Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight Review – Best Tactical Flashlight?

Tactical flashlights have surged in popularity over recent years due to breakthrough developments in the power of handheld LED solutions.

Tactical flashlights are not your everyday handheld torch- ruggedized, tough and super bright, tactical flashlights are designed to be used in camping, military, first responder and emergency situations as indispensable and reliable tools.

While there have been a large number of tactical flashlights released over recent years with improved brightness and battery life, very few solutions offer features outside of the normal functions of a flashlight.

Ensuring you’re correctly prepared for any emergency situation, whether it be a roadside accident, power outage, natural disaster or camping emergency, requires a the maintenance of a comprehensive kit of tools that can assist with any potentiality.

In order to ensure you have the best preparation possible, it’s best to carry a combination of multi tools alongside a tactical flashlight that incorporate a range of helpful functions such as blades, screwdrivers and more.

Tactical flashlights have a number of features that can be helpful in any emergency situation, such as use as an emergency signal, strobe features to attract attention, or blinding would-be attackers with bright lights.

Finding the right tactical flashlight, however, can be a complex process.

Many tactical flashlights are simply standard LED flashlights with no features outside the norm for handheld torches, repackaged to appear similar to quality tactical flashlight solutions.

To ensure you’re getting the most effective tactical a flashlight possible, there are a number of factors to look for to make sure the flashlight you’re considering purchasing is right for you. Firstly, tactical flashlights should be exceptionally bright.

Standard home torches emit light in the range of 1000-2000 lux, which is enough to light up a room in a house, but insufficient for camping, outdoor or emergency situations.

Comparatively, a tactical flashlight should emit 4000 lux and above to make sure it’s bright enough to attract attention or function as a visual denial aid.

A well made tactical flashlight should also have an adjustable lens array to focus the beam of light on distant targets of provide a dispersed beam for illuminating wide areas, and a sturdy, ruggedized case to prevent breakage or damage.

Added functionality such as self defense capacity and in built tools should also be factored into the assessment of a tactical flashlight. One particular tactical flashlight solution that meets the requirements for a quality tactical flashlight solution is the Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight.

Made in the US and boasting a wide range of extra features and emergency response tools, the Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight is one of the most popular tactical flashlights available on the market. In this article we’ll provide a breakdown of the features of the Atomic Beam Fearless tactical flashlight to help you decide whether it’s the right emergency lighting solution for you.

Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight Design and Construction

The Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight incorporates a number of design factors that place it in a category above the competition.

The standard design of handheld flashlight solutions has effectively remained the same for over one hundred years, since the invention of the device in the late 1900’s.

While battery, emitter and lens technology have developed greatly, the Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight adheres to the reliable and standardized format of a handheld battery, emitter and lens array of a traditional flashlight.

Atomic Beam VS Other Flashlights

The primary difference between other flashlight solutions on the market and the Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight is the emitter.

Incandescent bulbs are now obsolete, and the Atomic Beam eschews this outdated light emitting technology in favor of cutting edge LED light emitters that have the longest life cycle and maximum brightness available in a consumer flashlight solution.

Capable of emitting over 5000 lux of intense white light for over one hundred thousand hours, the Atomic Beam Fearless flashlight is effectively the last flashlight you’ll even need to purchase. The lens array of the Atomic Beam provides focus lengths in four different zoom settings, ideal for spotting and illuminating targets in hunting scenarios.

With an SOS function for emergency situations and a powerful strobe light function to disorientate threats to personal security, the Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight is a potent personal defense solution, with a hardened end cap that can be utilized as a self defense tool in dangerous situations.

The largest point of difference between the Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight, however, is the inclusion of a number of emergency tools into the casing of the flashlight itself.

Combining the practicality of a multi tool device with the emergency situation effectiveness of a tactical flashlight, the Atomic Beam Fearless is a comprehensive emergency situation tool.

The toolkit of the Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight contains eight separate and critical tools designed to assist in any situation.

Equipped with a blade for emergencies, a can opener that can open any kind of can or bottle, a phillips head screwdriver, a multi-mini hex wrench and a pair of scissors, the Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight contains the tools you need to escape from any dangerous situation.

The Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight tool kit even contains a seatbelt cutter and a window breaker, perfect for keeping in the glove compartment of your vehicle in case of roadside accidents.

The Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight is 100% manufactured and distributed in the United States, produced from only the highest quality materials to ensure reliability measured over decades of valuable and indispensable service.

International Edge, the company that creates the Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight, operates all over the world and maintains a dedicated warranty and customer service arm to sure the satisfaction of all customers.

Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight Pricing & Availability

The Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight is available from the Atomic Beam Fearless website and is priced at just $19.99 USD, far cheaper than many of the other inferior tactical flashlight solutions available on the market today.

Atomic Beam are currently running a promotion on the Atomic Beam Flashlight, offering two flashlights for the price of one with just an additional shipping fee of $9.99 USD.

Covered by a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, the Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight is one of the most cost effective and highest quality tactical flashlights available.


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