Wynd Air Purifier System – Portable Smart Home Air Cleaner?

Wynd Air Purifier System Review

The average home does not have good air quality. The problem is most severe when you live in a urban environment and there are no air purification systems in you your home. Air purification is not only necessary in the home, but it goes well beyond into public spaces. If fresh, clean, and pure air is important to you, then you should consider purchasing an air quality system that provides you with fresh and clean air.

A Kickstarter campaign was recently started for a new product called Wynd – a portable air purification system that you can take with you anywhere or leave in your home. Here is a review of Wynd to determine whether the product is ideal for you.

About Wynd

Wynd-Personal-Air-PurifierWynd is the latest portable air purification system that acts as a smart device. Not only does the system release clean air wherever you are, but the device also detects the air quality in your space and provides you with information about the air you are breathing. Poor air quality is a global issue and now, you can create your own healthy air environment with Wynd.

The device comes with a filtration system that clears away the dirty components in the air and best of all, when you run out of a filter, the company will ship you a replacement so that you can maintain clean air on a consistent basis.

The Size of the Device

Wynd is a small device, but its power is outstanding. Wynd conveniently fits on your desk, in a suitcase, in your baby’s carriage, or in your space at your local coffee shop.

This intelligent air purification system can be brought with you everywhere and it monitors the air around you and cleans it as needed. If you are ready to take control of your personal space and to clear the dirty air around you, then this device is the perfect way to do it.

One of the best qualities to this device is that by maintaining clean air, it protects you from developing harmful disease or health issues. The device is especially useful for those who suffer from asthma or who are unable to manage with smog and other harmful substances – such as children and the elderly.

Featured in Numerous Publications

You know you’ve found a high-quality and reliable product when it has been featured in some of the world’s most popular publications and by the top legitimate news sources in the country. Wynd’s popularity and qualities have been extensively discussed by Tech Crunch, Business Insider, Yahoo! Tech, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Gizmag, and Ping West. The extensive coverage provides you with insight as to how well the product works and how some of the world’s tech authors are responding to this great gizmo.

For instance, according to TechCrunch, “Most startups want to reinforce your phone or maybe make your speakers a bit more portable. And then there are ones that have the weight of the world on their shoulders.” This quote refers to wind and all of its potential and power.

The Filtration System

As you can imagine, one of the most important qualities to this product is the filtration system. The product keeps your personal space free from particulates, which include industrial pollution, allergens, and germs. If you are interested in viewing exactly what Wynd filters, then you can visit the brand’s website. There is a nifty chart that lists all of the substances that Wynd filters.

To make things easy for you though, here is a list of a few of the substances:

  • Pollen
  • Spores
  • Mold
  • Cat dander
  • Bacteria
  • Dust mite allergens
  • Viruses
  • Sawdust
  • Pulverized coal
  • Auto emissions
  • Wood smoke
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Smog
  • Cooking smoke
  • Gases

As you can tell, the list is quite extensive. Despite the device’s small and convenient size, it can deliver over 8 liters of clean air per second, which is a massive amount of air and more than enough for you to take in and enjoy.

The filtration system starts at the circumference of the system, where the filtration system is encompassed. Once the air enters through the circumference, it travels through the filter and the top of the device diffuses the purified air into your environment. To ensure that the clean air is directed toward you, the device can be set at an angle, which you’ll be able to see when you visit the brand’s site and view the photos.

Monitors Air Quality

Another great quality to this product is that it does a splendid job at monitoring the air quality in your space. The device is capable of tracking and purifying the air and the tracker can actually detach from the device for ultimate mobility.

The tracker is a tiny cube that senses the level of particles in the air, regardless of the source. This way, you know exactly when you need to activate the purifier and when you should stay away from a certain environment because the air is just too dirty. In addition, you can even learn more about the air you are breathing through the application that comes with the device.

Wynd Application

Wynd comes with a nifty and highly technological application that is easy to use. You can open the application on your smartphone to gain insight about the environment around you. The application will notify you when the air quality around you is worsening and you can even track changes in air quality over time.

The program even goes as far as informing you as to how much pollution there is and how to keep it out of your lungs. As you can tell, Wynd is an all-around great device that has numerous capabilities and useful qualities. You’ll love the product’s ability to keep you and your family safe, wherever you are.

If you are interested, you can even view how Wynd is different from your standard air purifier. The chart is on the brand’s website – which is recommended that you view.


Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality, reliable, and effective air filtration system that you can take with you everywhere, then this is the right program for you. You can even learn and monitor the air around you using the application. As a whole, there are few, if any products on the market that provide you with such amazing qualities and thorough and detailed information.


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