website markets the machines as very easy to format, with set up normally taking no more than an hour.

Upon purchasing the Zebra Instant Vending Machine, customers receive enough supplies for up to 2,800 or 1,200 prints for the full sized and mini sized machines, respectively. In addition, customers will have access to sales reports online and one year of free repair services. Zebra Instant customers are also able to set their own price for the printed photos, with the suggested price being between $1 and $4 per print. Zebra Instant receives $0.50 per print to cover all the ink, paper, software updates, tech support and credit card processing fees.

Once the machine is plugged in and a price is set, it is considered ready for business. Customers simply text their photos to the machine, pay with a credit card, and receive their prints in seconds. Zebra Instant also offers a merchandise option for customers. Once customers receive their prints, Zebra Instant sends them a link via text message inviting them to shop for printed merchandise on their phone. Merchandise includes mugs, mobile device cases, as well as magnets. If a customer purchases merchandise, the business owning the Zebra Instant Vending Machine receives 15% of the sale, while the remainder goes to Zebra Instant.

Cost And How To Purchase

The Zebra Instant Vending Machine in the full size costs $7,400. The mini sized machine costs $5,500. Both prices include all materials and supplies necessary for setup. The machines can be paid for in full or in monthly payments by financing. They can be financed for as low as $140/month with $0 down. No information about pricing for leasing was found on the website, however it is advertised as an option for customers.

Zebra Instant offers customers a 14-day money back guarantee for their vending machines. If customers are not 100% satisfied with the machine, they may return it for a full refund. However, the customer must pay return shipping.

Why Buy A Zebra Instant Vending Machine?

The main benefit of using Zebra Instant Vending Machines is the extra source of income that the machines can provide. Especially for businesses that have high customer traffic, such as convenience stores and amusement parks, the Zebra Instant Vending Machines have the potential to provide a brand new high demand product for them to sell.

In addition, Zebra Instant also offers the option of branded prints that have the business name and/or logo at the bottom. Businesses can offer the prints for free as a marketing tool or as a way to promote the new machine. Zebra Instant customers also have access to a US-based support team in the event that any issues or concerns about the machine need to be addressed.

Major Downsides

While the Zebra Instant Vending Machines do seem to be an exciting new way to generate extra income, they are rather expensive. Small businesses will likely find the price of the machines too impractical, narrowing the customer base to only large, established businesses. Even larger businesses may have a hard time justifying the price for such a nonessential machine.

Aside from the cost, Zebra Instant does not seem to be a very well established company. Searching for the company online generates no results other than the official website and it is near impossible to find reviews on the actual vending machines. In addition, the website is fairly basic. This can be refreshing, however in this case, it comes across as very amateur and questionable. The apparent lack of advertising coupled with the simplistic nature of the official website could make potential customers question Zebra Instant’s credibility.

Zebra Instant Review Summary

Larger businesses such as amusement parks and malls will most likely be the main customer source for Zebra Instant. The price is just too high to attract smaller customers and individuals. However, the demand for a product like the Zebra Instant Vending Machine is hard to deny. The convenience of the machines creates the potential for a very profitable investment that many companies could definitely benefit from.

On a case-by-case basis, it is safe to say that Zebra Instant is at least a good option for businesses looking for a new form of supplemental income. As with any other venture, companies should conduct thorough research prior to purchasing to ensure that a smart risk is being taken.


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