Energysquare Review – New Way Of Charging Smart Phones & Tables?

Energysquare Review

It is hard to believe that electricity was once a failing idea. Although Thomas Edison eventually figured out how to make a successful incandescent light bulb, it took almost 40 years for electric utilities to become usable and profitable. Up until that point, electricity was just a pipe dream, a vision. Though a world without electricity seems unimaginable, a century later and innovation still has the ability to change the world.

As society enters the “age of the geek”, technological innovation is still built on failures and bad choices. Innovation is built on ideas and faith that people put into these concepts. Once conceptualized, they are accepting the possibility of failure in order to make success possible. Without innovation, the printing press, internet, photography, and the IPhone, would be mythical.


Innovations are a vital part to the physical and operating framework of the modern world. Technological advancements have made it possible to better the world and provide humanity with access to resources that were previously inaccessible. Whether it’s scientific breakthroughs in cancer research, or radar technology for submarines, innovation has been the success of civilization.

Technology really started to take off during the Industrial Revolution when society shifted focus from farming and agriculture to science and reason. The successful waves of rationalism allowed the introduction of the steam engine, industrial steelmaking, and soil drilling and refining. Once these products became vital to the economy, the demand for material output rose rapidly. Soon after, came transportation and automobiles.

No longer limited to horse and carriage, trains, buses, and airplanes soon became popular modes of transportation. Looking back, it must have been an exciting time for society as technology began to spread into all aspects of daily living. Once all of these things had been established, innovation also allowed real-time communication with other people. Beginning with the telegraph, followed by the telephone, which was then followed by the radio, information was moving faster than the man on the pony express.  Today, we have the internet, which has brought a new scale and speed to communication that was once very limited.

All innovation has provided society with the ability to make choices. All of these breakthroughs trickled down from organizations to average American homes. Whether it was the discovery of the double-helix DNA structure or landing on the moon, technology and innovation have always gone hand in hand. These world-changing breakthroughs can always be tied to a single man or woman who wanted to change the world as they knew it. From Alexander Graham Bell to Steve Jobs, innovation is built on the efforts of someone else’s simple idea, and over the course of many years, technology has become a vital aspect society.

Technology is an optimistic phenomenon. With each year, life gets faster, easier, and more efficient. Though some are hesitant to embrace the spread of technology, it has helped solve problems related to the environment, medicine and public health, and the economy. With high-tech culture becoming globalized, technology has bridged the gap between environmental, demographic, and socioeconomic variables.

As the tech world evolves, companies have revolutionized basic technology to bring better products to the market every year. Energysquare is a company that has created a new generation of wireless chargers. Born out of innovation, Energysquare has eliminated the nuisance of cables, and worry of running out of battery.

About Energysquare

Created in 2015, Energysquare is a French startup company that was built on the basis of changing the game of chargers. Their goal was to create a cable free way to access energy. Though currently focusing on smartphone chargers, Energysquare is working on innovative designs that are compatible with other devices such as laptops and tablets. Energysquare technology is compatible with standard technology and can be directly integrated into household items.


These wireless chargers allow customers to charge multiple devices at the same time, without interrupting charging time. This technology was created by Energysquare and is not available on any other products. Energysquare is compatible with all smartphones and tablets that have micro USB connectors. (Android/Windows Phone and iPhone compatible)

Energysquare launched a Kickstarted campaign to raise funds for the manufacturing of their first products. The project reached their $33,630 goal and will close project backing on June 24, 2016. All products will be shipped no later than the end of November, 2016. Expected delivery is November for early bird specials, and December for classic shipping.

How Energysquare Works

The revolutionary technology behind Energysquare is comprised of two elements. The first element is a charging pad that is made of conductive squares that are inlaid into an insulating material. Each of these squares is independently controlled by the embedded system. The second component of the technology is a thin adhesive sticker. This sticker can be place into the device and adhered to the back plate of the device. There are two conductive dots on the sticker that connect to the battery directly.

Once the device is placed on the charging pad, the conductive dots on the sticker connect with two of the conductive squares on the pad. The pad begins to charge the device as soon as soon as physical contact is sensed.

As mentioned previously, multiple items can be charged at the same time with no loss of energy. The charging pad is also water resistant and shatter proof, making it safe to be placed throughout the home. Because it can be placed anywhere safely, it can be left all night to charge devices. The charging pad features a smart sleep mode that prevents any power waste when no devices are connected. The charging pad can also be used while at work and also during meetings, allowing colleagues to power up through the meeting.

Benefits of Energysquare

Because charging is the bane of modern society, it is pretty easy to believe that anything that makes charging electronic devices easier comes with many benefits. For those who are tired to being tethered to their chargers, the Energysquare is a dream come true. And, with all the benefits listed below, it is completely changing how the world charges.

One of the biggest benefits of Energysquare is that even though it charges without the use of a cord, it still charges at the same speed a phone would charge if using a cord. For those who want more freedom when it comes to charging their phone, this fact is a huge benefit. After all, setting a phone down and having it charge automatically is an amazing option when compared to being tied to a cord.

In addition to charging just as fast as a classic charger, Energysquare is also able to charge multiple devices at the same time. Now, people don’t have to go searching for different plugs to charge all their devices, they can simple place their electronics on the pad, sit back, and allow Energysquare to charge everything. Not only is Energysquare able to charge multiple devices at the same time, it is able to charge all OS compatible devices, so friends using different types of phones can charge their phones on the same Energysquare.

Finally, Energysquare is extremely durable. Everyone knows how notorious chargers are for breaking or falling apart. With Energysquare, this is not an issue. The actual square is shatter proof, meaning it can resist the everyday wear and tear that comes with charging multiple devices throughout the day. Energysquare is also water resistant, so those using it on tables or other areas where food and drinks are served don’t have to worry. Any kind of liquid can be spilled on Energysquare without it causing a problem.

Purchasing Energysquare

As mentioned above, Energysquare is currently available through Kickstarter at the moment. Even though the Energysquare Kickstarter goal has been reached, those who want to preorder the device can still do so. Pledging different amounts will give users access to different options of the Energysquare. These options, as well as their prices, are listed below.

  • Square One – $66.00
  • Square Two – $88.00
  • Square One Duo – $110.00
  • Square Union – $135.00
  • Square Family – $333.00
  • Square Business – $1,002.00


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